Date: 8/20/2006


In a message dated 20/08/2006 03:05:23 GMT Daylight Time, khizar_hayat_malikxxxxxxxxx writes://////////// THE BIGGEST TERRORIST COUNTRIES & AXIS OF EVIL://////////// ISRAEL ---> USA ---> UK ----> INDIA///////////// ==============================///////////// COMMENT:///////////// Dear Sir, FIRST speak of the BIRTH of Pakistan, a BASTARD ILLEGITIMATE baby of Hindustan.//////////// A story has it that just before leaving for Britain, the last Viceroy held LADY India DOWN and invited JINNAH, leader of Muslims, to have a "go" at her. ///////////// Hundreds of millions of HINDUS, including their warrior classes like Gurkhas, Rajputs, Marathas and Sikhs, "froze in fear" and were so TERRIFIED that they could not rescue their mother from being RAPED. The child that was born was named PAKISTAN. ///////////// If anyone can IMPROVE on this fact, please do contribute your scholarly views to raise awareness of the world with regard to HOME GROWN MUSLIMS, who in India in 1947 became HOME GROWN TERRORISTS. /////////////// Sep 11 and July 7 came decades later to the West.////////////////000000000