Date: 24 Oct 2006


Ali would have us believe that there is a genuine movement in Islam to project a milder side of the evil ideology. If non-Muslims are to genuinely believe this, then it is necessary for Akyol to go to the dens of the Islamists and preach there. He should convince these Islamic terrorists that their interpretation of Islam is wrong, and so they have to mend their ways. Then there will be no terrorism.
Saying things on a fourm like Statesmanserves no purpose, except to fool the non-Muslims into believing that there is still hope. In fact, it may actually be a good-cop-bad-cop strategy, whereby the good cop brings down the guard of the prisoner who divulges information that he would not otherwise divulge. Works better than physical torture!
Now I understand that Ali cannot go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, 
Afghanistan, etc., and preach his allegedly benign message. But he can definitely go to the USA, Britain, France, India, etc. Visits of his should be organised in places where the Islamists will be present, or will want to be present. (These Islamists are also the non-Muslims who are in the appeasement bandwagon.) Perhaps we can start with the USA, and I wonder if Statesman can organise such a presentation in Washington, and make sure that organisations like CAIR are well represented. Also, the various academics like Karen Armstrong. (I know Armstrong is in the UK, but the USA academic names do not immediately 
strike me.)

The objective of these exercises is that it lulls the non-Muslim into 
thinking that there is a reform movement in Islam.