Date: 29 Oct 2006


Natwar Singh got the lession to be extra-loyal slave to Italian lady. Sarad Pawar learned it sometime back, but slaves have no self-respect. Pawar is back, as a slave to enjoy power. Now its Natwar's turn, he will soon be silenced by Italian lady by putting him behind bars or even can physically elimiate him with accident drama (as happened to Rajesh Pilot, Madhav Rao Shindia, Jitendra Prasad). Natwar knows Nehru clan's inside, so he is danger to Congress and Italian lady.
Natwar's barb on Sonia's foreign orign  
DH News Service New Delhi:  

For the first time, Former External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh on Sunday attacked Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the foreign origin issue. He said, “Only those who are born in Indian soil will understand the country’s ethos and culture. Others will not.” 

Reacting to Ms Gandhi’s statement that he had betrayed her, Mr Singh said, “Betrayed is a strong word and according to Indian culture such words are not used for a person older than her 15 years.” 

Blaming the Congress president for letting investigative agencies against his families, Mr Singh told a private TV channel on Sunday: “Everything that the government did against me was on Sonia’s direction. I will not blame (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh.” 
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Sonia behind ED action: Natwar