Date: 06 Jan 2007


People who tune in to TALKSPORT Radio in the UK listen to a discussion programme by George Galloway, M.P.

But now most are turned off since he is so dishonestly, unashamedly and provocatively PRO ISLAM. He "licks" FUEHRER MOHAMMED and showers praises on every dictator in the Islamic world.

But he cuts off those who criticise him. Nearly all of his callers are just flatterng his ego. The are the IMBECILE element of the British nation.
Many think he is in the pay of Islamic Bloc. He is an unscrupulous "vulture", cashing in on the insecurity of Muslims and the dictators who have millions to give away to improve their image in the West. 
Galloway is obviously a "barking ISLAMIC Dog" enjoying the protection of BRITISH secularism, democracy and freedom of speech.
How would he answer the caller who says, "Every Islamic Republic is a slap in your face where you, as a NON Muslim, are an inferior citizen, lower in constitutional status than a Muslim burglar and road sweeper."
How will he respond to a Sikh or a Hindu who speaks of slavery of LAHORE?

We should be telling the world a bit more about "Lahore", about its being the seat of Secular Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh who spared the "Kafir Killing" Koran from being burnt to ash or consigned to river like Scriptures that perished in Sarsa River near Ananpur Sahib under Mogul rule.

We should tell the world including Galloway (if he reads the Internet postings) about the liquidation and  extermination of non Muslim minorities, especially the Sikhs and Hindus, and the brutal and beastly manner of their killing. They clubbed and beat young men to death in broad daylight despite their pleas and cries. They abducted and raped girls and women in their thousands. They killed FELLOW CITIZENS in cold blood in the manner that one cannot do even to a dog or cat in the street. Millions were forced to trekk day and night in columns up to 10 miles long with no facilities to answer the call of nature by children, women, girls, old and young along the way. Just imagine the misery the MUSLIMS TURNED WOLVES AND RAPISTS caused millions of these wretched fellow citizens during 1947.
Lahore was the city under British Law that is now practised in London but later it suddenly went under the bloodthirsty Sword of "FUEHRER" (FIELD MARSHAL) Mohammed and became ISLAMIC overnight when Jawaharlal Nehru saw his "glow of freedom" at midnight in Delhi.