Date: 19 Feb 2007


(in exile in the UK).

The REAL PROBLEM is Hindu lack of awareness of our ENEMIES. NONE is warning the "sheep in flock of the presence of wolves amidst". 

The horrendous defeat at PARTITION is turned into INDEPENDENCE. We are brainwashed to celebrate, not to commemorate. 

In 1947 one third of our TERRITORY vanished from the map and two million innocent HINDUS were slaughtered in genocide. There is NO memorial anywhere to remember our Dead. Who do we expect to speak up for it? Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan (aka Gandhi)?

The result is that we ACCEPTED them as our Kings and Emperors in the past and now as the RASHTRAPATI, RASHTRAMATA, generals, governors, ambassadors, Bollywood HEROES and even cabinet ministers at Centre and State level. The so-called (bogus) “Rashtramata” Sonia Khan (aka Gandhi), seen sitting in front row at Lok Sabha, manipulating the “Puppet” Prime Minister, was born in Italy and she is not even Hindu but CATHOLIC.

If we had a Muslim in such a high post in the UK or the USA, he would get in focus at once and watched and observed for every utterance and step.
Furthermore the Hindus also lack TERRITORIAL sense. We think it is crime to say "Bharat is a HINDU country since PARTITION." Hence the absence of West Punjab, Chittagong, Sylhet and North Kashmir from the maps does not cause a ripple. Just compare the scene in Palestine where the even want to obliterate Israel from the surface of earth because it supposedly MUSLIM (or Palestinian) lands.
Finally, among other causes, we also lack CONVICTION in own religion. One Hindu boldly declares, "I love my religion ABOVE ALL."  But when a billion of us speak with ONE voice, then we impose upon ourselves a "HINDU BASHING" SECULAR Constitution in order to APPEASE the Muslims and the Christians. There is NO such urge or compulsion to appease the NON Christians in the USA and the NON Jews in Israel and the NON MUSLIMS IN PAKISTAN AND IRAN.
A powerful HINDU commission is needed to see the present DEMOLISHED state of Hindu Shakti on our own territory where the enemy has chased out every HINDU from Srinagar and is blowing up trains and buses and carrying out selective ASSASSINATIONS of Hindu intelligentsia on daily basis.
We can "tolerate" the OUTSIDERS only when we are STRONG ourselves. The British are STRONG. So they can "tolerate" the Turks, the Pakis, the Albanians on their territory. But should a bomb explode there, the pursuit of criminals is relentless. The same is the case in the USA who are fighting the ENEMY on the other side of the globe. The Indian Army cannot protect Hindu life even in Kashmir, leave aside EAST Bengal.