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date: 19 feb 2007


66 dead as fire sweeps india train

at least 66 people were killed in india when an explosion on a train heading for pakistan set off a fire that swept.


there goes the indian "samjhauta" ("hindu muslim bhai bhai") express up in flames. over 65 killed by fire and flames near panipat. many more injured through horrendous burns.

the train was on its way to pakistan. the government of pakistan has demanded proper investigsation by india to catch the culprits. 

the government of india has sheepishly acknowledged the incident in public as well as the general absence of law and order (lawlessness) through negligence on their own side and pakistan's demand to wake up and investigate the incident properly. they have promised to leave no stone unturned to find the culprits.

catching the culprits can be lethal for governmeknt of india. they would wish them to evaporate in thin air. 

if they catch them, then they will face oppositoin to their trial and sentence. if a couple of them are jailed then there will be attacks and suicide bombers across india to secure their release. 

if they were to be hanged, the entire muslim umma' in hindustan may rise as one man and go bezerk. parliament in new delhi can be swept away in the flames of islamic frenzy.

there was guru nanak dev (15th century ad) who tried the same kind of "samjhauta" or rapproachment. he even walked all the way up to mecca.

he was followed by nine more on the same platform of surrendering appeasing ideology.

we know the fate of the fifth and the ninth gurus and of the entire family of the tenth.

but if a nation refuses to see the sun at noon, one can do nothing about their impending "final solution" (endloesung).

monday, february 19, 2007.



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