Date: 02 Mar 2007


(individually a mahatma, scholar or billionaire, but collectively MUD):

As a Hindu one feels very ashamed, degraded and dishonorable INTERNALLY while going about one's daily life putting on a brave face. While those of us at grassroots are VERY PROUD of our religion, those at the top think it is some kind of AFFLICTION or LEPROSY that better be kept out of sight or indoors.

The groundswell in Hindu nation would wish to REPUDIATE that bogus, illegitimate, illegal and immoral PARTITION of 1947 in a second, or WIPE OUT the GANGERENE called ISLAM that caused the AMPUTATION of one third of our COMMON land and the MASSACRE of close to two million innocent Hindus and Sikhs in that year alone, without any remorse, regret, shame or compensation. Many a HINDU and SIKH head of family and breadwinner fell prey to the bloodthirsty “Sword of Mohammed”, leaving millions of grieving widows, crying orphans and starving families behind.

While NO Muslim in (NA-)PAKISTAN or BOGUSDESH (Bangladesh) would wish to come back to live under secular common law the entire sheepish Hindu leadership is commending co-habitation with ("Hindu eating TIGERS" of) ISLAM. 

Hindu and Sikh leaders are seen running after the Islamic HORSE with pan and brush. Whose idea was to run a "Friendship Train" between Amritsar and Lahore that got burnt out last month (February 2007)?

When did the MUSLIMS in Kashmir express their wish to unite North and South as ONE State under India's SECULAR Constitution? Why is even one Hindu a wretched REFUGEE in his own country? Why is the SUPREME COMMANDER of mutilated partitioned India (Abdul Kalam) a MOHAMMEDAN even in name? 

What the whole world sees and knows, we, the beaten and DEFEATED Hindus, feel inside- that, collectively, we are LOW DOWN “rats”, still running scared of the ISLAMIC “cats” not only in the artificially created neighbouring ISLAMIC REPUBLICS (on the soil of India), but also of those WITHIN.

Hence the Hindu race is subdued, ridden with INFERIORITY COMPLEX, lacking manliness even in our BEDS and BOLLYWOOD.

The basis of PRIDE in our race, culture, NATIVE Hindu religion and civilisation is to see our own Hindu FLAGS FLYING all over, our VICTORIES over the MUSLIMS celebrated by congregations and public processions, our HINDU heroes commemorated IN PUBLIC and to see the statues of Hindu WARRIORS and PATRIOTS seen standing up, not seated, in every town and city across India.

The INFERIORITY COMPLEX RIDDEN Hindu race comprises all the “leprosy afflicted” individuals who avoid each other but run out of their way to APPEASE the MOHAMMEDANS.

To retain PRIDE in ourselves and our RACE and RELIGION we must see GLORY and VICTORY. We must see the word “PARTITION” in the Constitution of India and at least ONE memorial to ALL THE DEAD (HINDU HOLOCAUST) OF 1947.

March 2, 2007.