Date: 17 Apr 2007


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10 April 2007
The hypocrisy of Islam
Why is that Muslims around the world all line up to condemn Israel as a Jewish state in former Palestinian land, but they all support Pakistan.

Israel was formed the exact same way that Pakistan was formed - by violence and ethnic cleansing and the expulsion of those of different religions. The fact that Muslims celebrate Pakistan and see it as a legitimate state whilst condemning Israel is sickening hypocrisy.

Pakistan was formed on 14 August 1947 out of India after the Muslims of India threatened civil war unless India accepted partition.

The partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in the greatest migration of people in history. In the fall of that year, 12 million people became refugees as Muslims in India fled to Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan fled to India.

One million died in the process.

Yet today the Muslims around the world constantly bang on about the suffering of the Palestinian people under the Jews, whilst ignoring the suffering of the Sikhs and Hindus under the Muslims, Dhimmitude in Pakistan and Hindus during the process of partition.

So why is that we do not have Hindu or Sikh suicide bombers in the UK who make constant reference to India but we do have Muslim suicide bombers in the UK who constantly reference the Palestinians as the basis of their criminality and fanaticism ?

If Islam is such a peaceful religion, then why is it the one religion that today seems to be the main proponent of the suicide bomb. Hindus and Sikhs suffered more than the Palestinians did yet they are not blowing themselves up in Britain and citing partition as the basis of their crimes.