Date: 06 May 2007


Why does the world not mention the TREACHERY OF MUSLIMS OF INDIA in rejecting Secularism at the time of British withdrawal in 1947, their SAVAGE ATTACK on their own Land of Birth and then breaking up the country into THREE UGLY FRAGMENTS? Who was there FIRST, the (native) Hindus or the (ALIEN) Muslims (from Arabia)?

Partition of India meant-

1.  Rewarding the INVADER.

2.  MASSACRE of nearly two million innocent Hindus from vast territories that became Pakistan.

3.  FORCIBLE EVICTION of nearly 15 million NON MUSLIMS from the newly created Savage ISLAMIC State of Pakistan that is NOW the breeding ground of TALIBAN and suicide bombers.

There are TWO countries on earth that wish to RETAIN the word "United" in their titles, e.g. UK and the USA, but at the same time they wish to BREAK UP and WEAKEN every other country on earth including India and Israel.

There will be NO peace if there are MUSLIMS living in a country because ISLAM is religion of TREASON, JIHAD and VIOLENCE.

Mohammed had NO business to be BORN IN MECCA but to go FIGHTING/ DESTROYING/ BURNING/ PLUNDERING all the way up to JERUSALEM in order to DIE there after DESTROYING the Grand Temple and spitefully building his own Al Aqsa mosque ON THE VERY SITE. 

His rabid followers did the same thing in every other land, including India. Where once GRAND TEMPLES stood to worship RAMA and KRISHNA, the Muslims destroyed them and built their ugly MOSQUES on the same spot to HUMILIATE and DEGRADE the native HINDUS till eternity.

Please study the history of Islamic SAVAGERY and BRUTALITY against the NATIVE Hindus in INDIA.

As the Muslims force out the non Muslims from their midst, the FREE WORLD ought to expel the MUSLIMS from their midst, especially the Arab THORN (CANCER) from the body of Israel and settle them in the VAST ISLAMIC LANDS including PAKISTAN.

The Muslim psyche feeds on HURTING the NON MUSLIMS.

Partition of India gave the followers of Mohammed ONE THIRD OF INDIAN TERRITORY overnight. They called it PAKISTAN and then immediately set about cleansing the land of all NON Muslims. All those NON MUSLIMS living their since times immemorial were peace loving, hard working and loyal whereas Israel has Muslims who are potential KILLERS.

United Nations ought to take out all the MUSLIMS from Israel and give that land peace.

May 6, 2007.