A Britisher's View - JFK Plot is Work of a Unified Terror Mindset

Date: 13 Jun 2007


A Britisher's View - JFK Plot is Work of a Unified Terror Mindset 

By ShavanaAbruzzo

It comes as no surprise that the three suspects arrested in connection with the plot to blow up JFK Airport are tied to a Caribbean group, whose evil sheep are largely black converts to Sunni Islam. More and more members of the globe's disenchanted black communities appear to have found bliss and confirmation in the world's fastest-growing religion, fattening its rolls to more than one billion, and giving more fodder and tinder to its radical sector. 

Indeed, the ties between radical Islam and African Americans stretch back decades. In 1985, Libyan dictator-turned-sneaky-mouse Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi gave a five-million-dollar loan to self-professed anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam gang. In the years that followed, while New York City licked its wounds and weathered the racial woes exacerbated by the likes of Farrakhan, the relationship between him and al-Gaddafi appeared to flourish with the thug pledging the tyrant one billion dollars, back in 1996, if he could stir up a civil war in the United States. The feds squashed that plan, promptly. Yet, upon his 2002 visit to Iraq, the cancer-riddled and still bombastic Farrakhan proudly pronounced, "the Muslim American people are praying to the almighty God to grant victory to Iraq." 

The arrests of Russell Defreitas in New York, and former Guyanese politician Abdul Kadir and Trinidadian KareemIbrahim in Trinidad, are proof enough that America's enemies are not limited to Osama bin Ladin and al Qaeda. Like cockroaches, new and insidious terror cells are multiplying on the ground and in cyber space, swelling their ranks with haters of the Free World, and gaining the admiration and sponsorship of rogue Middle East nations. 

Yet, whatever part of the world these groups and their cowardly co-horts hail from - America, Great Britain, France, Iran, Iraq, Guyana, Indonesia, Spain, Yemen, Iraq, etc., ad nauseum - they possess an unmitigated common denominator: they are all Muslims. They are willing to cause untold death and destruction - just for the sake of it. They are chomping at the bit to kill innocent men, women and children - just for the sake of it. They are dying to die because, ultimately, their version of Islam affords them no life. They are further emboldened by a terrified liberal front, which is content to hurl misplaced blame at those very progressive societies that have replaced their barbaric histories with the reason, logic and compassion that have now become their Achilles heel. 

It is that same liberal front, which refuses to condemn Islamic terrorists, instead seeking sycophantic refuge in the ingratiation of our enemies. 

With Muslim terror cells snuggled and prepped to activate wherever and whenever across the globe - their nuclear ambitions waiting to be realized on the Internet, thanks to the free enterprise of exiled Pakistani nuke bandit A. Q. Khan - it has become clear that our foes comprise a rainbow coalition of wickedness. It is also clear that mainstream Muslims are the only ones capable of harnessing their terrorist brothers and sisters. Theirs is an insular community, which is privy to - if not a part of - their radical elements. 

Yet, with each new act of terror and each foiled attempt, it is obvious that mainstream Muslims are not interested in stemming the terror. They are busy beating the same old drum as they request more tolerance and immunity from a depleted world. 

Sure enough, the industrialized community is finally beginning to lash out with CondeNast International Chairman Jonathan Newhouse furiously rejecting, last week, a proposal to print an Islamic version of "Vogue" in the Middle East because of that region's "violent elements." The rest of us can thank our lucky stars that American authorities are on the job - 24 hours a day, seven days week, 365 days a year. Thanks to their vigilance, Muslim hoodlums, such as Russell Defreitas, Abdul Kadir and KareemIbrahim are in custody, while the hunt continues for their partners in crime. 

In the meantime, Islam's mainstream followers - the ones, who dissociate themselves from the zealots by practicing gall - fail to realize that the infection of terrorism has become such an epidemic that it is only a matter of time before the Free World holds a global convention on Islam to unearth its countless layers and lairs of sub-human, ticking timebombs.
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