Date: 26 Jun 2007


CRY OF A SIKH: (submitted to this Site)


The MAJORITY COMMUNITY of India is THE HINDUS. They are defined as KAFIRS or INFIDELS by those who really MATTER in South Aisa, i.e., the INDIGENOUS MUSLIMS who gave truncated India her present frontiers, taking out Khyber, Lahore, Sylhet and Chittagong.

Demoralised and DEFEATED Hindus are conditioned to live within these borders and are brainwashed NOT TO NOTICE THE absence of North Kashmir and East Bengal from the maps of their country. The Sikhs, too, are similarly "reduced" ALONG WITH THE HINDUS and accept maps that do not show WEST PUNJAB.

The Sikhs are supposed to be brave. But are we brave if we live among, and UNDER, the Hindus (and any ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN alias GANDHI)without even ENQUIRING into the nature of this vast manipulated decomposing human stock?

How is it that we do not look at the role, and PERFORMANCE, of the Hindus and their LEADERS at the time of UNCONDITIONAL surrender of our homes, lands, businesses, jobs, daughters and GURDWARAS to indigenous (Indian) ISLAM in 1947?

How is it that we SIKHS do not take "on board" the crushing defeat the HINDUS suffered at the hands of INDIGENOUS Muslims in 1947 when it was THE WORST EVER?

Why do we not CARE to discuss the terms and conditions under which WEST PUNJAB and EAST BENGAL went?

How is it that most of us SHAMELESSLY, or IGNORANTLY, "celebrate" the so-called Independence instead of wearing black ribbons, and MOURNING the loss of SRI NANKANA SAHIB, LYALLPUR and LAHORE, and a lot besides?

How is it that, throwing the entire HISTORY out of our minds, we do not declare from public platform, "EITHER FRONTIER BACK TO KHYBER OR KHALISTAN?"

How is it that we are appeasing the COWARDLY majority community by not SPEAKING OUT, "Khalistan because there is Pakistan."? 

Why is this equation and VITAL LINK unmentionable?

How can we live in the "MINEFIELD" called Hindustan which is already ONE THIRD REDUCED in her maps?

Where will be the Sikhs stand when the indigenous Muslims declare JEHAD against the KAFIRS and INFIDELS in PARTITIONED India in the manner of 1947? 

Isn't that future scenario INEVITABLE given that the Muslims have Sharia Law and the Hindus have Secular Law? 

Isn't that inevitable when the Muslims believe the KORAN to be the Word of God which is most explicit on what to do with the KAFIRS?

Seen INDIVIDUALLY we are great scholars and sardars, but where is the COLLECTIVE HEAD of the Sikh Panth? Were we not DECAPITATED on August 15, 1947?

(Returning to roots, and claiming OURS what we unconditionally surrendered in 1947, is the clue to our COLLECTIVE survival)

27 June 2007.