Date: 06 Jul 2007


I Told You So: The Muslim Doctor Terrorists Are No Surprise; Revealing Muslim Doctors' Oath 
By Debbie Schlussel 
It's the doctors, stupid!

I'm not sure why everyone is so shocked that all eight suspects in the attempted British terrorist attacks of last week are Medical Doctors (and that ALL eight suspects are tied to the British national healthcare system, the NHS). Readers of this site aren't surprised by the doctor terrorists.
First, Do Harm 
As you'll recall, in my mid-May column, "When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America," I wrote about many of the doctors who've been top-ranking terrorists and involved in terrorist plots. Also, of note, I've complained about the special visas available for foreign alien MDs and other medical personnel to practice in America in small towns and at universities. I've written about how this makes it easy for Islamic doctor terrorists to get in and stay in, without much of a background check. (Like America doesn't already have enough medical doctors.)

I did not mention something else I know about, which is a past FBI investigation into Syrian and other Arab Muslim Medical Doctors in the Detroit area who were holding fundraisers for HAMAS. The investigation was mostly conducted by counterterrorism agents in Chicago, as it was tied to a bigger scheme. But nothing ever happened to the doctors because, hey, post-9/11, we must be nice to the Muslims, no matter how extremist they are or how nefarious their activities are.

To refresh your memory, here is the list, though I've added one, who has since been convicted, Dr. Rafiq Sabir, and I'm also adding the British Terror Suspect Docs:
* Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri--Al-Qaeda mastermind and number two man, reportedly a surgeon and/or psychiatrist; 

* Dr. Mohammad Rabi Al-Zawahiri--Ayman's father and a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast, pharmacologist and professor at Ain Shams Medical School;

* Dr. "Abu Hafiza"--Al-Qaeda master planner who was the brains and commander of the Moroccan cell that provided logistics for the 9/11 attacks, and he recruited Qaeda insurgents for battles in Fallujah, Moroccan psychiatrist;

* Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi--Late HAMAS leader, pediatrician;

* Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar--HAMAS co-founder and leader, surgeon and lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza;

* Dr. Fathi Abd Al-Aziz Shiqaqi--Late founder of Islamic Jihad and active in Fatah, physician;

* Dr. George Habash--Founder and chief of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pediatrician (which is interesting since he rocketed a school bus full of children in Avivim, Israel;

* Dr. Bashar Assad--President of Terror-sponsor state Syria, welcoming home to every Islamic terrorist group imaginable, ophthalmologist;

* Dr. Rafiq Sabir--Boca Raton emergency room physician convicted in Al-Qaeda terrorist plot, pledging to treat and train terrorists, along with a New York martial arts expert;

* Drs. Laila Al-Marayati and Riad Abdelkarim--Both work with and/or are top officials of KinderUSA (son of the Holy Land Foundation), which Al-Marayati voluntarily shutdown before the FBI did, as it was openly funding HAMAS "martyrs." Abdelkarim went to "Palestine" in May or so of 2002 with Dr. Dallel Mohammed (not an MD). They took monies collected at an April 2002 fundraiser and were caught by Israeli security handing over the funds to a HAMAS operative. They were detained in an Israeli jail, and a large orgy of publicity ensued. The two came back to the U.S. as Muslim "martyrs" used it to raise money for more.

* Dr. Mohammed Jamil Abdelqader Asha--a 26-year-old neurologist who was arrested and is in custody as a suspect in the attempted London bombings, foiled Friday. He was born in Saudi Arabia, is of Palestinian origin, and has a Jordanian passport. His 27-year-old wife, a medical assistant, was also arrested for the foiled bombings;

* Dr. Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla--an Iraqi from Baghdad who was also arrested and is in custody as a suspect in the attempted Glasgow International Airport bombing, foiled Saturday. He was reportedly in the Jeep that drove into the airport, and is suffering from third-degree burns; 

* Dr. Mohammed Haneef--an Indian Muslim arrested in Australia on Monday night in custody as a suspect in the attempted British terrorist bombing plots of last week;and

* The rest of the EIGHT Muslim Doctor(s) arrested as suspects in the British bombing plots of last week.
In that column, I wrote about Muslim doctor, Osama Ahmed Ibrahim, MD, who deliberately let Jewish patient Joseph Applebaum die, by neglecting to ever see him in over 12 hours under his care in an emergency room at a Chicago hospital, Rush North Shore Medical Center.

Also of note, I wrote about then-New Jersey Dr. Ahmed Rashed, a Muslim Arab resident, severed and stole the hand of a cadaver as a gift for a stripper. He got a slap on the hand and, oddly, is now employed at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

And don't forget Dr. Jouhaina Maleh, an obstetrician, whose Dearbornistan offices were raided by the FBI in 2002, for suspected involvement in Medicaid fraud, in the case of masses of Muslim foreign aliens getting fraudulent Medicaid coverage for delivery of their babies--and, of course, U.S. citizenship for them.

Why are their cases tied to those of Muslim terrorist doctors listed above them? Well, because Muslim doctors have such little respect for Infidel human life. That's not just my speculation. It's in the text of the oath Muslim doctors take. This analysis on the site, Who Killed J.A.? (about the murder of Joseph Applebaum by his Muslim doctor), is enlightening:
The Islamic Medical Association of North America ("IMANA") makes the Oath of a Muslim Physician available to the world. It can be accessed from the IMANA Website. According to IMANA, this oath "was officially adopted by I.M.A. in 1977." (IMA is presumably the Islamic Medical Association.) This Oath ends with the following words: 
Hereby we take this oath in Thy name, the Creator of all the Heavens and the earth and follow Thy counsel as Thou has revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). 
"Whoever killeth a human being, not in liew [sic] of another human being nor because of mischief on earth, it is as if he hath killed all mankind. And if he saveth a human life, he hath saved the life of all mankind." (Qur'an V/35)
[DS: This is flat-out stolen from the Jewish Torah (specifically from the Sanhedrin portion of the Talmud), which preceded it, though Jews don't interpret it to allow Jihad as Muslims do, and it is not an "oath" for Jewish doctors.]

Compared to the other Oaths and Declarations, the Oath of a Muslim Physician appears to be unique in its possibly more conditional nature. The phrase, "not in liew of another human being nor because of mischief on earth," suggests, licenses, allows or can certainly be interpreted or misinterpreted as to give understanding to a physician taking this Oath and who "killeth a human being," that the killing is okay as long as it is "in liew of another human being" or "because of mischief on earth."

"Mischief on earth" has also been translated as "corruption" on earth.

So who are the corruptors and mischief-makers?

We have guidance from some apparent experts:

"Non-Muslims 'cannot be called human beings but are animals who roam the earth and engage in corruption.' said Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati last week at a ceremony in north-eastern Iran to commemorate the 'martyrs' of the Revolutionary Guards and the war against Iraq (1980-88)." 

"The non-Muslims are [like] those animals that graze, chew their cud, and cause corruption."

[DS: And there are numerous other well-known Islamic precepts and statements against non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. For brevity's sake, I've omitted them here.]
Also unlike the other Oaths and Declarations, the Oath of a Muslim Physician contains the added dimension of religious quotation. As with all religious writings, there is opening to interpretation. The quoted 
Sura, V/35, appears in the Arberry Koran as:
. . . whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether.
This interpretation of the Koran, hailed by 
Wilfred Cantwell Smith of Harvard University as " . . . the one that comes closest to conveying the impression made on Muslims by the original," provides some insight as to an understanding of this Sura.

The terrorist physicians (as some may interpret their actions) killing or harming others or causing others to be killed or harmed may believe that it is permitted by Oath for the purposes of "retaliation" or perceived "corruption in the land." As an example, the historically physician-led Hamas organization frequently justifies its attacks by proclaiming that its assaults are in "retaliation."

Some might argue that certain physicians provided this quality of care well before the adoption of the Oath in 1977. Or, even those who have not taken the Oath, may be in agreement with it.

As IMANA [DS: The Muslim medical society identified above] states, "This medical oath [which] is a composite from the historical and contemporary writings of physicians of (the) Islamic World." The Oath would appear to be merely a reduction to writing while the concepts comprised by it were in play well before 1977 and wider spread in the Muslim world thereby providing justification for a sick care outcome different from that a patient might desire.
Also important is that the first part of the oath--used to deny treatment of non-Muslim patients and even to kill them--has been prominently uttered by Osama Bin Laden to justify jihad. And there's much more. Read the whole thing.

In any event, we should not be surprised one iota that Medical Doctors--successful, wealthy ones with a great deal of education--are terrorists. The phony paradigm that terrorism is a function of poverty and desperation is just that--phony. It's all about one thing that spans the various strata of wealth and poverty: Islam's goal of domination . . . and the use of jihad to get there. A Medical Degree isn't a prophylactic to that. It's just another very valuable tool to help bring the jihad about.

**** UPDATE: Read about more Muslim Doctors with ties to terrorism, homegrown in America, and how Osama Bin Laden also recites the Muslim Doctors' Oath. ****

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