Date: 14 Jul 2007



In the following news item that is going around the globe as a blow to our image as Indians, WE OUGHT TO NOTICE the deadly reality in consequence of Partition of India in 1947. 

The doctor is Indian and a MUSLIM. One is entitled to ask, “How is a Muslim INDIAN when we gave them one third of our country as separate and exclusive Muslim homeland in 1947 with the license to exterminate Hindu/Sikh minority?”

The news (July 14, 2007):

(Quote) An Indian doctor is appearing in an Australian court over the failed London and Glasgow car bombings.
Mohammed Haneef, 27, will appear at Brisbane Magistrates' Court charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation.
An Australian police chief said he is accused of "recklessly" giving his mobile phone SIM card to a terror group. (Unquote)

In 1947 when All-India Muslim League demanded a separate homeland for INDIAN Muslims, our weak and cowardly (Hindu) leaders, represented by All-India Congress Party, not only conceded that absurd and illogical demand immediately but also allowed the Muslims to stay back in Partitioned India.

Since from that day right up to the present day it is the SAME party that is ruling and fooling the Indians, there can be no voice to cry, “What is a Muslim doing in India after PARTITION?” 

In fact, today one (ABDUL KALAM) is even the President of this India that ought to have expelled or interned all her MUSLIMS on account of HIGH TREASON on the day the BLOOD THIRSTY Sword of Islam struck United India in order to chop off FIVE limbs of her body (Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab, East Bengal and even North Kashmir).

In the view of writer the Indian Muslims have remained back after mutilating their Motherland in order to exterminate the Hindu minority in South Kashmir, too, and to support Islamic terror across the globe, explode bombs at Mumbai Stock Exchange, attack the Parliament in New Delhi, give shelter to indigenous terrorists and to demoralise the Hindus, threatening them with dire consequences if their unending separatist demands are not met.

It is inconceivable to hear of a Hindu doctor in Pakistan supporting the Kashmiri Hindus in any way. Is there a Hindu doctor in Pakistan any way when there were hundreds until 1947?

We cannot leave it to our Congress rulers and Congress Party to continue with the Grand Deception but need to take matters in own hands before our image abroad as Indians sinks further. 

The world media are mischievous, too. Instead of saying, “A Muslim doctor in Australia aided the terrorists in Glasgow,” they are saying, “An Indian doctor…..”

Lastly a comment on the efficiency of police abroad. For the failed attack in Glasgow, the criminals have been nabbed as far away as Australia. Now let us think of men like Dawood Brothers who fled the country after exploding bombs in Mumbai and are still Scot free. They are out of reach for Indian authorities, wherever they are. The reason: SECULAR (HINDU) INDIA HAS BEEN DECOMPOSING RAPIDLY UNDER HER MUSLIM DEAD WEIGHT SINCE PARTITION.