Date: 21 Jul 2007



1.  The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is anguished at the plight of the recent 
Bomb Blast Plotter-an Indian Muslim in Australia.  Her summons the 
Australian Ambassador to express his Govt's disquiet and for his other 
associate Muslim doctors in the UK, he asks his counterpart Gordon Brown to 
be lrnient on them.  Afterall they are Muslims and Indian National.  The same 
Prime Minister is keeping Maun Vrata about the disruption of a Hindu Prayer 
by some Christians at the United States Senate.

2. Dr Manmohan Singh wishes to convert the Line of Control into Line of 
Peace and commits all assistance.  He knows which Community benefits such 
avtions.  He says that he is committed for the rehabilitation of the Kasmiri 
Pandits, but we know the track record og GOI.  All this he says at the 
Convocation of Jammu University.  Ironically and unfortunately, he omits the 
plight of ill-fated Hindus and Sikhs, who took refuge in Jammu and 
Kasnir(INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA!).  These poor souls have not been granted the 
citizenship of the State since 1947 and are treated as persona non gratia by 
the J&K Institutions and Offices as compared with the other citizens 
(Predominantly Muslims)

3.  Recently three Muslims have been sentenced to death for terrorism in Mumbai. 
 The PM and his secular brigade will leave no stone unturned to save them 
from the gallos as in the case of Afzal Guru and Sonia's rght hand Pratibha 
Tai may assist him.  Secularism ZINDABAD!

We share your anguish.
wE knew it the first day when he assumed office and did not 

1.  Order reopening of those PARTITION TALKS that resulted in the most IGNOMINIOUS unconditional surrender of our motherland to the Devils in 1947.

2.  When he did not open the case against the BOFORS CHOR.

3.  When he did not think of Kashmiri Hindu refugees returning to their homes in safety.

4.  When he did not order investigation into wanton attack and killings in EAST Punjab during June 1984.

5.  When he, the SON OF A B**** did not ask the rulers of Lahore to declare SRI NANKANA SAHIB as free and sovereign city state AT PAR WITH SONIA KHAN'S VATICAN. 
Why should our own holy JANMASTHAN be under the VULGAR FLAG of Mohammed of Saudi Arabia? But the one who has NO self esteem cannot feel the INSULT.

So, we knew that he is DUST under the feet of Sonia and VATICAN and as the "SON OF AN INDIAN COOLIE" (a beaten and thrashed refugee from West Punjab) he will not dare to think of being equal to his ITALIAN BORN QUEEN with regard to the status of HER Vatican vs. OUR Nankana Sahib.
Your comment is going straight on to WEB PAGE for the whole world to see that Guru Gobind Singh's LION in BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) is a DOG.
19 Jul. 07