Date: 21 Jul 2007



He was not only fond of women but also of white skin in particular and ardent lover of all things British.Being a boneless but cunning guy he mesmerised Mahatma Gandhi as he was glib talker and well sophisticated crooked person.He had no experience of public administration being a slave himself like other indian leadres like Ambedkar,Patel and so on.So he being lover of British imposed British style of rule in India even after independence.It suited him well.He was under severe psychological illussion that he was outstanding human being and born to rule ( a letter written by him to Indira from one of his jail terms)He found British style of divide and rule and repression and suppression as well tested model to keep glued to chair and start his dynasty.It was important that women in his home came forward to start a 'mock queen' of england system, a lady of Nehru hosehold posing as a dynasty hier.People must closely underatsnd that person's frame of mind and consipracy.It is also alleged that he spoiled several women including a young sadhavi who was made pregnant by him and who went to south and settled there. It is also alleged that Congress and Nehru firmly decided to continue British system to keep ruling Indian fools ( caste divided, religion divided, illiterate,selfish ,timid, greedy and cheap people.In fact Indira though waved to people always hated indian masses as cheap worms and pests.She was no less either in matter of sexual freedom and peferencs and her name from time to time was associated with several people startuing from Dhirendra Brahmchari.It would be pointless to list here many names that appeared in rumours in a period of 20 years of her highly active public life after indepedneece.But one name Yunus is important as he was allegedly father of late sanjay gandhi.Many people allege that her husband was removed from the way so she could become a 'cheap imitation model' of British queen.It is for this foolishness of indian masses that woemn of doubtful integerity and of little social contribution are being made governors, CMs and now even proposed for presidentship. What is mayawati and vasundhera raje for example? 
People should not forget that congress idiots even now are clinging to same model trying to make Sonia's house address similar as that of Queen of England in London.A mascot, so they can rally behind it or rather hide, to get votes, fool people,emotionally exploit them and indulge in loot and plunder which comngreemen and their tail wagaing corrupt bureacrats including senbior IPS and IAS and IRS type officers are also doing.Now they have become open and naked.No fears. 
It is time this dirty history of India is now wound up and Sonia is asked to pack up and leave and congress is completely wiped out from country in next elections wherever these take place.It is biggest evil that has destroyed indian ethics, morality and culture and plunged this country into nadir of corruption, bribery,mismanagement and sleaze.CONGRESS MUST Be wiped out, till all old and dirty faces inlcuding the Nehry hosuehold is removed from public scene. Under compulsion to copy them even parties like BJP have become rampantly corrupt and crminals.They are no less.India is heading towards bottom of sea.Civil war is round the corner to assume full form. 
Media should stop wagging tail and stop give publicity to Nehru's psuedo dynasty ( a middle class brahmin family of kashmir).But one thing we will always appreciate ,their caste and religion free living, like today the nehru hierlings have so many bloods and races mixed that we can say that they are truly global citizens.No one knows who are they hindu?Muslim?parsi?christian?Indian?talian?........??????Where is need for pedigree? 
India really got a funny system and a bunch of whole lot of corrupt people and crooks after struggle of freedom for a century. It is sheer bad luck and our own cheap behaviour and cowardice and selfishness.Indians deserve this. 
Today almost every other bureuacrat and politician is a crook,characterles and corrupt guy with no respect for courts, their orders, constitution, human rights and basic decency as a human being.Indians must start a next revolution now to get second fredom from these internal crooks and scoundrels, before it is too late. 
Openly naked dance of shameless arrogance, disrespect to judiciary and constitution, and loot and plunder is going on at all levels from sarpanch and patwari to Central ministers' level.Those few who are honest are caryring burden of this dirty society on their shoulders and get victimised sooner than later. 
God save this country from criminals,crooks and socoundrels and impedning bloodshed and civl war. 
-Above is Abstract of several mnessages received by us from members of public venting their anger against nehru and congress and damage thye have done to indian citizen and our great society. 

It would be desirable that all members broadcaste this message to as many people as possible by mouht, pamphlets and internet and make it reach majority of intellectual and ordinary indians so that eveil is now destroyed before it is too late. 
congrates for ur endeavour of moral india mission.nehru-edwina story is not new.please rememember what dr.rammanohar lohia and krishna huttheesing narrated several times.about the flexible,fraudster-like life of pt.nehru in his approach to was never loyal to kamla nehru.kamla died as neglected wife.panditji was connoiseur of beautiful women.edwina was not only one,but one of the beautiful women in his life.he lost kashmir solution and china war,because of lack of concentration and comprehension,a deficiecy developed in all those indulging in woman and wine. but look  this was all destiny.