Date: 21 Jul 2007


The elected representatives will today elect a President of 
Republic. This post which is a symbol of national freedom,
dignity, culture and untarnished image once again will be filled
by a person unfit for the ;post in all respects, past 
of cheap genre and having several accusations about their
character and conduct in public life and personal life.

Despite protests by various intellectual groups and media
veterans, Sonia and BJP both shamelessly have remained stuck to
their nominated candidates instead of yielding to public protest
and choose other persons of highest dignity and image and

Naked and shameless display of power derived from people to
actually serve them is being enacted to abuse this power to act
like old British masters by these corrupt and unfit brown men.

Loot and plunder is going on both by politicians and 
Corrupt, criminals, arrogant, thieves of public property for 
use and unproductive both political parties and bureaucracy have
become a big liability to nation and deserve to be given a good
bashing. People should rise and protest and reject the president
and the bureaucracy.

It is time well defined profile requirements are chalked out for
all elected positions starting from panchayat level to president
and the permanency of job is removed for civil servants. After
every 10 years of service 50% of civil servants should be thrown
out based on public complaints, work record, charges and conduct
besides well defined output record. Government jobs are not 
or fundamental right. It is merely that people of India hire 
persons to serve them. They should act and behave with modesty 
like servants. But they start behaving like masters and ape
Britishers. Just go and meet even a petty officer like Dy SP and
see his arrogance and the fearlessness caused by amount of money
eaten by him and illusion of permanency of job.

These shameless guys wont listen to call of conscience and logic
any more. They have become naked trying to out do each other as 
who is more corrupt.

Indian democracy is a failure and today is a black day in 
of India when an unfit person with dubious past and political
record shall become President of India thus completing the 
of all round decay of morality, dignity and ethical standards 

Who is this Sonia by the way?There are so many housewives in so
many homes.

India should be ready for another shock when the puppet and 
loving boneless bureaucrat PM ManMohan will be asked to resign
soon to make way for this woman imported from Italy as this
country is full of eunuchs and unfit people who cant find even 
good persons to form central government.

This country claims to be a super power. Yes we are a super
corrupt and super hungry and super beimaan country with super
population of idiots and illustrate because of whom these cheap
guys are enjoying life. the society has been divided badly and
permanently in castes, communities and other groups and loot and
plunder is going on. Is this democracy? Where individual has no
rights and no recognition. But every body is working for
individual. Can't be a bigger mockery and comedy.

All these guys in politics and civil services should feel 
of themselves and start behaving and reforming. They wont live 
ever and may die this year itself. So for what these cheap guys
are spoiling the future of their own progeny and young

I think time has come for people of India to rise and take
government effectively in their own hand and start kicking out
corrupt and unfit ministers, commissioners and other civil
servants. Police has to be taught a lesson and life imprisonment
and confiscation of property along with co prosecution of spouse
should be be introduced in PCA Act.

Let us all send letters tomorrow to Rashtrapati Bhawan 
that we have rejected the President incumbent and he or she 
step down immediately.

We all should remember that it is people and individuals who are
supreme and constitution is merely a tool for serving us. No one
is above us including President. There is no need to fear. All
these guys must start fearing now.

We should understand that these guys President ,PM or CM or a
secretary are not at all representatives of people as only 50%
people vote most of which are illiterate, greedy ,fearful and
helpless citizens. Rest don't care to vote. There is no 
to reject all candidates in elections if scoundrels are 
by political parties which are same and corrupt.
Out of this 50% vote only 20% vote is gained by a winner thus he
or she or a party represents really 10% of Indians voting
population. So how they are representatives of society?

Secondly they are merely paid servants of people and not masters
and should stop behaving and threatening people. They should be
given modest wages and simple lifestyle .They can get the hell 
if they think they deserve better,.We would advise all IAS and 
and other cadres to resign if they think they are capable 
they just passed a foolishly designed and stupid UPSC 
where every candidate claims to join civil service to do service
to society and downtrodden. What they are serving we all know. 
wont miss them. All corrupt, misbehaved, unproductive and costly
officers should be kicked out.
The constituiton was written by a bunch of inexperienced persons
in limited time and in a state of euphoria and idealism simply
copying British system and a few other countries' constitution.
This is a useless document that gives undue powers and 
to elected and appointed servants and must be rewritten.

We want results, honesty and humility from all right from
president to a patwari.

Every officers file including upto president should have all
papewrs and complaints from public against them and should form
basis to continue them in that job. The corrupt
,mibehaved,arrogant and unproductibve shopuld be kicked out
immediately based on these records.This only can be called
transparent governance which constitution has ommiytted.it has
given undue rights but not punishment and responsibility and
accountability of elected and appointed servants.

Prof R K Gupta