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date: 22 jul 2007


in the era when sword meant safety the hindu masses were safe from muslim predators.

in the era now where head count is the new yardstick of survival the tiny sikh minority looked towards the vast hindu majority in india for its survival in west punjab.

lo and behold, when the muslims struck, the hindu majority in the areas concerned took to flight while those in the rest of india simply froze into inaction.

as a result one third of india vanished from the map overnight in august 1947. it is not yet history. it is still current affairs. it is history for the cowards. it is current affairs for the brave. we believe the sikhs are a brave people.


take a donkey. all day it carries load and when it slows down it gets blows and kicks by its master in any third world country including p.i. (partitioned india)

can a nation lose its genes to the extent to be beaten and kicked without causing a stri in its body?

it is the hindu nation today, holding longest record in slavery.

today the rashtrapati is a mohammedan despite partition and rashtramata is an italian born female imported by bofors chor (rajiv khan who became gandhi for political correctness).

now a new president has been announced. a female much adored by sonia khan. they are keeping her religion top secret. is she a catholic? in the climate of political correctness this question is not allowed even if the hindus start evaporating or vanishing in the manner of western and eastern india that died suddenly on august 15, 1947. the hindus there were devoured by the jinn (devil) called islam. thus the islamic repupblic of pakistan was born with the blessings of british rulers at the time.

please read the following in the context of this background.

also remember that if a muslim were to convert to hindu religion anywhere in pakistan he would be killed within minutes. but here in burning broken bharat this conversion is publicly celebrated in the open and not one hindu within a thousand miles could throw a stone in that direction.



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srinagar: an amarnath pilgrim from haryana embraced islam at sonamarg hill resort in ganderbal district of jammu and kashmir on friday. 

parveen sharma arrived at baltal base camp enroute to amarnath, 100 kms from here, and straightway drove to nearby sonamarg hill resort where he expressed his desire to embrace islam at the local jamia masjid during friday prayers, official sources said. 

they said he was administered 'kalimah' (faith) by the local imam who also gave him the muslim name sheikh iqbal. 

later, he was taken around in the main market in a procession and garlanded, the sources said. 

this is for the first time that any hindu devotee, who had come to pay obeisance at the 3,880 metre high holy cave shrine of amarnath in south kashmir himalayas, has embraced islam.


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