Date: 14 Aug 2007


from liberties forum, AUG 14, 07

Who celebrates independence day in India? The politicians,corrupt 
bureaucrats and arrogant civil servants who distribute invitation 
cards amongst themselves, cordon off areas by heavy police (wastage of money and resources) and show their power on people. Is this independence day? Is a rickshaw puller or laborere interested in this?has he time for this? Actually looses a day's wage.

Why we do this farce every year and remind ourselves that we were 
slaves until 60 years ago. We instill in our children inferiority 
complex?what is purpose of celebrating all this?

Why we waste crores of rupees and lacs of men hours in this farce?We show outdated ,borrowed technology weapons to intimidate rickshaw pullers and villagers about government power(note :government power).We still think we are not servants and are government, the same government against who rule we celebrate the day but copy an mimic them still .Only brown idiots have replaced white crime perpetrators and exploiters.What right we have to give hefty salries,perks and facilities to these babus running into average 6 lacs rupees a year when per capita income is only 25000/PA.Who gave them rigjht to take public owned vehiocle sofr buying vegetable san deropping kids to school?Is not this thewft of public property and embezzlement? They should be put behind bars.

We must stop all these celebrations immediately 15th August and 26th January. There is no need to teach this in school. Those who read history can read in literature like any other topic in college.

Indian must come out of British mindset even now.90% of sarkari 
naukri behave like British officers and show eyes to people who pay them as servants. Army is busy killing out own people for salaries we pay them. Do we need army and navy anymore? I guess not. Only air force is enough because that is anyway going to be force of future for sky wars. Only a small army is enough. We can save thousands of crores and ofcourse lives of many citizens take by them every year.

WE must instead celebrate one India day on some suitable date for day every year and reposition ourselves as an ancient land of 
civilisation rediscovering itself as a modern society with science an technology at helm.

We should change all laws and kick out corrupt babus (IAS and IPs type arrogant idiots)who are pest ion society. their tenures should be made 5 years each and public satisfaction reports should form base for promotions and retention in service. 
Targets and achievements should be given. Sarkari naukri is not dowry for life. This concept must go.

Indians have to be liberated in reality even now to do what they want to do to create new products and services and be liberated from goonda policemen, inefficient system and corrupt politicians and sarkari babus.

Each Child in our country should feel dignity as citizen and proud to be happy member of society where his or her honor property an talent is valued an unprotected.

WE should start rethinking on these lines. Stop reminding ourselves as erstwhile slaves. Past is past. Same way stop caste caste slogans like parrots. Discriminations were hundreds of years old. There is hardly such thing today./it is all false propaganda by a few castes and rich and corrupt public servants and politician.

No inequality should be create din Ame of historical justice. Can't be a more funny word.

Can Indians start thinking fresh and get rid of white skin and 
videshi complex?