Date: 15 Aug 2007


During the long British rule over India it was not only Nehru and Gandhi who worked for country's independence. 

At least one, Nehru, was extremely treacherous and traitor to his UNITED INDIA and readily surrendered five provinces to fundamentalist Islam. The barrister-at-law from London could not even suggest Referendum prior to Partition. 

The second, MK Gandhi, simply collapsed and went silent and mouse still instead of giving a spirited call to defend Secularism and Lahore. 

He was one of three "Gandhis" to be ASSASSINATED. (He was No. 1 to be killed by a pistol, his imperialist, corrupt and autocratic mother, Indira, was No. 2 to be killed by AK47 rifle, and Rajiv was No. 3 to be blasted by a BOMB in a manner of ESCALATING Divine Wrath.)

There were countless other patriots who struggled and fought for independence. At least 2000 were hanged to death, including Bhagat Singh who was hanged to death in LAHORE. That city also witnessed the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev, thus marking it perpetually INDIAN. It was even named after LUV, the Son of Lord Rama. Islam or Mohammed had NO historic connection with the city whatsoever.
The Prime Minister in his address to the nation did not mention even one of the following who also fought for political and religious freedoms in India.

Veer Savarkar, Dr Shyam Prashad Mukherjee, Lala Lajpat Rai, Manya Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the Tenth Sikh Guru himself, Maharana Pratap, Chatrapati Shivaji, Maharani of Jhansi, Maharana Pratap and so on.

Barristers Nehru and Gandhi were NO PATCH to any of the above genuinely illustrious heroes and warriors of India. 

They were not even like a dim candle before the bright Sun. Truly independent India will one day rank them appropriately, completely deleting the despicable names Nehru and Gandhi from the Roll of Honour of India. 

Their gift to Motherland was PARTITION, and history's BIGGEST and WORST EVER UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER.
Of course the POODLE PRIME MINISTER did mention Bapu Gandhi whose WEAKNESS and policy of APPEASEMENT sent a powerful signal to the enemy and EMBOLDENED them to DEMAND Pakistan on the soil of India.
Of course, the POODLE PRIME MINISTER did pay a glowing tribute to Nehru who groomed his own daughter for his chair, who in turn groomed her own son to sit in her chair, and who in turn left his ITALIAN BORN Sonia to claim all executive power in Hindustan.
Of course the POODLE PRIME MINISTER did mention POVERTY that has been perpetuated by none other than his own Congress Party holding power since 1947. 

One only needs to go to the newly independent States like Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia to see how quickly poverty is being blasted away from there. 

Within a decade and a half of gaining independence from crushing Soviet Union, they are rivalling France and Italy in cleanliness, efficiency and dynamic growth while Partitioned India, carrying huge Muslim Bloc on her back, and still under the same old treacherous Party, is stuck in knee deep mud. 

IT STILL HAS POVERTY, that was the one noticeable thing the Prime Minister and the President mentioned.
Nature does not give eternity to the fools to carry on in their own manner. Sooner or later a REVOLUTION will start in South Asia that will wipe out the fossilised establishments and power structures to CLEANSE THE BLOOD OF THE NATIONS.
The new POST REVOLUTION Constitution of India will mention PARTITION in its Article 1, and send all the members of All-India Congress Party either to gallows or to FIRING SQUAD in the manner revolutions have ended in France, Russia, Iran and Romania. 
Pakistanis will also not escape the punishment for their betrayal of Secularism, High Treason towards India and for their ethnic cleansing of innocent non Muslim fellow citizens in 1947 and will see the "fireworks" after the impending ASSASSINATION of their President, General Pervez Musharraf, at the hands of AL QAIDA. 

Pakistan, that was created on the BLOOD & BONES of millions of innocent citizens, cannot last long as a viable State. It is DOOMED like NAZI Germany where millions of innocent people including Jews and gypsies were put to death.