Date: 16 Aug 2007


To whom it may concern:

A nation of citizens, who have no shame that they are being ruled by criminals like thief of Aamer Fort Treasury Antonia Maino, who has divine command from bastard & ghost Jesus to slay those, who do not accept Jesus their king (Bible, Luke 19:27), eat their flesh & drink their blood (Bible, John 6:53) reinforced with unfettered fundamental right vides Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution and a President Pratibha, who is financial
racketeer busy in shielding her murderer brother & husband cannot survive.

No one is safe in Democracy & chastity of no woman is safe under the dogmas of the Indian Constitution, Koran & Bible. Either woman would be raped by a Christian or a Muslim. Rape of woman is religious incentive of Muslims (Koran 23:6) and Christians (Bible, Isaiah 13:16) both. The act is reinforced with unfettered fundamental right vides Article 29(1) of the Indian Constitution.

The Aamer Fort Treasury belongs to the people of Bharat. This is because it was robbed by the army chief of Mogul king Akbar named Man Singh from the kings of Bharat after defeating them. It was concealed in Fort Vaults before the robbery of Sanjay & Indira. Even Britons could not touch the Treasury. Aryavrt Government seeks support of media & people of Bharat to repatriate
the booty. Without arrest of Antonia Maino it would not be possible. People are suggested to support Aryavrt Government if they wish to survive with dignity. Media must bring the truth before people in her own interest. 

The Aamer Fort booty has taken three lives of Sanjay, Indira & Rajiv Gandhis. Even Antonia Maino won't survive. Once Antonia Maino and her family members are removed the treasury would become property of the bank, where it is deposited. It would be a great loss for the nation.

For further details read my blog captioned,

Yours faithfully,

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Aryavrt Government,

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Subject: [Hindu around the World] Warning bell to Leaders on Independence

Warning bell to Leaders on Independence Day

Victory in Cricket in the land of England, 40th double crowned 
Bhupati and greatness of Atal bigger than Indira and Nehru showed by BBC are the gift to the nation as well as Nelson Companies survey  endorsed the proud of our ancient culture and the patriotism of the  people. BBC showed Atal Behari Vajpayee greater than Indira and  Nehru. 

These are the warning bell to the government of foreign hands. Who 
does want to re-born Italy and Peking and who wants to re-born 

9/10 Indians want to be reborn as Indians
On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the country's independence the 
Nielsen Company conducted the poll. Patriotism among Indians is 
soaring with 89% of respondents, participating in an online survey, 
wishing to be reborn as an Indian. For an almost equal proportion, 
the answer was simple - India is their motherland, it's the place 
where they can be among their own people on their own soil. About 
one-seventh said family bonding was the best thing about life in 

Please don't include the leaders in the above category of patriots. 
Amongst the list of "least progressed" fields, politics top the list 
(39%). are clearly unhappy with our politicians, one-sixth of young 
people, those in the age group 15-25 years, feel politics is the key 
area in which India must progress if it is to become a developed 

Areas where the country is seen to have made major progress are 
those in which the government has little or no role such as science 
and technology. This for most Indians today is synonymous with IT, 
which has grown in spite of government. Respondents see it as a 
success area. Victory in cricket and tennis on the eve of the 
Independence Day is not due to the Government.

Kidnapping of PM post and Powerless Parliament
PM and President posts are the highest executive and constitutional 
posts in India as per our constitution but invisible foreign hands 
have kidnapped both posts. 
Parliament is the supreme legislative wing but it becomes powerless 
as we see the dictatorial behave of the government in Indo US Nuke 
MPs have freedom to hear and say on the Nuke deal but no voting on 
that. Are we celebrating Independence Day for getting this type of 
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Who insulted Vantematram and Bharatmata
Vandematram is a national song. Who were underground on the 
Vandematram Day? Where were PM and Congress President on that day? 
Left ruled Keral Govt would give award to MF Hussain for his nude 
paintings of Bharatmata. 
So-called third front's candidate for Vice President Post was openly 
said that he would not sing national song Vandematram. 
Does August 15 not want answer of these questions from the victims?
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Leftists should rethink for their loyalty towards China. 
Previous online poll in China asked the same question related to the 
reborn. According to the Guardian, 64% of the roughly 10,000 Chinese 
polled said they didn't want to be reborn as Chinese - that is, 
before the authorities woke up to the ongoing poll and shut it down.
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Longer the leaders sleep, the less the world will be damaged
Satish Kumar a man from India of HARTLAND, A SMALL village nestled 
in the South West of England, expresses his wish that politicians 
have more time to sleep. There is no doubt that the longer the 
leaders sleep, the less the world will be damaged. He is simply 
revealing his genuine wish that today's political leaders should be 
spiritually reborn and become peaceful in their mind.
Untouchale political caste vs SC/ST: 
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50% have proud on Indian Culture of long tradition
Half the respondents (50%) of the survey, conducted by The Nielsen 
Company, feel that the rich Indian culture is the most attractive 
factor for being proud to be an Indian. "Such diverse and rich 
culture is rarely found in one country, and to belong to it is a 
special feeling in itself,"

Does Indian culture not mean Hinduism and Hindutva as defined by the 
Supreme Court? Does Indian culture mean to ruin Ram Sethu which 
every Indian child to elder believe that that is the symlol of 
Indian Culture? Does Indian Culture means to cirulate the coin of Rs 
2/- with the mark of Christian Cross? 
God made universe: Monkeys made Ram Sethu:
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Indo US Nuke Deal

Nani Palkhivala is despondent about India's future in an interview
'I would rather not be reborn
than be reborn in India'
What expectations did you have from free India? 
I would say ask me no more for fear I should reply. 
My expectation was so great. What fine leaders we had. We had some 
of the world's finest leaders. But none of them would get elected 

It is fact. Late Acharya Kriplani former President of Indian 
National Congress as an independent candidate was defeated in Lok 
Sabha Election from my city Raipur by a simple Congress candidate 
Gupta. Even late Ramnath Goenka founder of Indian Express was 
defeated from here besides the editor of `Mother India' of that 
time. This happened and happens everywhere in India. 

Wish to be reborn as a little bee
Pampa of Karnatak proclaimed his wish to be reborn as a little bee 
in the land of Kannada,

Remind Arbindo Ghosh when you read TOI poll:
Given a choice, most Indians would like to be born as Indians again. 
In an exclusive poll by The Times of India, nearly 90% of people in 
five metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad - 
opted to be Indians in a hypothetical next birth. The poll was 
conducted among those in the 18-35 age groups, and their 
overwhelming preference for India was across religious and gender 
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"The wish to be reborn we have in abundance, there is no deficiency 
there. How many attempts have been made, how many movements have 
been begun, in religion, in society, in politics! But the same fate 
has overtaken or is preparing to overtake them all. They flourish 
for a moment.our beginnings are mighty, but they have neither sequel 
nor fruit" Arbindo
Is the present Congress not represent every word as said by Arbindo 

Remember what PM Manmohan said in Oxford Uniersity. He appreciated 
British Rule in India. Congress followed Pope to oppose forcefully 
conversion bill.

Sri Aurobindo was twenty-one when he wrote a series of nine 
articles, "New Lamps for Old": 

Is present Congress different than 120 years back? 
August 21, 1893
"Our actual enemy is not any force exterior to ourselves, but our 
own crying weaknesses, our cowardice, our selfishness, our 
hypocrisy, our purblind sentimentalism." Arbindo 

By Premendra Agrawal
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