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date: 18 aug 2007



india has hope...... if media shows courage

dear indian express, 

india has hope if the media exhibits the courage to stop being politically correct. shortly, august 15th is going to be celebrated across the country. 

pakistan was created as a reward for the aggressive mohammadden invaders who indulged in a millennium of genocide against the idol worshiping hindus of india. mahatma gandhi preached non-violence to the hindus and not the muslims. ever since pakistan was created it has bled india by its proxy war in kashmir where hindu temples and shivite culture flourished of which little exists now. 

you find no country in the world, which makes a part of its territory inaccessible to its own people. isn't it a fact that indians from other parts of india cannot settle down in kashmir as citizens of a country should be able to settle down an any part of their own country. 

rahul gandhi who is a part of the congress, which has ruled the country for most of the time since the so-called independence boasts of breaking up pakistan. what was done was creating another jihadist country where the minority hindus have been persecuted and have mostly fled to india to burden the already overpopulated country with little protection from the indian govt. 

additionally bangladeshis are in filtrating into india freely with the help of the secular governments who want to increase their vote bank. bangladesh had a hindu population of 38% during partition. now it is less than 11% and it is a country which is a haven for jihadi's. compare this with the hue and cry the media in the western countries raise when the christian missionaries?efforts to proselytise poor hindus are objected to in india. 

israel declared an allout war against when just of one of its soldiers was captured. does our media both the press and television updates the number of indian soldiers dead in kashmir like the cnn and msnbc and all the media in the us does for it war dead in the us which stands about 3660 now since the iraq war started. how many indian soldiers have laid their lives in a hostile atmosphere thanks to the indian govt. and the article 370? 

recently there were attacks on talisma nasreen when she spoke about the dark side of islam and some muslims want her to be exiled from india and want her speech to be curbed to say anything against islam. 

ndtv needs to point out to the indian government who has borrowed the word secularism from the west that in england recently conferred knighthood on salman rashdi who wrote the satanic verses and the satanic verses were published in the us where free speech is considered as an essential feature of democracy. 





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