Date: 18 Aug 2007


This is something we realised decades ago that Koran is the PERPETUAL instigator of Muslim terrorism and it divides mankind in an inflammatory manner between (superior) BELIEVERS and (inferior) INFIDELS. One could never accept the label of being a "non-believer" or "Kafir" while those who thus divide mankind are themselves like the barbarians among the civilised.

Holding Koran in hand the Imams pronounced despicable "Fatwas" including the one under which two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh, 7 and 9 respectively, were BRICKED IN ALIVE. 

Instigated by its teachings Indian Muslims broke up their own land of birth into three fragments, accompanied by mass murder, mass abduction and rape, mass loot and plunder and mass expulsion. Under its inspiration they destroyed the WTC towers in New York and killed scores of innocent citizens in London in Jul 2005.

One ough to IDENTIFY at last the virus that is responsible for the outbreak of such mass murdering political epidemics on earth.

Germany got rid of her MEIN KAMPF and became a world giant in economy. Japan, too, shed its "Emperor is God" image and is an advanced country but the brainwashed cocky Muslims still stick to the primitive notion of "KORAN IS THE LITERAL WORD OF GOD."

So, liberate Iraq and Afghanistan from the tyranny HUSSAIN and the dictatorship of TALIBAN, their vanquished and impoverished people will still cry out, "Don't take away the Koran from Constitution."

Thus they will revert back to Medieval Savagery again and again, and free, democratic & secular West (ensuring women's dignity) will have to go in with guns and bombs again and again, sacrificing the young.

We should APPLAUD the courage and political correctness of MP Geert Wilders.

18 Aug 07

Ban Koran like Mein Kampf, says Dutch MP

By Bruno Waterfield 
Last Updated: 2:40am BST 14/08/2007

The Koran should be banned as a “fascist book” alongside Mein Kampf because it urges Muslims to kill non-believers, says Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders. 

The leader of the far-right Freedom Party, which holds nine of the Dutch parliament's 150 seats has called for the ban after an alleged Islam inspired attack on a Labour councillor who had renounced the Muslim faith. 

Mr Wilders claims that the Koran “calls on Muslims to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force”.