NEHRU "GREETED" WITH SHOES. truth at last.

Date: 18 Aug 2007


  Nehru Greeted with 
                   garland of shoes

(People have known the TRUTH for six decades but only now a few are beginning to shred the curtain that has been hiding it.

Nehru committed HIGH TREASON by surrendering five provinces without laying down a single condition. His punishment after a public trial was to be EXECUTION BY FIRING SQUAD at Red Fort Delhi, and on the very spot where he barked "tryst with destiny" on the midnight of 14/15 August 1947.

Dear Patriots, not just hurl shoes on his photos but BLAST his statues all over PARTITIONED INDIA with GUNS, or COVER THEM UP WITH SPIT- TONS OF IT.
The members of the Niharika Club of Magurkhali village, while celebrating the Independence Day on 15th August, greeted J L Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, in a unique manner. The village is near Ranaghat in the district of Nadia, about 40 Km from Kolkata. On the day, people, men, women and children, as usual, gathered in the morning. They sang Jan gan man … after flag hoisting. Everything proceeded as it should be, but dispute arose during garlanding of the photographs of leaders.
There were two photographs placed on two sides of the pole of the national flag, one of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the other of Jawahar Lal Nehru. The photograph of Netaji was adorned, as usual, with  garlands of flower. But in the next moment the photograph of Nehru was greeted with a garland of shoes. Some of them could not approve such an insult to the first Prime Minister of the country. But enthusiasts explained and said, “Do you not know that it is the fellow who prevented Netaji from home-coming. Due to this betrayer, Netaji had to languish in prisons of  foreign countries.  And hence a man like him deserves no better treatment than this”.   
But a section of people could accept such an insult to a man who was, after all the first Prime Minister of India. They informed the police and Sri Swapan Biswas, the secretary, Sri Krishnendu Sen and Sanjit das, two active members of the Niharika Club were later on arrested. “The incident was too sentimental and hence we had to act fast”, says Sri Sanjit Bhattacharya, the Inspector of the Ranaghat Police Station. But Sri Swapan Biswas refused to express an apology for his action and, on the contrary, continued to say, “Only a few days ago we came to know that due to the conspiracy of this man with British, Netaji could not return to his Motherland. On the same day, we decided that we shall welcome this fellow with a garland of torn shoes”.
The Congress leaders of the district have taken the incident very seriously. Sri Dulal Patra, the local Congress worker, said, “We demand exemplary punishment for the culprits”. The local leaders of both CPI(M) and Trinamul Congress have reproached the incident. Sri Naresh Chaki, the president of Trinamul Congress for the district of Nadia, said, “The offenders must be punished according to the law of the land”. 
However, the truth that is lurking behind all these indecent happenings, says that the people of this country has started to identify that the “Gandhi Nehru & Co” as conspirators and has begun to understand that these people were the agents of the British Imperialism, who have little contribution for obtaining freedom. While real patriots were languishing in British jails, these conspirators worked for the British, well remunerated by them and used to live luxurious lives like princes. British, on the other hand, by their occasional arrests, continued to glorify their public image. It the conspiracy of these agents with the British that has ultimately compelled Netaji Subhas Bose to leave this country. 
The people of this country have also started to understand that the so called non-violent movement of Gandhi had no contribution in obtaining freedom. In fact, Gandhi was brought from South Africa by the British to sabotage India’s freedom movement. Before his coming to India, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and C F Andrews played the mediators between Gandhi and the British Government in India and persuaded Gandhi, on behalf of British government, to return to India. So Gandhi went to London to collect his appointment letter from his British master and from London came to India on January 9, 1915. 
Many argue that Gandhi has succeeded to transformed India's freedom struggle into a mass movement. On the contrary, it indicates the great success of the British conspiracy - the entire population was led astray by Gandhi and hence there remained none to do the freedom struggle. So Gandhi and his non-violent followers can never be called  freedom fighters.  
As a matter of fact, the freedom of India is a consequence of the Second World War. After the War, British and other European imperialists became economically bankrupt and they had no other alternative but to relinquish their colonies spread over the continents of Asia and Africa. In fact they were compelled to hand over their colonies to the Neo Colonialist USA. As a result, from 1945 to 1960, nearly 60 countries of Asia and Africa obtained freedom from various colonialists. The phenomenon is known as the “transition of world economy from colonialism to neo colonialism”. 
So it is better for the our Motherland, sooner the people of this country identify these loathsome conspirators and prepare garlands of shoes for the entire lot.  
Dr. R. Brahmachari,
    Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta,
    92 Acharya P C Road, Kolkata-700 009.