Date: 18 Aug 2007


      The Day of Great Calcutta Killing
 Dear Hindu Friends,
          August 16, 1946, Friday, was a black day for the Hindus. On that day, in the city of Calcutta, thousands of Hindus were mercilessly butchered by the Muslims. The tragedy is called “The Great Calcutta Killing” and slaughter of Hindus continued unabated from 16th to 18th August, 1946. It started just after the mid-day Jumma (Friday) Prayer on 16th and Muslim mobs came out of  hundreds of mosques armed with sharp weapons etc. and pounced upon unsuspecting and unprepared Hindus. This was a full scale jihad (indiscriminate killing of non-muslim kafirs), in  response to the call of “Direct Action” given by Jinnah and put into concrete action by the then Muslim League Chief Minister of Bengal, H S Shurawardi. 
Hindus were totally unprepared for such a calamity as they were befooled and lulled into a self destructive somnolence by the false and hypocrite slogan by the so called “Saint”(or Satan) of Gujarat – “Ishwar of Allah tere naam” – God and Allah are same. The Hindus, however, could get organized to defend themselves against the savage Muslim attack and save themselves three days later, under the leadership of Bharat Keshari Shyama Prasad Mookherji. 
            The non-violent Gujarati Prophet, the most despicable hypocrite world has ever seen, reached Calcutta only to save the Muslims from the righteous rage of the Hindus. While that non-violent Duratma was staying at Hydari House at Beliaghata in Calcutta, the killer Surawardi took shelter of that Prophet of Muslim Appeasement. When Hindus went there to meet that Gujarati Duratma, the devil, pointing to Surawardi, said, “Surawardi is my brother and any harm done to him is an assault on me”. :This assertion by the so called Mahatma of peace persuaded the disheartened Hindus to calm down and restrained them from taking justified revenge. 
This is the day, every Hindu should mourn for the thousands of Hindus killed and spew hatred to the killer Muslims, the creed of Islam that inspires killing the Hindus, the book called Koran that devides the humankind in two separate groups- Mulims and Kafirs and commands the Muslims to exterminate the kafirs en-masse and the Gujarati betrayer and his abominable policy of Muslim appeasement in the name non-violence and secularism. Unless the Hindus remember this bloody massacre, learn a lesson for the safety of their future and prepare themselves right now, such annihilations of the Hindus in the truncated Bharat will be repeated over again and over again, till the entire India turns into a dar-ul-Islam or land of Islam.