Date: 19 Aug 2007


Brutal condition of women in Islam

By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. The lives of Moslems is controlled and guided by the Shariat laws of Islam. These laws have devastating effects on the lives of Moslems, especially on the Moslem Women. Moslem women constitute approximately 50 % of the Moslem population, but it is extremely rare to find a Moslem woman, who is living a happy and secure life, with respect, regard, or reverence. Islam allows women only one husband, but the Moslem man can have up to four wives. This right is accorded to Moslem men by Allah, and demonstrated by actual practice by Hazrat Mohammad. If this Islamic connection between its men and women, is not an arrangement of In-Equality, then what the hell is this ? 

2. Our phoney-liberal Hindu politicians, who pick on the evils of the Hindu caste system, at the slightest pretense, find it fatiguing and take a power-nap, when it comes to criticizing the rogue laws of Islam. They totally absolve the rascal Moslem man, of any responsibility for the evil plight and distressing situation, of the Moslem woman. 

Let no one fail to take cognizance that, Moslem man has absolute right to divide his loyalty, between the four wives and their children. The Moslem wife has no say in the husband's decision. Because the Islamic laws allow men to have up to four wives, the Moslem woman nearly always distrusts her husband. She also distrusts other women, any of whom could become the wife ( or mistress ) of her husband, whose status is always that of an eligible-bachelor. 

3. Because the Moslem wife cannot demand the loyalty of her husband, she is always in fear, and is threatened by her husband's future wives ( and mistresses ). She cannot even put the fear of God ( Allah ) in her Moslem husband. After all, Allah is the one who commands this preferential status of the Moslem male, and she cannot appeal to Allah, for an advance in her rank. She is condemned to live under the brutal conditions of Islam. Not a hope in Hell for her ! 

The single Moslem women, who have an eye on the married Moslem male, though confronted by dilemma, more often than not, rationalize and say to themselves:

" He is a man, he has his right granted by Allah, and he can use his right, besides our marriage will still be blessed by Allah. "

4. The inevitable consequence of this rogue system of Islam is, the envy and evil eye of both the married Moslem male, and the eligible Moslem females. There are many horror stories about the sad plight of the Moslem wives. Some Moslem wives beg their husbands: 

" Go ahead and have mistresses, but please don't have another wife ( Moslem wives are afraid of another wife's children, who have an equal share in husband's property ). "

Some Moslem wives advise the husband's mistresses, to spend her husband's money as fast they can, before any money is left over for another wife.

5. When it comes to the divorce laws of Islam, the Moslem wife is even further down the slope. Her tragedy is too deep for tears. The Moslem man can divorce his wife, by thrice uttering:

" I divorce thee. "

The Moslem wife has no equivalent right to divorce her husband.

Moslem men also have the right to marry Non-Moslem women, but Moslem women have no right to marry Non-Moslem men.

This reduces the number of available Moslem men to Moslem women. The result is a large number of unmarried Moslem women, who have smaller and smaller number of Moslem men to choose from.

6. There are many more examples of Islam's injustice and brutality towards its women. But no Hindu Holy Man ( HHM ), nor any Hindu leader criticizes Islam for its inveterate-injustice, inequality, and unfairness towards its women. None of our Hindu HHMs or our Hindu leaders calls upon the Moslem women to quit Islam and its inveterate-slavery of its women, and to come over to the Free-World of Hinduism. Millions and millions of Moslem women are going through a life of desperation, and suffering the stinking-slavery of Islam. Most of our Hindu leaders are over-loaded with phoney-liberalism, but their liberalism does not extend to the emancipation of slave-women in Islam. Thus there is no light, at the end of the tunnel, for the Moslem women. 

Surinder Paul Attri





By S.P. Attri ( USA )

1. The members of the UPA government in India, seem to be bent upon removing the Ram Sethu, one of the holiest Hindu sites. Most of the proponents of this destruction-project are Phoney-Liberal politicians, who have their interest, in promoting the welfare of the minority communities, at the cost of the Hindu. There are plenty of Phoney-Liberals in India, who are willing to defend the minorities and speak for them. But they have no interest nor any sympathy for the Hindu. Their hypocrisy is pathetic and a fraud against the Hindu, for which these politicians should feel ashamed of themselves, but they never feel embarrassed nor humiliated, even though the Hindu always comes out at the short end of the stick, as a result of their phoney-liberal bias. 

2. :One of these Phoney-Liberal politicians is a well-known member of the Congress Party, by name Ambika Soni. Ambika Soni has been close to the Gandhi family, for a long time, first time to Sanjay Gandhi, and now to Sonia Gandhi. She enjoys considerable power and influence in the Congress Party. Several Hindu leaders are unhappy at the positions that she takes, with respect to the issues of the Hindus, which are generally anti-Hindu. Her motivation appears to be anti-Hindu. But that is not her Ace-Card. Her Ace-Card is her mastery of Double-Talk, that is saying one thing, and doing quite the opposite. 

3. One example illustrates her pursuit of Double-Talk.

She proposed, in the Parliament, the launching of a " Local Area Development Fund ," for the conservation and preservation of Monuments and Antiques. Her proposal was approved by the parliament.

Question: How is Ambika Soni preserving the monuments of India ?

Answer: She is preserving the Taj Mahal and the Qutab Minar ( both of Islamic Origin ), but she has come out with a hair-brain scheme of destroying the Ram Sethu ( which is of Hindu origin, and which is extremely sacred to the Hindus ). Apparently, she finds something different about the Ram Sethu, which she does not like. She is not using her candor, to express her specific dislike of Ram Sethu, but only cites lack of any archeological evidence. 

Her argument was dismissed by NASA's Satellite Photos, which clearly show presence of ancient bridge ( a man-made structure ), and NASA puts its age at 1.7 million years, which places this bridge in the Treta Yuga. This leaves no ambiguity in the equation. 

4. How did Ambika Soni come to the conclusion that NASA's evidence is not reliable ? She is neither being logical, nor neutral, but is divesting her anti-Hindu propensity. She is not even doing her job, she is mishandling and bungling her job. If she were doing her job, she would be setting funds to classify Ram Sethu as an Ancient-Monument, which is older than the pyramids, older than the Great Wall Of China, in fact, it is the oldest man-made structure in the world. She would try to propagate the importance and history of this great monument, and notify the government about its significance, importance, and antiquity of it. She has not done any study to determine the age, the antiquity, and heritage value of this great monument. Of course, this monument is highly sacred to over one billion Hindus. But this is never a consideration in Ambika Soni's thinking, that is why she has such a reputation for being an anti-Hindu. Her assessment of the situation is purely-political, and not scientific. Is there any doubt that Ambika Soni is a political person, and she has failed to do her job ? 

5. It is obvious Ambika Soni has policy differences with the Hindus and with Hindu issues. But she lacks the candor to express it openly. Instead, she is trying to muddle through by bungling her job. She is goofed up. 

But why are so many Hindus of India and of the world, tolerating this great outrage against the Hindu ? Why are they not raising more hell than what they are doing at the present time ? Why are most Hindus afraid to take a stand against these Phoney-Liberal politicians, who have never been accused of being either smart or brave, they are purely opportunists ? It is not impossible to change their mind or their decisions. How can we Hindus tolerate this outright-outrage against our Hindu religion ? How can we allow these politicians to wreck our religion ? We Hindus cannot abandon our mission of defending the Ram Sethu. 

6. If more powerful marching, picketing, boycotting, and sit-ins etc don't come forth soon, then it would appear like another " Chamberlain-Moment " ( that is, the moment of Neville Chamberlain, the ex-prime minister of UK, during World War II ), who capitulated to Adolf Hitler. 

It would then confirm the real story of the Hindu, that the Hindus are political prisoners of India.

Surinder Paul Attri