Date: 19 Aug 2007


Dear All, I think I need to come in this rather interesting subject. Yes, this is the same book that also indirectly holds Mr M K Gandhi as the murderer of his wife denying her a life saving injection of penicillin. The charge is that Gandhi thought that an injection with a hypothermic needle  amounted to a violently intrusive act which went against his political dogma of non violence. Put it bluntly it was an attempt to make Mr Gandhi look an obstinate idiot..
The version of the same incident as given by Dr Sushila Nayar who was present at the scene when Kusturba was fighting against death. Her version of the event was that Mr Gandhi said that it was pointless giving her an injection of pencilling as she was already nearly dead or dying.There was no question of any political dogma being promoted.
By some strange coincidence, any reference in the later editions of the book "Freedom At Midnight" to kasturba's death and denial of injection has been totally deleted. 

I approached Dominique Lapierre, He was holidaying with his wife in South of France and confronted him with my question. He totally denied any knowledge of why this episode was dropped from the subsequent editions.  

I then went to Harper Collins ,the Publishers of the book and did not get any joy from them either. They only stated that the Director who made the decision to drop this reference has died some time back and the records do not reveal the reason for the deletion. 

My view is that It is quite possible that someone from the Gandhi family  had perhaps threatened to take the author and the publisher to court for making up a false story. ..