Date: 24 Aug 2007



Seven days ago there was great explosion, Mother Of All Explosions, called PARTITION. Overnight one third of India vanished from the map. Millions were massacred, abducted, raped, looted and put to flight in all directions. Father Of All HIGH TREASON & TREACHERY, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Barrister-at-Law from "politically correct & secular" London, England, called his own despicable and dishonourable personal collapse, "India's tryst with destiny". At the same time there were weddings going on in Kerala, Maharashtra, Bihar and West Bengal. Not one was cancelled. Not one tear was shed in Madhya Pradesh over the Calamity of Millennium.
Six days ago entire North Kashmir, Gilgit, Chitral and Aksai Chin were lost. All Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists were butchered- their lands, houses, cattle stock, farms and fields taken away. Only a lucky few escaped. There was not a ripple felt in Gujarat, and no retaliation anywhere.
Five days ago Col Idi Amin gave a boot to INDIANS in Uganda. Not one cabinet minister was despatched by New Delhi to stop him from his brutality towards his law abiding citizens. India's image abroad plummeted.
Four days ago another tin pot dictator called Rabuka decided to kick out the INDIANS from Fiji. Millions of dollars worth of businesses and crops were lost or looted. In terror the wretched "fatherless" Indians fled in all directions. One expected the Aircraft Carrier "Vikrant" and a Gurkha battalion to sail towards Fiji but none was despatched. India's fair name, despite her divinity and spirituality, plummeted still deeper. Her armed forces appeated mercenary, held back by the Hindu Bashing Dynasty.
Three days ago Hindu survivors in Kashmir Valley were subjected to brutal violence and forced out of their ancestral homes in three clothes. Terrorists burnt down a whole railway carriage in Gujarat with all the passengers inside roasted alive. Mumbai Stock Exchange was destroyed. Indian Parliament saw grenades bursting. Even the sacred city of Varanasi saw the blood of innocent cover the soil. Rashtrapati, Rashtramata and all the Rashtrapitas remained unmoved. Supreme Commander Zail Singh, KR Narayanan and Abdul Kalam did not attend a single funeral of a Jawan or officer killed in action in Kashmir. Indian Army became "expendable fodder". Heirs to Nehru Dynasty did not don military uniform even for a single day.
Two days ago Indian (mercenary) Army fought the Battles of Dynasty and went over to kill the Tamils of Indian origin in Sri Lanka and later attacked the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar killing and destroying all they could as if they were gallant forces operating in the enemy territory.
Today is 22nd of August 2007. CNN has shown a furious Neo Nazi mob in Germany beating up a group of "helpless, defenceless, fatherless" Indians in a German city. The News channel called the victims INDIANS. Did Prime Manmohan Singh speak to Chancellor Angela Merkel about it? Did the Indian ambassador ever report back on the hostility that was being expressed, loud and clear, as "KINDER STATT INDER" (Children NOT Indians!"), and on the demoralising effect such beating and thrashing of Indians in the open and in broad daylight has on the morale and image of Indians across the whole world? Has the newly elected Rashtramata, who has just moved into her Imperial House, assured the Indians in Germany of her sympathy? The word "INDIA" now STINKS across the globe.
What kind of enslaved colony is our Bharatvarsha reduced to today, that ought to be called "Partitioned Indian Secular State", or P.I.S.S.? Wouldn't anyone want to know?
The cover photo on "Organiser", New Delhi, dated August 19, 2007, significantly shows not just one betrayed native Hindu woman crying and wailing in agony but what the one billion "weak" Hindu nation is taught to call "Mother India".