Date: 30 Aug 2007


HuJI SIMI Naxal Nexus: Hyderabad blast and Agra Violence
Please connect the following article with Hyderabad blast of four days before and Today’s Agra Taj Mahal violence and tried to find out the culprit vote greedy power grabbers fake secular leaders, journalists, Human Right groups who encourages SIMI, Naxalites, infiltration from Bangladesh and adopted religious head counting, religion based quota policy in Andhra and other states, Sachchar Committee’s recomondations and to appease minority:

Investigation claimed HuJI SIMI did blasts in Sankatmochan temple Varanasi and HYD Mecca Mosque via Samjhauta after Gujarat. HuJI SIMI has a link with Bangladesh via Kolkata and Raipur. Who shelter them in the name of Human right and secularism? Tis lik is agai in the Hyderabad blast of before four days and today’s violence in Agra.

May 20, 2007:

Blasts in religious places aimed riot in the line of Gujarat
HuJI and banned SIMI are the organizations of Militants for blasting Hindu Muslim religious places to disturb the peace by creating riots as they did in Gujarat to burn the compartments of Sabarmati Express at Godhra.

From Gujarat people learnt the lesson, so the devil motive of blasts could be defused by the pople of India. But can media and leaders not try to evoke the sentiments of the people in the name of Human right and secularism? Who can dare to arrest these so called secular leaders and media persons? 

Kolkatta to Raipur via Bangladesh has a link with HuJI SIMI
Kolkatta to Raipur via Bangladesh has a link with HuJI SIMI Naxalites, Human Right Activists such as PUCL and foreign funded media.  

Raipur police of Chhattisgarh has arrested a leader of PUCL Dr. Vinayak Sen for his connection with Naxalites. He is also involved with Piyush Guha wearing mask of a Kolkata based business man of tendu leaves. Piyush Guha is arrested in Raipur with three letters related to naxaites. PUCL with the family members of Piyush Guha and so called other human right activists tried to make free Piyush Guha.
PUCl for naxalites and fake secularists for PUCL
PUCL is called by fake seculars an Organization of Human Right Activists. So called human activists, Congress leaders and few media persons have reached in Raipur to disturb the investigation. When Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati was arrested then they said that law would take its course. The same arguments are in the fake arrests of nationalists and the leaders of Hindu organizations. But their arguments for Dr. Sen, Piyush Ghosh and others are differents.   
Raipur Police seized materials related to naxaites 
Raipur police seizded some suspected documents from the home of Dr. Sen. The Sen couple found Congress leaders Sudha kasar, Shobha Yadav and others as witness. Police seized two CDs related to the encounter of Golapalli and Jharkhand besides other five CDs, CPU of computer, Letter of prisoned Naxalites Narayan Sanyal and Madanlal Banjare and book related to the unity between Communist Party of India People’s war and MCPI. Other important seizure includes letters of Andhra Human Rights and naxalites group.  
PUCL a link with Kolkata capital of Communists
All abve persons has link with Kolkatta and their native place is West Bengal, ruled by lefitists aiming redish (Lal Salam) the whole India on the line of Nepal. Manmohan with Sonia want to adopt the way of Koirala.  Some documents reltated to the preparation for a movement against the American Imperilism are also seized. These documents might be a clue for the following event of January 22, 2002:
Attack on Americal Centre Kolkata and ………….
HuJI-B's direct involvement had come to light in the terrorist attack on January 22, 2002, at the American Center in Kolkata. An early morning attack by a group HuJI cadres left five policemen dead on the spot. Both Kolkata police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of America investigated the incident, responsibility for which was claimed by two organisations, HuJI-B and the Asif Reza Commando Force (ARCF). 

In fact, the ARCF was an adjunct of the HUJI, formed and manned largely by Bangladeshi migrants in India and some experienced HUJI-B cadres in India who were trained at ISI- backed training camps in Pakistan. It was formed in the third week of December 2001 at a village, 15 kilometres from the Habibpur town, populated by illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the Malda District of West Bengal, following a meeting of middle-ranking HuJI-B leaders and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) activists, who chalked out plans to float an affiliate of the outfit for local operations. 
HYD blasters llink with Kolkata HuJI-B SIMI
Hyderabad Police is investigating link in the blast in the mecca mosque. Police sources said the SIM card of the mobile phone was purchased in Kolkata and was due to expire on Friday, and was found attached to an unexploded bomb was bought in Kolkata.
Police believe that Bangladesh-based terror group Harkat-Ul Jihad Al Islami (HUJI) was behind the blast and its activist Mohammed Shahed alias Bilal, a native of Hyderabad, was its mastermind.  

Shahed is believed to have triggered the blast from Bangladesh as a very sophisticated technology was used to detonate the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) filled with a mixture of RDX and TNT. According to police, a phone call from anywhere in the world to the mobile attached to the IED is enough to trigger the blast. 
A day after Friday's bomb blast at Mecca Masjid, investigations are still on as to why the fourth bomb that was discovered close to the masjid at a time when it was packed with Friday namazis did not go off or was not triggered. 

Harkat-ul-Jehad-i-Islami's (HuJI) paw marks are becoming increasingly visible in major terror attacks in India. The group, which is known to be working closely with ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba, was blamed for the Sankat Mochan bombing in Varanasi.
The explosive material, RDX and TNT, are not available in India and were imported from Bangladesh. "All that the local accomplices had to do was to put it together, something than can be done by anyone with minimal knowledge," the sources said. 

Local involvement in HYD Blasts
Apparently, the three local accomplices visited Mecca Masjid between 9 am and 10 am on Friday, and returned one hour later and planted the bombs. 

The sources said three youth were picked up from Bhavaninagar and Kala Patthar areas of the old city on Friday night in connection with the blast. The sources believe that HuJI activist Mohammed Abdul Sahed alias Bilal's brother Zaheed, who runs a mobile-phone repair shop, could have provided the the phones. 

Bilal may be a key culprit in Mecca blasts
Bilal, who took over the command HuJI on October 12, 2005, has been on the list of most wanted terrorists after he masterminded a suicide attack on the special task force's headquarters in Hyderabad that left one police personnel dead. He is also wanted in the murder conspiracy of BJP leader N Indrasena Reddy and the Secunderabad Ganesh temple blast, besides the blasts on the Samjhauta Express. 

Bilal a link with Gujarat
An associate of Rasool Khan 'Party', a Gujarat resident, Bilal has been instrumental in sending youths for arms training to Pakistan through Dhaka and some Gulf states, the sources said. Incidentally, one Maqsood Ahmed alias Maqsood, 26, who was working as a manager with a showroom in Somajiguda, was arrested on April 1, 2007, during search operations. 

Maqsood had come in contact with Bilal. While the police then, got a clue that an attack was being planned, they could not get details. The Mecca Masjid blast on Friday could well have been that planned attack
It means naxalites of Chaatisgarh and Andhra get explosives from Bangladesh energy from Kolkata a capital of Left. They hide themselves in the name of human rights and secularism with the help of Congress and left. These naxalites have link with HuJI and SIMI. Before two days home Minister Shivraj Patil said that Maoist has link with Militants. So these facts indicate that these elements are directly or indirectly involved in the HYD Mecca Mosque blasts and Sankatmochan temple of Varanasi blasts besides the others.
Journalist Prabhash Joshi and others in the support of PUCL
In the mean while, defamed trders of human rights and fake secularism have reached in Raipur for the help of Dr. Vinayak Sen and others. They have completed a great journey for the noble cause getting freedom for naxalites. 

Among those communism thinkers are former IAS officer Dr. Harsh Mandir, Film maker Tapan Basu, Journalist Prabhash Joshi (former editor jansatta Hindi daily, Presently residence editor in Indian Express group) and Brahmdev Sharma. They will save those naxalites.  But who save the people from the terrorism and naxal means Maoism? “Jab sanya bhaye kotwal toa kaheka dar”: Left supported UPA government Bigest B is the Big brothers of them in India.