Date: 31 Aug 2007



An historical Sikh Temple: Bhai Taru Singh Shaheed Gurdwara, in the Naulakha Bazar of Lahore, (in that Part of India, which is now in Pakistan), has been taken over by some Muslim Extremists.  They have removed the Sikh symbols and insignias, replacing them with Muslim insignias.  Above all they have painted the dome of the Gurdwara with Islamic green and the saffron flag has been substituted with the green flag.

The Secularists in India are observing a Maun Vrata (SILENCE like Father of Nation at Partition)!

Four Muslims, on a motorbike(in contravention of the transport regulations), meet a fatal accident.  This happens on the holiest festival of Islam: Shabebarat-a pious occassion, when devotees are charged with sympathy, compassion, atonement and forgiveness.  It ios also an occasion to pay homage to the departed souls.  How the Muslims, obsessed with such spiritual 
emotions react.  hey become violent, rioteous, commit arsons, hinder the work of law enforcing agencies, medics and fire preventing authorities.

After all, as usual, they were "PROVOKED, AGGRIEVED and VICTIMISED" by the DANGEROUS COMMUNAL Hindus!