Date: 06 Sep 2007



ORGANISER, New Delhi, India.


On the back page of your issue dated September 9, 2007, there are two photos. One of Catholic Rajiv and the other of  Muslim Shah Rukh Khan. The Hindu (in Hindustan) is missing. If there is one, he is INVISIBLE. After going through the whole paper the last taste left in mouth from the back cover of your esteemed paper is sour.

Rajiv Khan, son of Feroze Khan, is being praised for “inspiring India” and Shah Rukh’s film is described as most patriotic.

Let us take the first “Rascal”. How could you ignore two facts?  (1.)  He took commissions from BOFORS Gun Company. His trial is yet to conclude. (2.)  Secondly he degraded the whole of India when he put his head at the feet of an Italian house- maid in Cambridge and declared, "My Hindustan will at your feet." At the same time he cast a dark shadow over every native Indian girl. 

The "Son of a Witch" ought to have said, at least once, "Brown is beautiful."

Now to film maker Khan:  Why has NO Hindu film producer given us a patriotic film so far to beat the one by Shah Rukh? Where in his “patriotic” film does this Son of a Musalman say, “SECULARISM TO BE VALID IN DELHI, HAS TO BE IMPOSED ON LAHORE FIRST.”

Our India is still "PARTITIONED India" in which Khans are the shining cocks and the rest of us adoring and admiring them like the dim hen.

Sep 6, 2007.