WHYS (on BBC): Why is Islam so attractive to Westerners?

Date: 11 Sep 2007


WHYS (WORLD HAVE YOUR SAY) posed this question, Why is Islam so attractive to Westerners?

To start, let us take on BIN LADEN for violation of rule of islam, NO PHOTOGRAPHY.

OSAMA BIN LADEN is violating Islam when he gets himself photographed. Photography is forbidden in Islam. Even drawing a likeness of man is forbidden. That is why there is no picture of Mohammed. Why no Fatwa is declared against him by any Imam so far?

When the media pass on his advice to West to embrace Islam, at the same time they should allow someone to post "Why NO Islam in liberal, secular and free West."

Islam is "attractive" as you say because people have still not grasped that all those TERRORISTS who wish to blow up the Western civilisation are MUSLIM. It can appeal to WOMEN who wish to be held down by strong men and it can appeal to MEN who relish the idea of paradise full of virgins placed a their disposal after martyrdom in Jehad. 

It is "attractive" because to speak up AGAINST it is to invite ASSASSINATION. There is no room for free debate in Islam, not even through cartoons.

It is "attractive" since Church in the West is not taking the strategic ideological THREAT to its own existence seriously. What is the status of Church in ANY Islamic republic? Church in the West is now lie low, low key populist affair. It's no more the shining magnet that could pull out a rusting nail from the heap of soiled Islamic straw.

It is "attractive" through sheer IGNORANCE. The media suppress the truth about message of Koran. None dares to ask, "Why a Kafir must be killed, degraded or killed."  They don't even define a Kafir, the word that occurs so often in Koran. It must be FEAR of such a fate as a "Kafir" that must drive so many to the FOLD of Islam to escape this ABUSE and THREAT.

Who can throw these topics and ideas to free debate IN THE OPEN in today's world where MOHAMMEDAN assassins are lurking all over? It is "politically correct" to speak the LIE, "Islam is religion of peace" but politically incorrect to say, "Islam is inspiration to KILL, KILL, KILL-even the innocent, as in WTC Towers in New York six years ago." 

OR, "Inspired by separatist belligerent Islam, the Muslims can become HOME GROWN TERRORISTS and attack their own fellow citizens and even cut and chop own land of birth." Before the Tsunami of ISLAM nothing is sacrosanct, neither church, nor temple nor even LIFE.

Civilisation has always moved from the state of being pleasure seeking to being strictly controlled and regulated puritan life, and vice versa. Even the much praised Muslim martyr, who has managed to get into paradise after blowing up an entire London bus, now surrounded by virgins and being fed grapes and red wine as reward, must secretly yearn for good old simple life on earth with one woman and just two or three children produced by her. 

The degenerated western soul (not all are corrupt yet) is now subconsciously looking for some higher corrective force to control and harness its excessive selfishness, greed and lust getting out of control, ruining individuals and families. 

Where is Church? Why is it not standing up in order to PREVENT everything being painted in poisonous green?

The armed forces will defend our TERRITORY. Who is defending Western SOULS?