Date: 25 Sep 2007


Troubles in Bhaarat due to not paying attention to Chanakya Niti - 2

Bharat has forgotten Chanakya Niti about how to treat foreigners at higher positions. See the disaster Sonia (Maino) is creating in Bhaarat.

Sonia rose to be president of the Congress Party by overthrowing Sitaram Kesari using Congress goons. Opponents such as Sharad Pawar were expelled from the party. Sonia (Maino) Gandhi has lied several times.  Once she said that she was a graduate from Cambridge.  In fact she has only high school education. 

Sonia (Maino) Gandhi was from a poor Italian family when she came to India.  From that time, she has amassed billions of dollars through scandals and scams.   Her family has looted the very country that harbored them and gave the best the country could give in the highest places.

Sonia's credentials are doubtful.  She became a citizen of India only after 16 years of her marriage because she had no intention of becoming an Indian citizen. In 1971, at the time of War with Pakistan, she went on vacation with Rajiv Gandhi to Italy.  When Indira Gandhi was defeated after emergency, she ran and took shelter in Italian Embassy. 

Whereas Sonia Gandhi has indulged in so many scams, for example, food for oil scam in Iraq, Bofors Ghotala, Maruti episode, Jawahar/Indira/Rajiv trusts.  It is said that she prevented CBI from arresting Quattrocchi, her family friend.  She let him run away with millions of dollars from a bank in UK.  She recently allowed him to escape from Argentina.  

Sonia Gandhi with the help of nominal Prime Minister of India is enacting pro-terrorist policies for vote banks. Because of which 3670 mostly Hindus were dead in the last three years.  So far no arrest has been made in Mumbai bomb blast in which about 200 Hindus were killed.  When 44 Hindus were killed recently in Hyderabad, Sonia Gandhi did not go to visit them.  Her sympathy is reserved only for those she is interested. 

What Sonia says and what she does are entirely different.  The Sonia who says she would give up power is intensely after power.   She is hobnobbing with the supporters of killers of her husband.  Supporters of LTTE in Tamil Nadu are partners in UPA government.  

Sonia has completely removed Satya Meva Jayate from government stationery. According to Dr. Subramanian Swamy she wants to impose Rome Raj in India instead of Ram Rajya 

At Sonia's insistence, Shankaracharya Swamy Jayendra Saraswati was put in jail and treated like an ordinary criminal, while no evidence could be found even after 3 years. 

But Sonia has created a fear in the minds of her colleagues.  After the death of Madhavrao Scindhia, Rajesh Pilot, Jitendra Prasad and others, everybody is afraid of her. 

Sonia is working for the destruction of Ram Sethu between India and Sri Lanka and declared Rama is a mythological character

Media in India has been completely frightened into submission.  Nobody dares to write anything against her.  He/She will be hauled up immediately via direct threats, tax raids or carrot/stick approach.

Sonia actions reveal political, spiritual and physical violence perpetrated by her.  Her family is responsible for killing of 3000 Sikhs in Delhi.  One of the instigators Jagadish Tytler was offered ministry in her Singh's cabinet. 


Sonia Gandhi is in a hurry – hurry to   install her siblings on throne reigning over more than one billions Indians."

Modi demands action against Sonia, PM Man Mohan Singh

 What can she know - and what can she feel about us, about our Hindustan and about our Raam - which she, probably, would be pronouncing as Ram instead of Raam!

Where are lions, the sons of Dushyant Bharat and where is gandhigir to fight Dengu. Should there be Ramraj or Romeraj as in the past Britishraj? `Simon Go Back' was right than how can Italians go back can be communal undemocratic and illegal? We want clarification from the trustees of Nehru Gandhi dynasty.


Hereunder is an article forwarded by Dr. Bhargava, which should of interest to Hindus. It is from a newspaper, probably, Times of India.

If you read the Ramayana and Mahabharat as history, you will find lots of mythology. If you read them as mythology, you will find lots of history- A L Basham 
Once upon a time...Easily the best opening line ever, one that hooks the audience and has them asking for more. Try telling any child -- and that includes the inner child within all of us -- facts and dates, and they will quickly lose interest. But narrate a mythological tale, and they're all ears. Parents know that. So do advertisers. After all, as Deepak Chopra once wrote in The Times of India, "A brand is an encapsulated mythology. A person will buy a product not because she is consuming the product but because she is consuming its mythology." 
Which is why the whole debate about whether or not Lord Ram existed as a historical figure is redundant? Even if he was not a historical figure, it does not in any way diminish his value. As a mythological figure, he dominates the consciousness far more than anyone out of a history book. The true beauty of India's great epics lies in the fact that they are as relevant today as they were millennia ago. To millions of Indians, Ram and the other heroes of the epics are living entities; eternal role models who exist outside of time and space. To try and confine them within the boundaries of geography and chronology -- as attempts to prove their historicity must necessarily do -- is to do them a huge disservice. 

In any case, the obsession with historical accuracy is a Western, rather than an Indian construct. Historians have cited the traditional Indian habit of creating myths and fables rather than 'accurate' historical documents to lament that India has no sense of history. Absolutely true. But rather than getting defensive about this 'criticism', we should be proud of our historical view of civilization. Because our forefathers intuitively knew that mythology provides a far more authentic understanding of a civilisation than history does. Indeed, as Indians, we believe in creating myths, and obliterating history. History, after all, is often simply a victor's viewpoint of how things were, whereas mythology tells us how people truly longed for them to be. 
Wakeup lions, heirs of Dushyant Bharat 
Rama Setu: an archaeologist speaks

RamarSethu and ASI 


I had the opportunity to be an Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey of India since 1970, and recently retired and would like to bring out the following facts about Ramar Sethu Issue. To my knowledge no archaeological expedition of any type either on Shore or off shore was conducted to document the facts about the Ramar Sethu Bridge. Neither there is any official publication on the type of Remains there. 

I was shocked to see the Affidavit filed by ASI in the Apex Court. It was based on secondary resources from some other Agency. None of Archaeologists, especially my old colleagues could have gone to that level to file a casual Affidavit in the highest court of the country. To my solace, now it is learnt that the officials involved both are not Archaeologists but Administrative Officers. One is an Assistant Director and another is Director Administration. The latter is from Indian Revenue Service and entered the Survey on Deputation few months back and bypassed the Senior Archaeologists of ASI and misinformed the Apex Court. The decline of the standard of ASI is not a sudden one, but for the past two decades Archaeologist is not allowed to head it. Due to some flaw in the Central Recruitment Rules amended during 1980s, no Archaeologist is made eligible to be the Director General and IAS personnel lead it one by one with out even basic knowledge on History or Archaeology. 


They represent the Nation in many International Bodies like UNESCO on Archaeological matters and misrepresent the facts many times. This time due to sensitivity of the Subject they were trapped in the Apex Court. No Governement including BJP ever attempted to post a technical DGA. We hope at least now the Government will wake up to restore the lost glory of the Survey. 



Superintending Archaeologist (Rtd), ASI, 

26/43, Janakiraman Street, West Mambalam 



Though as per Arnold Toynbee, "Civilizations die from suicide, not murder", a unilateral war is being waged by anti-Hindu forces to wipe out Hinduism and Hindu heritage from earth the way other native cultures and religions have been erased all over the globe. The proposed demolition of Ram Setu by the Congress-led UPA government is a similar assault on symbols of Hindu religion and Hindu heritage. 

Apart from being the ancient-most sacred symbol of Hindu faith and heritage, Ram Setu symbolises Bharat. And to save Ram Setu is to save Bharat.

And to save Ram Setu is to save Setusamudaram "territorial waters" from becoming "international waters" which will endanger Bharat's security. To save Ram Setu is to save vast thorium deposits which can meet Bharat's long term energy needs. Saving it also saves vast areas of Bharat from future tsunamis. 

Why this undue haste?

The undue haste with which the government is proceeding with Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP) shows that it is bent upon demolishing this holy monument.  


By Dr. N.S. Rajaram, <>

             In its now withdrawn affidavit, the Government has claimed that Rama Sethu is a naturally formed coral reef and not a man-made structure. Further, it was also claimed that Rama was not a historical figure though it is unclear what Rama’s historicity has to do with the proposed project of cutting a channel through the Rama Sethu. The latter is both uninformed and gratuitous and smacks of an ulterior political motive. 

            The experts who helped the Government in preparing the affidavit have been hasty in both their conclusions— of Rama Sethu being entirely natural and Rama’s historicity. A coral reef can grow around a long submerged man-made structure just as an anthill or even a mound can form over an old abandoned structure due to the action of elements. Sea levels thousands of years ago were much lower than they are today. What is now a submerged in the shallow waters of the Palk Strait could have been above water or only partially under water in ancient times?

            As a result, very detailed marine archaeological work has to be done to determine whether or not Rama Sethu has any man-made structures. Neither the Archaeological Survey of India nor any other organization has done any such work. All we have are satellite photos and some geophysical studies. These are inconclusive and subject to varying interpretations.

             It is a similar story with Rama’s historicity: without thorough research one cannot say that no such person existed simply because there are no physical remains like bones. By applying the same logic we should be able to say that Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed also never existed. When working on my book on the Historical Krishna, I found that archaeology is of limited use in dealing with such ancient figures. I found it necessary to correlate data from a wide range of sources including literature, ancient ecology, archaeo-astronomy and others.  

Fortunately I was able to build on a century of previous research going back to Bankima Chandra Chatterji and his Sri Krishna Charitra. No comparable research is available on the Historical Rama. This being the situation, we should refrain from hasty statements like what we have been seeing in the past few days. We must in all humility acknowledge that a great deal of work needs to be done before we can even begin to answer these questions. 

Above all we should never forget— absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

             Dr. N.S. Rajaram <> is the author of the book Search for the Historical Krishna.


September 20, 2007

DMK launches jihad

Destruction of Ram Setu constitutes the bedrock of the DMK’s anti-Hindu agenda. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunandhi has cited the discredited Aryan-Dravidian theory in support of his claim that Ramayan, which symbolises the invasion of Dravidian south by the Aryans of the north, is a myth. This is an assault on the values dear to Hindus.

    In addition, fathered by Christian missionaries beginning with Bishop Caldwell, the Dravidian parties harbour a visceral hatred of what they call Brahminical Hinduism. This has evolved into the overtly racist Aryan-Dravidian myth being spouted by Mr Karunanidhi. Ram Setu is to Mr Karunanidhi — and his followers like Mr TR Baalu — what the original Ram temple at Ayodhya was to Mughal emperor Babur. What we are witnessing is DMK’s — especially Mr Karunanidhi’s — jihad. 

Lord Ram designatges and denotes, the victory of Good over Evil. Lord Ram and his Vanar Army, built the bridge to Lanka, to rescue Sita, from the clutches of that creepy and evil Ravan. Regardless of what Karunanidhi and others of his ilk (they are a bunch of jerks ) say, millions of Hindus believe the sanctity of Ram Sethu. They feel small and humiliated at the shameful plan of destroying this Hindu Sanctum Santorum.
It is a Red-Flag, and basically a continuation of the old game of humiliating and bashing the Hindu, which has been going on for 1200 years. Throughout these  centuries, Hindus have been badgered and bullied, labeled as Kafirs ( Non-Moslem  Infidels ), and as Pagans/Heathens ( Non-Christian Infidels ), and accused of  worshipping the idols, stones, trees, monkeys, and snakes. Hindus have been identified as headed for Hell. Because of this Sullas/Kharistas believe that Hindus deserve to be murdered, or humiliated enough to discredit their Hinduism, to compell them to convert to Islam /Christianity.
     It is indescribably debasing and degrading to, see the Hindus brought down so low. Hundreds of millions of Hindus have been knifed by the sword of Islam, 64,000 plus Hindu shrines have been demolished by the faithfuls of Islam.
 How long are the Hindus supposed to t ake this kind of Sh** ? How much longer is the anger of the Hindu, supposed to accumulate before the Hindu patience runs out.
 Destruction of Ram Sethu is a terrible encroachment on the sanctum santorum of the Hindu. It is totally unacceptable and intolerable.
Denying Ram is denying Bhaarat - India
    People should urge every one that basing major religion of Bhaarat is not real secularism. It is the same religion which nurture the welfare of minorities. Compare the change in demographies in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, where the more than half of minorities are wiped out. Hence religion matters. But don't take leverage of liberal majority. 

It is need of the hour that study of Chanakya Niti be made compulsory all over Bharat that how foreigners be treated for  higher positions in the country.

The backlash over the Ram Setu affidavit may yet teach modern India’s foreign-born and native-secular rulers that would no go unpunished in one form or the other eventually.

Interestingly, the first tsunami of 2004 came soon after the arrest of the Kanchi Shankaracharya on specious grounds of conspiracy to murder. The second warning, when the Ocean literally growled and tremours measured 8.0 on the Richter scale, came within hours of the Centre declaring there was no historic evidence of Shri Ram and the Setu was a mere sandbank. 

The attempt of destrpying Hindu religion by a foreign born Christian lady Sonia – Maino  must unite the Hindus all over the world for destroying Nehru – Gandhi apery and the congress party as well.