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date: 27 sep 2007


comment on the letter at bottom:

your heart moving e-mail has reached us safely. thanks to the miracle of internet.

you are a very brave man to write about those days so openly. most hindus and even sikhs have just shut their eyes (like pigions before a cat) to that horrendous defeat of india (and massacres) at the hands of our own home grown terrorists in 1947.

you can see the website: 

it was opened specifically for patriots and sons and daughters of bharat like you, to tell the world about our terrible experiences at the time. thank you for your courage to write to us.

now we are going to share your experiences at the hands of our fellow muslims with the whole world. there is nothing to hide. we only hide the crimes of barbarian mohammedans.

your letter is now posted on this web site under the title letter from bahawalpur.

kindly see and also encourage others who went through similar fate in 1947 to write to us at this address. we shall not publish your name.

thank you.


sep 27, 2007.


the letter:

dear pageowner, firstly accept my congrats for calling a spade a spade. i was born in bahawalpur state (now pakistan) and migrated to india leaving behind everything. 

my grandfather was murdered alongwith my two uncles. we lost everything there .

though my grandfather was the wealthiest man in the town, we had to depend on others for everything after was only 1960 when i had to take a job to feed the family after completing my education to see the light of the day.

you have very rightly said that the congress party of india is solely responsible for the partition as most of the persons at higher ranks in the party were after power and money. 

kindly do write more to highlight the sorrow of we people who had suffered a lot and till date we are not able to restore our financial  and social status  being a true law abiding and god fearing family.



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