Date: 27 Sep 2007


I received an invitation from one organization named, India Development Service (IDS) to attend a conference at the Loyola University of Chicago on 6th of October that will discuss, "Sustainable Development & Gandhian Thought."
It seems that it became a pastime of the affluent NRIs to invite people from India and talk about Religion and India development.  It is there time and money and I cannot say anything about that. But about Gandhi? When will the Indians ever get a grain of sense and discard Gandhiji? That old man is gone and I should not speak ill of the dead. But to worship him as a great leader and even as a demigod is irrational and stupidity.
Gandhiji was brought up in Hindu religious environment and believed in the universalism of religions. He could never have any knowledge about the history of the REAL world;  in fact he was totally IGNORANT. And if such a fanatic person is given the power to decide the fate of a populous country like India, DISASTER was bound to happen. The ignorant man did not understand that the Muslims never lived under secular  or majority non-Muslim rule and they must have Sharit rule. He should have agreed with Mr. Jinnah to create Pakistan, a country for the Indian Muslims with exchange of population. So the Muslims living in Indian territory had to move to Pakistan which  was the condition for getting Pakistan. Because of Gandhiji and his idiotic followers disaster did happen, four millions died in riots, non-Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh were eliminated and the truncated India became "SECULAR."   And that secular India had to bend over to please the Indian Muslims, who voted to get Pakistan and killed the Hindus and Sikhs, but stayed on in India and became secular overnight. The followers (chellas) of Gandhiji are even spending Crores and Crores to send the Muslims for Hajj today when 140 millions  of the Indians are living on the streets.
Our Gandhiji did not have the brain to know that with his "Iswar-Allah" he could not last even a day in any Muslim country. He was so much sick mentally that he said, "If they kill all of us, we should embrace death with a smile." And this ignorant fanatic wanted to bring back the Ramrajya and brought in Charka and Khadi. May be the people of Ramrajya were happy but the world had changed and the people were fighting for survival. Being kicked by American Admiral Perry in 1853, the INTELLIGENT Japanese realized that the days of Samurai Shogan were over and they went to Europe, learned science and technology and in 30 years became so strong militarily that they knocked the Russian navy out of water and took up Manchuria.  Being intelligent and not backward looking idiotic like the Indians, they became a world military power. But after the defeat in WW II, they, being intelligent left the Cold War fight to the USA and became an industrial giant. And our GREAT Gandhiji made his brainless followerws, the FREEDOM fighters to go on turning the Charka. The BRAINLESS Hindu Freedom fighters suffered and died for nothing and the benefit went to the Muslims!! Believing in Gandhiji's Gram Panchayet, his blind followers in Free India introduced Village Panchayet in the villages today, which became corrupt organizations of the powerful crooks. The NRIs supposed to have learned something (besides their professional skill) from the West and the USA, but they did not. Following the "Gandhian Thought" his followers should be ready to die at the hands of the Muslims "With A Smile."
Marxist countries threw out everything of Stalin, but the CP(M) still say "Mahatma Stalin."
Cannot the Indians leave that Gandhiji behind where he belongs and go on with the time?
Dr. Anil K. Sarkar
September 27, 2007

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