Date: 29 Sep 2007


There is no harm in fully understanding the anti Indian and anti Hindu designs of Centre that is now controlled and directed by the Pope through Sonia Gandhi from Italy.

Therefore, it is no harm for our thinkers to stretch their imagination beyond horizon and then ask, "How far can our State live in decomposing (PARTITIONED) India (BROKEN BHARAT) that could neither stop break up at Partition nor expel the Muslims afterwards?"

Furthermore, one should also ask, "What kind of democracy is it where the only genius to rule is some "Gandhi" and all others are considered rubbish?"

Sooner or later States like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala will begin to THINK, "Each one of us is no less in area and population than France, Portugal and Germany, then why the Heck is our political status so diminished, subservient and "dhimmi"? 

Why can't we have a MAN AT UNO if tiny Austria and even tinier Estonia can boast of their own MAN AT UNO?"

Just thinking is neither a crime nor an offence.

Prolonged rule by ONE alien dynasty of anti national lethal Ideology will reduce the nation of Hindus to pulp. THEY HAVE ALREADY BROKEN THE BACKBONE OF HINDU NATION. Having conceded LAHORE to Islam all courage to put Delhi under HINDU flag failed. 

Soon it will be too late even to think.