Date: 02 Oct 2007


The name of Cannaught Place in New Delhi was changed to Rajiv Chowk. I dont know how the plaza of C.P. became chowk and what Rajiv had to do with this market? This is sheer nonsense.

Another example: On Rajiv Gandhi's birthday Indira Gandhi memorial football match was inaugurated by priyanka gandhi at jawaharlal nedhru Stadium in delhi.

Subjugated and enslaved Indians have all forgotten the real heroes as we are still paying our homage to Nehru Dynasty. 

Look around everywhere and you will find Nehru/Gandhi names
on Universities, Airports, Buildings, parks, tournaments, canals and swimming pools.

We have forgotten the real heros like Prime Minsiter
shastri who stood for the nation in 1965 war against Paksitan while Gandhi whoes birthday we celebrate created Pakistan.