Date: 24 Oct 2007


Holocaust of Jews and that of the Hindus was IDENTICAL.

Since the PEOPLE of Germany were not prepared to wipe out the Jews, the STATE did that. It took the State nearly THREE years to accomplish their grisly task.

In Pakistan since the State was not prepared to do so, her PEOPLE (Muslim population) did that with utmost ease and speed. It took them only a few months to do the beastly work of massacring over TWO MILLION Hindus.

In the case of Pakistan the new rulers did not have to issue orders to exterminate the Hindus SINCE THE MUSLIM POPULATION INSTANTLY BECAME "WOLVES FOR THE HINDU SHEEP" OVERNIGHT. They had the "Exhortation and Sanction of God" as per KORAN.

Extermination of Jews was on political and ideological grounds. Hence the world took note, and hunted down the Nazi killers. The extermination of Hindus was on RELIGIOUS grounds. The whole world, including the UNO, have GONE ALONG WITH IT. There is no condemnation, no resolution, no criminal in dock. There is tacit approval. There is silence.

This way the Government of Pakistan (unlike Government of Hitler) escaped international condemnation.