Date: 25 Oct 2007


Gandhi: Responsible for making Hindus inert!

1.      Gandhi, Nehru and their Congress - responsible for making Hindus inert! 

2.      Gandhi's notion of 'Secularism' made the Hindu society impotent! 

3.      In the name of Ahimsa, Gandhi has made the nation impotent! 

4.      Gandhi who says, 'fall at the feet of one who rapes your sister and if he stabs you, then die! 

5.      A non-violent father of the Nation (?), who pushed Hindus into the jaws of death 

1. Gandhi, Nehru and their Congress - responsible for making Hindus inert!

Our own people and outsiders all call Hindus inert. Who made them inert? Gandhi, Nehru and Congress are guilty of this. Their suicidal policies created Pakistan.
- Gurudev, Dr. Kaate Swami ji (Ghangarjit, August 2005) 

2. Gandhi's notion of 'Secularism' made the Hindu society impotent!

Secularism is the creation of Mahatma (?) Gandhi. This made the Hindu society devoid of Purushartha. Secularism amounts to respecting all religions equally; this is not at all a tradition of our Sanatan Hindu Sanskriti. Hindu secularism does not amount to respecting all religions, it amounts to shamelessness.

Gandhi used to think in English and write in English. The original phrase, 'Sarva Dharma Sambhav' is from English. Therefore, here, the term Dharma is translated as Religion. What does Gandhi want to say? Give equal respect to Christianity, Islam and Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Now some people think that all religions are at par and they are about the Truth. This is what Gandhi used to say. During each discourse Gandhi and Vinoba used to read 'Ayats' from the Quran. Later, sects like Bahai's and Ramakrishna Mission (in their garb of non-Hindus) also started saying, 'All Prophets, their messages, their Truths are one and the same.' 

However, the fact is that statements propounded by the prophets may not be the Truth. This is a bitter pill to swallow. At the least, statements of any two prophets contradict each other; they oppose each other or can be extremely illogical. For example, in Srimad Bhagvadgita Sri Krishna says, 'I am God, take refuge in Me.' This clashes with what Prophet Mohammed says. He says, 'Allah does not acknowledge any other God and Allah want the destruction of all idols and the worshippers of these idols.' These statements are like water to fire. This is like a friendship between the knife and the vegetable! Then why speak non-sense like "Ishwar-Allah are your names?" 
- Gurudev, Dr. Kaate Swami ji (Ghangarjit, 2006) 

3. In the name of Ahimsa, Gandhi has made the nation impotent!

    In the year 1941, Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr. N. B. Khare met secretly in Kolkata. Here is an excerpt of their exchange.

Shri. Bose : Dr. Khare, can you tell me something? When will this Gandhi disappear from Indian politics? 
Dr. Khare : Surprising! Why do you ask this?
Shri. Bose: Gandhi has made this nation impotent. Till it is rescued from Gandhism, there is no hope for the nation. (Ref. 'Dambhasphot', translation of Dr. N. B. Khare's 'My political memoirs') 

4. Gandhi who says, 'fall at the feet of one who rapes your sister and if he stabs you, then die!

    Gandhi gave the following advice on what should be done if a bully attacks someone's sister. 'If someone attacks your sister and you have a weapon in your hand, do not attack him. This will be a sin. Fall at his feet. If he stabs you, you have to die. 

Your duty gets over with this. If that wicked man 'spoils' the unfortunate sister, it is all right. Do not counter attack, even if you have a weapon!' (Ref. ' Gandhi Gondhal', Author: Swa. Savarkar.) 

4.1 A Gandhi, who said, 'Even if Muslims decide to wipe out the Hindu race, there is no point in Hindus getting angry on Muslims!

'When we are going out of control, we should keep thinking calmly. Even if Muslims decide to wipe out the Hindu race, there is no point in Hindus getting angry on Muslims. Even if they slit our throats, we should be patient and accept death. Let them rule the world, we will pervade the world and merge with it. At least we should not be afraid of death. The Providence is made of life and death. Why feel unhappy about it? We will enter a new life if we face death with a smile. We will create a new Hindustan.' From Gandhi's speech on 6.4.1947. (Ref. 'Fashi ani Nathuram Godse', Author: Shri. Gopal Godse)

4.2 And he says, 'those killing us are our brothers!'

At the time of partition, Gandhi addressed Hindus at the end of one of his Prayer Meetings. 'After all, who are the killers? They are our Muslim Brethren, none other. Does a converting into another religion break the bond of brotherhood?' (Ref. ' Panchavan Kotinche Bali', Author: Shri. Gopal Godse)

4.3 Gandhi says, 'those killed by the Muslims attained heaven'

On 23.9.1947, during a prayer speech, Gandhi said, '(Even if Muslims) killed our relatives, our people, why should we be angry with anyone? Those who got killed met with a proper end. We should know that they attained heaven. Let this happen with Gods' wish with each one of us. God should grant us this kind of death. If you want to ask God for anything, let it be this.' 
(Ref. 'Panchavan Kotinche Bali', Author: Shri. Gopal Godse)

5. A non-violent father of the Nation (?), who pushed Hindus into the jaws of death

On 5.11.1947, Gandhi expressed a dream of non-violent war. Someone asked Gandhi, 'How should we resist attack on Kashmir by non-violence?' Gandhi replied, 'Do not provide army for their protection. The State should provide ample literature to them on non-violence. Whether such literature is available or not, those who are attacked should, in their enormous numbers, not counter attack a disciplined army, and not even resist their blows (meaning, bear the attacks repeatedly). The attacked should sacrifice their lives, without anger and malice. Do not use weapons. Don't even use fists to counter attack. Such non-violent resistance will become a dazzling example of velour, not witnessed in the history till date. Then the land of Kashmir will become pure. The fragrance of this purity will permeate not only Hindustan but the whole world. [('My Non-violence', Page 339.) Ref. ' Panchavan Kotinche Bali', Author: Shri. Gopal Godse]

6.'Aurangazeb and Shivaji will together establish a Hindi Nation!'
From 1920 onwards, Gandhi started promoting a view that 'that since Aurangazeb (Muslims) has lived here for so many years, allegations of enmity and distance leveled at him should cease and he should be considered one of us...

7. Sacrificed Hindus and eulogized Muslims!
The murderer of Swami Shradhanandji, was 'Bhai Abdul Rashid', for Gandhi !

Swami Shradhanand was re-inducting into Hinduism, those who had been forcibly converted into Islam. Abdul Rashid emphatically said, 'I murdered Shraddhanand to stop the downfall and decay of Islam. Gandhi referred to him as 'My brother' Abdul Rashid... 

8. Hatred for Hindu Rulers 
Ban on ShivBaavani, inspiring poem on Shivaji Maharaj

Shiv Baavani is a small inspiring poem written by poet Bhushan composed of 52 stanzas on Shivaji Maharaj. "Kashiji ki Kala Jaati | Mathura masheed hoti | Shivaji na hotey to Sunnat hoti Sabki |" are the words the poet has used and they correctly depict the fierce fundamentalism and intolerance preached within Islam. Gandhi imposed a ban on this poem to keep the sentiments of our "Muslim Brothers"... 

9. Vande Mataram & Gandhi 

Dishonoring the National Flag and National Song for Muslim appeasement

Barrister Jinna, the president of Muslim League demanded a ban on "Vande Mataram" in 1938. Gandhi who had been using Vande Mataram in all his letters and speeches himself abandoned Vande Mataram and forced the whole Nation to abandon Vande Mataram. The Indian National Congress committee in 1940 announced a decision that the words "Vande Mataram" and "Bhagva Tiranga" should not be used by congress members thereafter in any public speeches/ announcements 

10. Mulsim Love! 
Blank Cheque facility to Muslims

From 1919 onwards, Gandhi began giving several legally questionable and illogical promises to the Muslims to become their undisputed leader! Gandhi gave them the facility of Blank Cheques. Due to such facilities, all major Muslim leaders in Bharat became followers of Gandhi... 

11. Evaded the truth

Gandhi's contradictions regarding truth!

In a letter addressed to Gandhi on 18 March 1947 Nirmalkumar wrote, "In your case I have observed that when discussion related to your close associates commences, instead of giving priority to the truth you tend to be partial to them."... 

Gandhi Responsible for Partition

Ramgopal Gupta <>

In 1992, the silver jubilee year of the Quit India movement, I made a deep study of the so-called freedom struggle. My findings got the truest expression in the words of the famous author & philosopher late Shri Nirad C. Choudhuri, who said that the Partition of India was caused by "a combination of three factors -

 Hindu stupidity in the first instance and Hindu cowardice afterwards; British opportunism; and Muslim fanaticism", (The Continent of Circe). 

In my view, Gandhi was personification of that 'Hindu stupidity and cowardice' that had crept in the upper crest of Hindu society of the early 20th century who made Gandhi an icon and father of the nation, even while claiming that their civilization was (at least) 5,000 years old. So, it is not wise to call names to any particular person, eve Gandhi, or put the blame on any one person or party. If Gandhi or Jawaharlal was wrong, what were hundreds and thousands doing?

             Gandhi left this world in 1948. Jawaharlal too died in 1964. What have Hindus or their leaders been doing since then? It is correct that the Hindu parents at the time of 1947 and thereafter have been the worst lot. They all believed that they had got freedom and now was the time of reaping the fruits of freedom. They failed to educate their children in the field of religion and nationalism. They devoted all their resources in making them money making machines. I wish the present generation, old and young, realise this reality and try to make up the deficiency of their parents. It is futile to depend on the 'secular' governments of India. Hindus have to make their own arrangements.