Date: 27 Nov 2007


Supporters Speak Out

When a Muslim Activist Misrepresented Brigitte Gabriel’s Message, Supporters Responded

On November 4th, Brigitte Gabriel delivered a well-received message on the threat of Islamofascism to several thousand people in Wichita, Kansas.

One person in attendance who did not appreciate Brigitte’s message was a local Muslim activist and leader of a Muslim organization.

He penned a letter to the editor of the Wichita Eagle critical of Brigitte’s message and tone. The letter was typical of the kind of disinformation Muslim activists and organizations spread in their efforts to silence, intimidate or demonize credible spokespersons like Brigitte.

They cannot refute the fact that there have been over 9,000 terrorist incidents worldwide in the name of Islam since 9/11. They cannot refute the fact that the Quran and the Hadith repeatedly call for Muslims to kill, subjugate or forcibly convert “infidels.” They cannot refute the fact that Islamism is a political ideology with a 14 century history of violence, terror and conquest that continues to this day.

So they practice the age-old propaganda technique called “shoot the messenger.” Only in this case, the Muslim activist did not get the last word. Following are two letters to the editor penned in response to the activist’s misrepresentation of what Brigitte said. This is the kind of local action that will become commonplace as ACT for America’s citizen action network grows.


Not hate speech,

but wise counsel

In response to "Speaker preaches anti-Muslim hate" (Nov. 17 Reader Views): We also attended the Nov. 4 presentation by Brigitte Gabriel but came away with a different opinion. The writer said Gabriel referred to all Muslims as radicals and extremists and that her words resonated with an audience "hungry for hate speech." Actually, she spoke about Islamic militants and stated that of the 1.2 billion Muslims, 15 to 25 percent are considered radical. She did say that the other 75 percent who fail to condemn the acts of the radicals are in fact backing them with their silence. When asked the best way to reach Muslims for Christ, she responded that we should love them, pray for them and be as kind as God to them. She advised that we do what the Bible teaches — love your enemy, and treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated. Does any of that sound hateful?

For the record, the greatest act of terrorism in America's history, Sept. 11, was committed not by Jews or Christians. All 19 of the hijackers were Muslims who wore American clothes, had American driver's licenses or other identification, and learned to fly airplanes at American flight training schools. They used our country's freedoms and tolerance against us.

So when Gabriel suggested that we look for questionable activities at mosques, college campuses and elsewhere, this was wise counsel.



A timely warning

I was present during the town hall meeting that hosted Brigitte Gabriel. The standing ovations in which I took part were a response by Americans to a politically incorrect version of the truth we can find in few places in our media and government. Her message was a breath of fresh air that was not stifled by those who tell us we're wrong to try to protect the Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded.

Gabriel, a U.S. citizen of Lebanese Christian descent, speaks Arabic and has witnessed the tactics of radical Islam in her homeland. She feels a responsibility to warn Americans of the dangers that face the United States. What is happening in Western Europe is coming to a neighborhood near you.

If it is Sharia law that American Muslims want, then it's up to the rest of us to stand up for our rule of law, the U.S. Constitution. This includes free speech, whether expressed in a political cartoon with religious connotations or by Brigitte Gabriel sharing her story.

Admittedly, all Muslims are not out to radically change our society. This doesn't change the fact that radical elements have infiltrated this country with harmful intentions. If moderate Muslims can't police those in their own religion, then we have no choice but to become vigilant in the protection of our way of life.




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