Date: 29 Nov 2007



Two news items of news compel one to reflect:

1.  British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been found guilty of inciting hatred after she let her Sudan school pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad.

The 54-year-old mother of two from Liverpool escaped a possible sentence of 40 lashes but was given 15 days in jail and ordered to be deported by the court in Khartoum.

Mrs Gibbons was arrested on Sunday after complaints to the Education Ministry that she had insulted the Prophet Muhammad, the most revered figure in Islam, by applying his name to a toy animal.

2.  A 19 year old girl in Saudi Arabia went to deliver a message to a man. He was in company of six other men. Seeing a female on her own they did what comes "naturally" to a Mohammed. They all held her down and raped her. She was like a lamb thrown in the midst of a pack of hungry wolves.

When the distraught girl complained to legal authority, she was arrested and sentenced to a term in jail.

Now what happens in Saudi Arabia is Islamic conduct in perfection since the very Constitution of the country is Koran which is LITERAL word of God as dictated to Mohammed.

By the way, Mohammed is the most common name given to Muslim boys all over the world. So when one acts stupidly like any normal child, his mother shouts, "You stupid Mohammed, be sensible." I never heard of any parent sentenced to jail or 100 lashes for uttering the words "stupid Mohammed".

Mohammed's personal conduct was so reprehensible and questionable that it had, and has, to be defended by force and intimidation. To cast doubt on him is to loosen the nuts of Islam. In particular his sexual life was obscene in terms of modern terms. He was downright paedophile. His youngest wife was 9 when he was 56. He had many wives and even more concubines. 

In battle his command was, "Kill them all and distribute their women among yourselves." It did offer extra motivation to his Muslim soldiers. That is why defeat by a Muslim army means degradation, rape and abduction of all females of the vanquished.

It is remarkable that no women were allowed to enter a mosque that was, and is, an all male affair. 

Mohammed did not trust his followers to concentrate on God but on females in congregation.

In Bangladesh a female was stoned to death. She had been seduced and sexually misused by the imam! The Imam escaped punishment. The Bangladeshis condemned and abused the female.

Mohammed also spared men. Who would fill his ranks to wage battles if he whipped them or put them behind bars? So no man was punished, only women could be confined indoors, denied food and love, and even beaten up. What awaited the warriors in heaven was VIRGINS to tickle the fancy of those in battle armour.

Mohammed regarded women so unreliable that according to him "witness of two females equals one man's." 

Also note, A woman accusing a man of raping her has to produce FOUR MEN witnesses to the act. Since that is impossible, the woman is doomed.

Have we ever seen a Muslim quit such a primitive company? Why not? Because the way they are brought up and indoctrinated makes them MORONS. 

They come to believe that God made a serious blunder to produce pigs. They believe that mankind is divided into two mutually warring and exclusive camps, Believers and Infidels. Not into Good and Bad, but into Believers and Infidels.

Muslims act in political dishonesty. Now here in the West many are heard to disapprove of the Government of Sudan for punishing Mrs. Gibbson, yet secretly admiring them. Not one has left Islam where an innocent non Muslim woman teacher can be whipped or jailed AS PER KORAN. 

She is not only a woman but a teacher. Teachers are respected in all but savage societies. Next to parents it is the teachers who play vital role in educating generations. In ancient India teachers were called "gurus", a title of extreme respect. Under dynastic rulers, as in India, and dictators as in ALL the Islamic republics including Sudan, teachers' plight and status are pathetic. They are poorly paid and easily whipped and lashed. (In India it is ONE political dynasty in power since 1947, Nehru/Gandhi. As a direct result they have perpetuated their rule over Indian masses.)

Dynasties may still come and go but how can an Islamic Republic vanish? Koran is PERPETUAL blight that no one can amend, cure or remove. Sharia Law based on Koran is so repressive that even to call a Teddy Bear "Mohammed" can result in public beheading in Arabia or Afghanistan under the Taliban.

With such mental brainwashing and conditioning, Muslim men and boys in non Muslim societies are in paradise. They can talk to ignorant unsuspecting naive non Muslim females and invite them to their parties, even to their homes and rooms. They are lucky that the long arm of Koran & Sharia cannot reach them here. Yet they all aspire to global Islam.

Conclusion for us, including all friends of Gillian Gibbson, is- according to Islamic practice, faith and belief in their own Islamic republics, a male is like a dart that will go straight for a girl or woman in sight or within reach. 

Please draw own conclusions on how to look at Muslims in your community or vicinity, and how to protect your girls from natural PREDATORS.