Date: 15 Dec 2007


Hederabad is a Jihadi ghetto, ruled by Mazlis JIhadis. And how many millions in Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai, Jaipur, and other hundreds cities? 
Hyderabad sees influx of illegal Bangladeshis
Radhika Iyer
Friday, December 14, 2007 (Hyderabad)
Ever since the twin bomb blasts in Hyderabad, fingers are being pointed at illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the city. 

NDTV's investigations have revealed that there could be nearly a lakh Bangladeshi's staying in the city, hidden from public eye.

It is because they can merge with the local population and also get themselves local identity for a price.

A 42-year-old man, who belongs to Akhirighas village of Bangladesh, is now living with his wife and seven children in Jiyaguda in Hyderabad's old city area. 

He agreed to talk to NDTV only if his identity was not revealed. He said that he crossed the border 22 years ago by paying Rs 70 to a tempo driver. 

He has been living here ever since, calling himself a Bengali from Kolkata. 

''My friend told me that Hyderabad is peaceful and had jobs to offer. I got a PAN card here for Rs 200 and I'd got a passport years ago by paying Rs 1,050,'' he said.

Fake identity

On reaching Hyderabad, anyone who claims to be a Bengali, fills up the application form available at the Bengali welfare association office. 

The police recognize those registered with the association as Bengalis.

An estimated 4 lakh Bengalis live in Hyderabad's old city area alone. Intelligence sources say, of them at least 80,000 could be Bangladeshis who call themselves Bengalis. 

They say, it is difficult to say how many Bangladeshis could be anti-social elements.

''The focus is right now on militant elements among the Bangladeshi's. In the process we have arrested 29 persons who some of them, I suspect, are involved in militant activities,'' said Balwinder Singh, Police Commissioner, Hyderabad.

Intelligence sources say the influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh to Hyderabad is increasing by over 10 per cent every year, mainly because there is a demand for cheap labour. 

But identifying them becomes difficult because the first thing a Bangladeshi does is, learns the local dialect of Bangla and Hindi.