Date: 20 Dec 2007



Had the Axis Powers won the war, India would have fallen to ITALY.
The Indian slaves would have served the Italian masters as TODAY the whole of India is at the feet of this "Daughter of Mussolini".

A visit to LOK SABHA, India's Parliament, will clearly show the members sitting there at her feet like the bunch of beggars looking up at her window where she will appear to throw goodies to them.

India's Parliament shows the offspring of SLAVES OF MUSLIM rulers, the COOLIES of British (Christian) rulers and the "NISHKAM SEWAKS" (SERFS) of Nehru Dynasty since 1947.

Here are these "dogs and donkeys" breathing under the foot of Dynasty who ignore the massacre of Hindus in Srinagar and of Sikhs in Lahore but are quick to point an accusing finger at Gujaratís Chief Minister, Modi, for the massacre of Muslims that took place AFTER the Partition of India, AFTER the occupation of North Kashmir and even AFTER the burning down of the railway compartment with Hindu pilgrims going home from Ayodhya.

For these pygmies (Members of Indian Parliament) the expulsion of Indians from Uganda is acceptable, the degradation of Indians in Fiji makes no impression and the suppression of Hindus in Malaysia calls for no reaction.

These "dogs and donkeys" living and breathing at the mercy of ITALIAN born Sonia Khan, cannot put the limelight on any NATIVE female, nor can they put the word PARTITION in their Constitution. The (damn) fools are embarrassed at America's counter attack against Al Qaida and ousting of the Taliban in Afghanistan and at the Jews setting up their Holocaust Museums everywhere. They had better forget the past and go through yet another massacre, as per Hindu philosophy.

What would we have seen in India had the Indians been AT PAR WITH THE ITALIANS in Patriotism and self esteem?

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru would have met the same fate as Mussolini for the TREASON of surrendering one third of India unconditionally to Islam in 1947.

All the Muslims would have been eradicated from the Rest of India just like the NAZIS in Europe.

Ex maid Sonia Maino from England would have come to India as domestic help and returned to Italy at the expiry of her visa.

But to her good luck the nation is the end product of centuries of SLAVERY under ISLAM, BRITAN and NEHRU DYNASTY.

Since the POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL climate in PARTITIONED India is going from bad to worse, any projection into the future will counsel the State of Gujarat to declare UDI and send a representative to United Nations. 

If East Bengal can have sovereignty, if east Timur can liberate itself from Indonesia and if KOSOVO the Muslim enclave in Serbia can defiantly demand independence, then why not Gujarat that is the size of France? 

The other States that ought to follow such a glorious example are Tamil Nadu whose Tamils are crushed in Sri Lanka with the connivance of Sonia and her anti Hindu clique in Parliament, Maharashtra (a state with such pompous name) and East Punjab which has been left with one and a half rivers instead of the original FIVE that gave the State its name.

Now to much besieged Modi in Gujarat: 

A patriot writes about Soniaís 
How can Sonia demean herself?  She brands Narendra Modi, a Maut ka Saudagar!  She forgets that she is in a dynasty of death and destruction.  Look at the record of the Congress and its instrumentality towards the partition of the motherland, the massacres of the Sikhs and the killings and uprooting of the Kashmir Pandits!
Congress champions the cause of the minorities, particularly the Muslims but turns a blind eye on the minority of the Hindus in various parts of the country.  The Hindus and Sikhs, who entered Jammu and Kashmir as uprooted refugees (thanks to the Congress and Nehru) in 1947, these poor souls have not been granted the citizenship of the State and as such are deprived of their rights and privileges till to date.  They even cannot Vote for the State Assembly elections (thanks to and with the courtesy of Nehru's article 370 there)
Persons like Sonia will always remain mired in regressive and unjust mindset.