Date: 20 Dec 2007


Wherever Muslim numbers increase, it is like gangrene in body. The limb must ultimately be amputated or severed from the main body.

Now please see where they have succeeded.

India by taking out ONE THIRD of territory to make Pakistan. See how Britain, the ruling power, helped the FUNDAMENTALIST Islamic FASCISM in 1947.

Now KOSOVO. And see how EU and USA are helping the Albanian MUSLIMS to cut off the province from Serbia. They are pushing Kosovo under the SAVAGE Sharia Law.

This will be the fate of any region in the UK or the USA that attains Muslim majority. All demographic trends in these countries show an alarming pattern. If projections are drawn into the near future, one will see the nightmare of women being buried alive and STONED TO DEATH, or asked to produce four MALE witnesses to being raped, and men walking in front of up to FOUR wives, amputation of limbs and assassination of INFIDELS and arson attacks on places of worship of NON Muslims.

Anyone wishing to see a role model of an Islamic state ought to recall Afghanistan under the TALIBAN that spawned AL QAIDA that launched direct attack on NEW YORK, not far from the Statue of Liberty, in the USA. 

The Americans saw the type of liberty they would get under Islamic Law. It is too late to ask the 15 million Hindus, slaughtered in Western India in 1947 alone.