Mohammed - "A True Saint"

Date: 20 Dec 2007


Mohammed - "A True Saint" 
A fter posting last week's article Mohammed's High Regard For Women, I realized that I did not do justice to the "Great" Mohammed and his personality. So, here,I will extrapolate my previous week's article and bring forth his glamorous life and views once again for you. 

Lets start with quotes from the "heavenly" Hadiths and the "ocean of knowledge", Koran. 

(Al-Hadis, Vol. 3, p. 137) Abu Sayeed al-Khodri reported that Mohammed was talking to a group of women when he said, "... I see the majority of you will go to Hell." The women asked why, to which Mohammed responded, "You often curse and are ungrateful to your companions." He then told them they had a basic defect in their nature, to which they responded, "How?" Mohammed answered, "Is not the attestation (knowledge and witness) of a women only worth half of a man's? And that is on account of her short intelligence." 

This quote really brings out Mohammed's "shining" views on women. He automatically condemns the majority of them to hell. According to him a woman's intellectual capacity is only half that of a man and that is why two women are required as witnesses as compared to one man. 

He was so scared of women's intelligence that he said, "a man should not walk between two women" (Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 586) as that would mean that the man was taking a risk of being on equal turf according to Mohammed. 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 692) Ibn Ma`sud reported from the Messenger of Allah who said, "A woman is like a private part (sex organ). When she goes out (walking) the devil casts a glance at her (in lust)." 

Well, this clearly gives us an insight into Mohammed's "pure" mind. To him women were nothing but walking vaginas to be used as objects for sexual fulfillment. No wonder he required women to be completely covered from head to toe. He had to have some way to control his lust! 

(Koran, 4:34) ...Guard in (the husband's)absence what Allah would have them guard... 

This verse is demanding that the women should guard their private parts for the sake of their husbands. Again, this tells us the low opinion that Mohammed held for women-- objects to be used for sexual fulfillment. Nowhere in the Koran or the Hadiths does it say that a man should guard his private parts or abstain from sex in the absence of their wives. A man can even engage in sexual intercourse with young boys/men without much rebuke from Allah. This is supported by the verses stated below: 

(Koran 4:15) If two men among you commit indecency (sodomy) punish them both. If they repent and mend their ways, let them be. Allah is forgiving and merciful. 

(Koran 4:16) If any one of your women is guilty of lewdness ...confine them until death claims them. 

As you can see, for women any sort of sexual exploration is punishable by death. Whereas for a man, any form of perversion is pardoned by the all merciful Allah. Such fairness can only be found in the "holiest of the holiest books", the Koran. 

(Koran 4:34) ...As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds and BEAT THEM... 

Mohammed was an old perverted nutcase. He was so insecure about himself that he thought that showing physical prowess over women would serve as a reminder to him of his manliness. Thus, he encouraged wife beating! In Islam equality between a man and a woman is a far cry. A man needs only to be suspicious to justify the bestial act of beating his wife. 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 215) Omar reported from the Holy Prophet who said, "No man shall be questioned for beating his wife." 

In the very next Hadith a woman complained to Mohammed that her husband beat her while she prayed. Mohammed told her to change her time of prayer or pray shorter prayers so that her husband could get on with the joy of beating her. (Reported by Abu Sayeed al-Kodri, Attest by Abu Daud) 

Could Mohammed degrade women any further? If you are asking yourself this question then surprisingly you have not yet grasped the true nature of this "great Prophet" . He allowed the utterly inhuman practice of circumcision for females. In this type of circumcision a girl's clitoris is carved away, so that she may never experience climax during sexual intercourse and her vulva is sewn shut until it is cut open at the time of marriage! Such "great" practices can only be sactioned by Islam-- the religion for all women to embrace!

(Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 738) Abul Malih reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "Circumcision is Sunnat (required by Islamic law) for males and optional for females." 

OK, enough of looking at the negative side of Islam. Now lets look at the positive side of this religion. Mohammed said that a man before marrying a woman has to pay her a dowry. Surely, as the many devout muslims would say, you can't criticize that. Ah, but they are mistaken, then again, that's not anything new. Read the quote below from Al Hadis.

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 657) Oqbah-b- A`mer reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "The most equitable of the conditions of marriage is that you should fulfil that (dowry) with which you have made private parts lawful." 

So, according to Mohammed and his Allah a man has to pay the woman before he can use her private parts. Which means that the man is supposed to treat his wife as a prostitute by paying her before he gets a legal permit for having sex. This implies that the foundation for marriage in Islam is to provide a man with legal sexual gratification and nothing else matters. 

Now, hold on! Doesn't Islam say that prostitution is not allowed? Of course, it does! It's right there in Sahih Muslim Hadith: 

(Sahih Muslim Hadith Chapter 619) Selling a cat, selling a dog (unless it is a working dog), and earning of prostitutes(unless they are non-muslims),... are all forbidden. 

Here we have a contradiction! But, again, that is nothing new for the Koran. It is full of contradictions. But I digress, a separate article will be devoted to this in the coming weeks. 

Back to the dowry issue. Mohammed was not a man who would have people speculate on what he has said. He had to specify what he meant by dowry and specify he did in Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 659 (57). He said that, "a handful of barley or dates is enough." 

Not only are the wives supposed to be treated as prostitutes, but as prostitutes who only deserve "a handful of barley or dates". 

Another quote from the Hadith gives total control of women's lives to men. 

(Al Hadis, Vol 2, p. 651) Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "No woman shall give a woman in marriage, nor shall a woman give herself in marriage. Verily, the fornicatress is she that marries by herself." 

Here Mohammed takes away the right of a woman to choose her husband. She has no right to decide how to live her life. This basic right is snatched away from her and given to a man. Furthermore, this implies that a widow has no final authority over her daughter in Islam. 

As if men didn't already have the legal freedom to control and degrade women's lives that they were granted further control to degrade women. 

During a Jihad expedition (holy war) Mohammed's men came to him very frustrated. As seen in the quote below: 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 686) Ibn Masud reported, "We were fighting with the Messenger of Allah, and our wives were not with us. We asked the Messenger of Allah, 'Should we castrate ourselves?' The Holy Prophet forbade us from that, and then he allowed us Muta (temporary) marriage. So, we all married wives for a fixed time (usually three days) for the dowry of a piece of cloth."

Here Mohammed clearly tells the muslims to forget about the prostitutes they had purchased for a handful of dates back home and to have fun with these new victims who come even cheaper. They can be bought and violated for only a piece of cloth. Allah is truly merciful! Praise be to Allah! 

In other civilized countries this is called rape--plain and simple. The mullahs happily approve this dastardly deed by quoting from the Koran. (Koran, 5:87): "...Make not unlawful the good things Allah hath made lawful for you." Thus this heinous crime is still committed by muslims as attested by the Indo-Pak war, Arab-Israeli war, Iraq- Iran war, Iraq-Kuwait war, etc. 

Sometimes Mohammed's lust was so great that he conveniently forgot all the Koranic verses invented by him and did not have time to come up with an ammendment. One instance of this is noted when he married Safiya, a Jewish girl, after killing her father and her betrothed husband. He did not want to go through the long laborious procedure of finding a sponsor, paying the dowry, sending out invitations, or preparing a wedding feast. In fact, Mohammed skipped over the usual law of waiting until her next monthly was passed. He consummated his "marriage" to her on a sand dune with the blood and gore of Jihad still covering him, even Safiya's father's blood, no doubt. This is another case of rape, but for Mohammed it was just a beautiful marriage sanctioned by the All Perverted Allah! 

It is sickening to read the Koran and the Hadiths and the low and inhuman opinion that this so called despicable Mohammed has on women. 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2. p. 638) Abdur Rahman- b-Salem reported that the Apostle of Allah said, "You should marry virgins, and verily they are sweeter in tongue, more prolific in wombs, and easily satisfied with little." 

I don't think I need to explain the quote above. It is quite clear. The list of legalized inhuman acts continues on. For example, a man has a right to divorce his wife by uttering the word, "Talaq" only three times, whereas a woman has no such right, a man can have upto four wives. No such "privilege" exists for a woman in Islam. A man may practise sodomy and in fact, it is even encouraged as it is legal in the muslim Paradise. But any sort of lewdness for women is punishable by death. 

Some would now think that there is absolutely no hope for women in Islam. How dare you let such a thought enter your filthy mind! May you be roasted in hellfire for thinking this way. Actually, the "all merciful" Allah did tell Mohammed that a woman can enter paradise! How, you may ask? Well, it's quite simple. All she has to do is please her husband--answer to his mating call wherever or whenever he wants and Bingo!, she's got a free one-way ticket to paradise! See how easy it is. She doesn't have to be intelligent, she doesn't have to have a good personality and she need not perform any good deeds. All she has to do is obey and please her husband. That's it! She gets to go to paradise and watch her husband make out with the 72 Houris and 28 young boys-- every woman's dream come true. Is it any wonder that Mohammed's wives fought over him every night? Again, I have listed the quotes below which support my point. 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p. 211 (60)) Omme Salmah reported that the messenger of Allah said, "Any female (wife or concubine) who dies while her husband was pleased with her will enter Paradise." 

This is clarified in the very next Hadith. 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 1, p.211 (61)) Tal qe-b-Ali reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "When a man calls his wife to satisfy his desire, let her come to him though she is occupied at the oven." 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 4, p. 172, No. 34) Ali reported that the Apostle of Allah said, "There is in Paradise a market wherein there will be no buying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires a beauty, he will have intercourse with them." 

Notice that all the privileges are granted to men and even though women may enter paradise they do not get 72 male sex bombs and 28 young girls. Shouldn't it be the same for them as well? 

One can imagine how Muslims must treat women of other faiths if they treat Muslim women in such a degrading manner. One should not accept much from a religion which dictates how one should piss, fart, and shit! 

(Al Hadis, Vol. 2, p. 682-683, No. 106) Ayesha reported that the Prophet of Allah enquired as he was dying, "Where shall I pass tomorrow, where shall I pass tomorrow?" He was hoping it would be me (Ayesha), so his other wives gave him permission to use their turns so he could be with me (Ayesha) until he died. 

Picture this, here is a "saintly" old man dying in the arms of his seventeen year old child bride and still fantasizing about which one of his wives to have sex with the next day. How truly divine the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was!! 

Haridev S V

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