Three Decrees of Islam

Date: 20 Dec 2007


                                 Three Decrees of Islam 
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By Dr. R. Brahmachari

Introduction : 

After the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Centre and the sequence of events that followed like war in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks on the Parliament complex in Delhi and on the American Centre in Kolkata and burning about 60 people alive at Godhra, people of this country, especially the Hindus, have become a bit curious about the religion of Islam. They are trying to know more about the faith. But one is irked to observe that a group of motivated people, mostly the so called secular intellectuals, have come forward to exploit the opportunity by presenting a distorted picture of Islam, with the sinister design to confuse the entire community of non-Muslims including the Hindus. They say that the true meaning of Islam is ‘peace’ and it is an extremely tolerant and peace-loving religion which has nothing to do with terrorism. They also say that no religion teaches killing innocent people and the terrorists are killing people by transgressing the teachings of Islam, or the terrorists have no religion and so on and so forth. Above all, they are telling lies and say that the Koran does not preach bloodshed or violence. It is therefore necessary to highlight the fundamental aspects of Islam to enlighten the World Community of non-Muslims about the aims and objectives of the faith that originated in Arabia.

The Koran and Sunnah (Hadis or Prophet’s Tradition) are the fundamental source books of Islamic theology. The Koran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Allah Himself and hence it is beyond any disbelieve or dispute. Among many compilations of Hadis, the Islamic World considers two of them, one compiled by Bukhari and the other by Muslim, as flawless and most trustworthy (shahih hayen or truthful twin), and are respected like the Koran. In fact, every Muslim believes that the contents of both Koran and Hadis, are revealed by Allah Himself and hence they are equally honourable and they differ only in the style of revelation. The message of Koran was read to Muhammad by the angel Zibrail from the divine edition of the book which he used to carry with him from heaven, while the message of Hadis was communicated to the Prophet through oral transmission.

Whatever it may be, the contents of the Koran and the Hadis form the basis of Islam and contain three fundamental decrees of the faith. These are (1) millat and kufr, (2) dar-ul-Islam and dar-ul-harb and (3) jihad. The word millat stands for brotherhood and in the restricted sense, brotherhood amongst the Muslims. So the word millat says that every Muslim in this world is a brother of every other Muslim, irrespective of his other identities like nationality, race, mother tongue and so on (Koran : 3/103 ; 8/62-63 ; 47/22-25 ; 49/10 etc.). 

In 631 A. D., Prophet Muhammad, during his ‘Farewell Pilgrimage’ to Mecca, delivered a speech in the valley of Arafat to explain the fundamental principles of Islam. In that famous speech, known as ‘Farewell Address’, the Prophet explained the concept of millat which forms the basis of today’s international Islamic brotherhood or Islamic Umma. The word kufr, on the other hand, means to disbelieve or to oppose. In the restricted sence, a man who refuses to believe in Koran and in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad, is a doer of kufr or a kafir. The faith of Islam rests on five pillars and these are : (1) kalema, (2) nazam, (3) roja, (4) zakat and (5) hajj or pilgrimmage to Mecca. The first pillar ‘kalema’ includes six sentences of oath and out of which the first kalema, the ‘kalema taiab’ is most important and may be called the soul of Islam. It reads “La Ilaha Illalla, Mohammadur Rasululla” , or there is none other than Allah to be worshipped and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. Islam bestows so importance upon this kalema that a slightest disbelief in it turns even a devout Muslim instantly into a kafir.

**Millat and Kufr : 

It should be mentioned here that the real meaning of Islam is, not peace but, surrender. In the restricted sense, surrender to Allah’s Koran and Allah’s Prophet. Those who surrender to Koran and Prophet Muhammad are imandar Mussalmans and those who do not, belong to the most despicable species, the kafirs. So, according to Islamic theology, each and every non-Muslim is a kafir. Presently some Muslim authors and journalists are trying to propagate the view that the word kafir stands for an atheist and hence to mislead the non-Muslims. Had it been true, the Islamic militants in Kashmir could not have killed the innocent Hindus who are not atheists but believe in the Hindu God. The suicide bombers of Palestine could not have killed the innocent Israelis who strongly believe in their God, called Yaweh, and Osama bin Laden could not have given the call to kill American citizens who believe in the biblical God.

When the barbaric Muslim invaders came to India, they identified the Hindus as kafirs–not only simple kafirs but kafirs of the worst kind, as they were idol worshippers, and hence considered killing of Hindus as their religious duty. There are umpteen instances where hundreds of thousands of Hindus were massacred within a single day. They were not atheists but believed strongly in their God. Muslim invaders found them fit to be killed due to the single fault that they did not believe in the Koran and the Prophethood of Muhammad. Or in other words, they did not believe in the ‘kalema taiab’. Due to the same fault, Hindus are being identified, even today, as kafirs and hence tortured and killed in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

So it becomes evident that the concept of ‘millat and kufr’, the first decree of Islam, aims to divide the entire humanity sharply into two categories, namely (1) Muslims or Momens and (2) non-Muslim kafirs. In the eye of Allah, these kafirs are no better than animals and hence He instructs the Muslims to mount any kind of torture and atrocities on them, kill them, burn them and their houses, take their women and children as captives and rape their women and so on.

So the Koran says---- “We have created, for hell, many genii (races) of men, ….and they are like brute beasts” (7.179) ; “Verily, those who disbelieve our signs, we will surely cast them to be broiled in the hell-fire, so often as their skins shall be well burnt, We will give them new skins in exchange, so that they may taste the sharper torment” (4.56) ; “Whosoever followeth any religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him in this life, and in the next life he shall be of those who perish” (3.85) ; “I will cast a dread into the hearts of the unbelievers” (8.12) ; “Therefore cut off their heads, and strike off all the ends of the fingers. This shall they suffer because they have opposed Allah and His Prophet, and whosoever shall oppose Allah and His Prophet, verily Allah will be severe in punishing them” (8.13) ; “moreover, as for the non-believers, I will punish them with grievous punishments in this world, and in the world is to come” (3.56) ; “Allah loves not the unbelievers” (3.57) ; “ they shall suffer a grievous punishment” (3.77). 

So, it is not difficult to understand that Islam is a doctrine of intense hate. Allah Himself hates the non-believers and hence He incites His followers to do the same. In fact, Allah has empowered every Muslim to mount any kind of torture and atrocities on the kafirs---to loot their riches and wealth, to occupy their land and property, to kill them as and when situation demands, to take their women and children as captives and rape them or sell them as slaves and so on. Allah has commanded to strike terror in the hearts of the kafirs and to comply with the order, followers of Allah cut kafirs into pieces, rape their women in front of their kinds and smash the skulls of kafir children on stones.

Those who commit such atrocities on kafirs, will be rewarded heavily by Allah on the day of Last Judgement. Those who are lucky enough to kill at least one kafir will be honoured with the title of Ghazi and in Allah’s paradise they will be treated as honoured guests and favoured with the permission to live in jannat-I-Firdause, or the highest place in paradise forever.

In fact, each and every Muslim, due to their merit of believing in Allah’s Koran and accepting the true religion of Muhammad, will be favoured with various rewards from Allah on the day of Last Judgement. Only for believing in the ‘La Ilaha Illalla’ kalema, Allah will forgive them their every sin and foulest deeds and hence even the most swretched and the most fallen Mussalman will enter Allah’s paradise. It may be pointed out here that, only the male Mussalmans will enjoy all these favours, while each and every Muslim woman will be thrown into hell fire.

The wisdom of Allah has made seven kinds of hells for the kafirs having fire of varying intensities to cause burns as well as flames of varying heights. The idolatrous Hindus will be thrown into the hell called Habhia, where the fire would be 70 times more intense than the ordinary mundane fire and the height of the flames would touch one’s scalp. The Jews and the Christians, as they are not idolatrous, would find shelter in less painful hells.

On the other hand, each and every Muslim, by the grace of Allah, will find a place in paradise, where they will be provided with every sensual pleasure for the satiation of their lust. They will eat divine fruit and dishes. They will drink milk from milk-canals where wine is flowing freely. Whatever they would eat and drink, everything would be completely digested and hence there would be no necessity to pass urine and stool.

Every dweller in paradise would never be older than 33 years, or after attaining the age of 33 years, it will not increase further. Allah will provide every dweller of His paradise with thousands and thousands of beautiful heavenly damsels called hour is, who wear see-through garments, always remain virgins and never get older than sixteen. At the same time, Allah will increase the sexual capacity of every Muslim by at least 100 times to cope with the situation. Allah will make every other effort to make the dwellers of paradise happy and by His grace a coitus with a hour would last for 40 years.

Allah has made some practices unlawful for His favored people in this world, such as wearing garments made of silk, wearing gold ornaments, homo-sexuality and so on. But in the next life in paradise, He will make profuse arrangements to fulfill their in satiated lust. Allah will provide each and every dweller of His paradise with at least 80,000 slave boys, who will always remain below 16, for doing sodomy.

Every Muslim in heaven will have nothing to wear other than garments made of finest quality silk and have their utensils and furniture made of no other material than pure gold. The jubilant Muslims will praise Allah for arranging so much pleasure for them.

Here lies the ultimate climax of this doctrine of hate–while the moments will be enjoying all possible sensual pleasure in Allah’s paradise, the kafirs will perish in the eternal hell fire, where Allah will roast them again and again, and every time He will replace their skins with new ones so that they could suffer this inhuman torment without any pause. The happy Muslims in paradise would thank Allah for not allowing any kafir to enter His paradise.

Second Decree of Islam: 

The second decree ‘dar-ul-Islam and dar-ul-harb’ of Islam tells that all the countries on the earth can broadly be divided into two categories. Dar-ul-Islam means those countries which have already come under the domination of Islam. At present, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia etc. are the examples of dar-ul-Islam. In these countries, Islamic governments or rule of Islam has been firmly established and the kafirs have been turned into second grade citizens. Can a kafir enjoy the rights of livelihood in such a country? Islamic theologians have divided opinions in this matter and the Islamic law (Fig) also provides divided versions accordingly.

It should be said at the outset that Islamic judiciary divides the non-Muslim population in such a country into two categories – zimmis and kafirs. The groups of people having their own prophets and revealed books are called zimmis and the rest come under the category of kafirs. According to Islamic law, the zimmis in a dar-ul-Islam can earn the rights of safety of their lives and properties by paying a poll tax called zejya. Are the kafirs entitled to enjoy such a right? Islamic law-givers are of divided opinion on this question. The Hanifa school approves such a right and according to this school of laws, kafirs in a dar-ul-Islam can also earn the safety of their life and property by paying zejya. But the other schools forbid such a right and according to those schools forbid such a right and according to those schools of law, kafirs in a dar-ul-Islam have only two options – either to accept Islam or death.

An instance may be cited here to enlighten the reader in this regard. The incident is given by Zia-ud-din Barni in his Tarikh-I-firozshahi and narrates a dialogue between Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji and a kazi named Mughis-ud-din. One day the kazi visited the court of the Sultan and he asked the kazi – “How are the Hindus designated in the Islamic law, as payers of poll tax (kharaj dih) and the givers of tribute (kharaz ghauzar)?” The kazi replied, “They are called payers of tribute. When the revenue officer demands silver from them, they should, without question and with all humility and respect, tender gold. If the officer throws dirt in their mouth, they must, without reluctance, open their mouth wide to receive it. The due subordination of the zimmis (the tribute payers) is exhibited by this throwing of dust in their mouth. The glorification of Islam is a duty. Allah holds them in contempt, for He says, “Keep them in subjection.” To keep the Hindus in abasement is especially a religious duty, because they are the most inveterate enemies of the Prophet and because the Prophet has commanded us to slay them, plunder them and make them, enslave them and spoil their wealth and property.” The great doctor (Hanifa), to whose school we belong, has asserted to the imposition of zejya and 19 other disabilities on the Hindus. Doctors of other schools allow no other alternative but death or Islam”. The passage vividly explains the role that Islam has played in India during the Islamic rule that lasted for more than 700 years.

The literal meaning of dar-ul-harb is the land of warfare. It refers to those countries which have not yet been conquered by Islam and where the Muslims are fighting with the kafirs to bring them under their control. That is the reason why these countries are called land of violence and blood-shed. The ultimate aim of Islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-Islam, or to bring the entire world under the banner of Islam. So, it becomes evident that this goal would be reached only when each and every dar-ul-harb on the earth would be converted into a dar-ul-Islam. Hence the Koran says, “Go on fighting against them till the rule of Allah is not established (8.39).” 

According to Islam, so long the kafirs are not wiped out from the face of the earth, they will have their own dar-ul-harbs and hence war, confrontation and bloodshed (fitnafasad) will continue. But as soon as all the kafirs around the world are either eliminated or converted to Islam and their countries converted into dar-ul-Islams, then and then only lasting peace will be established in the world. That is the reason why some motivated and wicked people try to associate the word peace with Islam.

But it is evident that the path by which Islam intends to bring peace is extremely horrifying. Before bringing that Islamic peace, the entire world is to be turned into a killing field. Drenching the earth with the blood of kafirs is the essential pre-requisite for setting up that worldwide peaceful Islamic state. Any sane person would certainly disapprove such a bloody procedure.

It should also be mentioned here that, it would not be less horrifying if such a peaceful worldwide state controlled by Islam every comes into existence. First, in such a situation, all other wisdom except the contents of Koran and Sunna, would be despised and instantly destroyed. All The collections of books in the libraries throughout the world would be ruthlessly burnt. Most of the sports and games would be declared illegal, every male would have to grow beards and every woman would be covered with the head to foot garment called borqa or hijab and forcefully confined to remain indoor. Education and participation in social activities would be illegal for women. Any artistic pursuit like painting, sculpting, and performing arts like singing, dancing and playing muscal instruments would also be banned. Exgtremely fanatic Islamic mullahs would grab power, run the governments and would establish autocratic regimes based onKoranic instructions. Democracy would go and people would be deprived of their fundamental rights. Peace would certainly prevail, but that would be the peace would certainly prevail, but that would be the peace of a graveyard.

Jihad the Third Decree: 

How to bring the entire world under the banner of Islam? How to Convert each and dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-Islam? Here to Convert each and every dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-Islam ? Here comes the third decree of Islam, jihad. English authors generally translate jihad as ‘holy war’, while the Hindus commonly use the phrase ‘dharma yuddha’ (righteous war) for jihad. But in fact, jihad is neither holy nor righteous. The word dharma yuddha stands for a war waged by the civilized people against uncivilized brutes or wickeds. The Mahabharata War at Kurukshetra, which took place nearly in 3000 B.C., is the best example of the concept of dharma yuddha.

It is well-known that the said Mahabharata War was fought between the good force represented by the Pandavas and the evil force represented by the Kauravas. Just before the beginning of that war, elderly Bhishma pronounced a set of code of conduct which every warrior had to respect. The verses from 27 to 32 of the ‘Bhishma Parva’ of Mahabharata narrate these laws, such as (1) there will be no enmity after dusk when the day’s battle is declared over, (2) who is engaged with oral combat should be confronted orally, (3) a charioteer should fight with a charioteer, a horse-man with a horse-man, an elephant rider with an elephant rider and a foot-soldier with a foot-soldier alone, (4) one should fight with his counter-part who is equal in strength, skill, will, zeal and competency. Before a combat starts, each warrior should make his opponent alert and warn about the consequences.

The said regulation contains a long list of people who, at any circumstances, are not to be killed or injured. A few of them are (1) a soldier who has casually gone out of the battle field, (2) a man who is unprepared and incaution, (3) who has become overwhelmed or awestricken by observing the blood-shed, (4) who is engaged in fighting with another man, (5) who has already surrendered, (6) who is fleeing the battle field showing his back, (7) whose sword has been broken and Armour has been cut and so on. In addition to that, no injury was to be inflicted to the driver of a chariot, carrier of weapons, drummers and conch-shell blowers etc.

On the other hand, Islamic jihad is the most barbaric incitement, the world has ever seen, to commit indiscriminate and large scale homicide. In plain words, jihad means indiscriminate killing of kafirs, plundering their wealth, occupying their land and other properties by sword, fire and rape. In fact, Islam as a creed has nothing to do with spiritualism and its sole intention is to create an empire throughout the world and hence it puts greatest virtue in its military component, jihad, or fighting against the kafirs with the ultimate motive of eliminating them en masse. Allah has proclaimed that whatever wealth and riches that exist on the earth belong to Allah and His Messenger and Islam inspires its followers to wage a war against the kafirs, the unlawful occupiers of those wealth and riches, and bring them under the occupationof the legal owners or the Muslims. So, for a Muslim, laundhing a jihad or war against the kafirs, is the highest virtue; higher even than a pilgrimmage to Mecca (hajj), not to speak of lower virtues like prayer (namaj) and fasting (roja). So the Koran says, “Fighting against the kafirs is beyond one’s personal likings and dislikings as Allah has commanded to fight the pagans and all those who ascribe partners (shirk) with Allah” (2.216). 

A Muslim participating in Jihad is called a mujahid (plural : mujahidin) and Allah’s ultimate intention is to raise and establish His religion to reign supreme with the help of the mujahidin. He promises to repel the might of the enemies of Islam and protect His faith with the help of the mujahidin. He promises to repel the might of the enemies of Islam and protect His faith with the help of the mujahidin. So the Koran says, “That you believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you strive hard and fight in the cause of Allah with your wealth and lives” (61.11). “Jihad is better for you than your sitting back at home and if you do so, He will forgive you your sins, your foulest deeds and admit you into the gardens of eternity (paradise)” (61.12). 

To inspire the Muslims for jihad, Koran continues, “There is nothing in the sight of Allah which may be equated to jihad.” (9.19) and “No equal are those believers who sit at home (except those who are old and disabled) and those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah” (4.95). “That is because they (who sit back at home) suffer neither thirst, nor fatigue, nor hunger in the cause of Allah. …Nor they raise the anger of the disbelievers or inflict any injury (killing, robbing or taking captive) upon enemy” (9.20). “Anyone whose feet get covered with dust in Allah’s cause will be forbidden from the hell-fire” (Bukhari : 4.66). Allah rebukes those who sit back at home for their cowardice and threatens them with cruel punishments and the Koran says, “If you march not forth (for jihad), I will punish you with painful torment and will replace you with other people” (9.39). 

Allah loves military discipline and rank and rows (surat-us-saff) during jihad and says, “Verily, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in rows and ranks as if they were a solid mass” (61.4) . Discipline comes only when every one serves allegiance to a single commander and hence the Koran says, “Verily, those who are serving allegiance to you (O Mohammad), they are in fact serving allegiance to Allah” (48.10) .

Allah promises divine assistance and guarantees victory for the Muslims and says, “As a divine help, Allah will provide five thousand angles as fighters and victory for the Muslims” (3.124-125). “So don’t become weak and be not sad and you are superior if you are indeed believers. …Allah helps those who remain steadfast” (3.139-142) . Allah also says, “Those who believe, fight in the cause of Allah and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Satan, ever feeble indeed is the plot of Satan” (4.76). “Oh you who believe; when you meet the enemy force, take a firm stand against them and mention the name of Allah both with the tongue and mind, so that you may be successful” (8.45). “If Allah helps you, none can overcome you and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you?” (3.160) . Allah also says, “… thousands believers will overpower two thousand non-believers” (8.66) and if they are properly inspired “twenty believers will overpower two hundred and a hundred believers will overpower one thousand non-believers” (8.65). 

On the other and, fleeing from the enemy during jihad is one of the gravest sins and Allah warns such believers with crushing punishment and says, “O you believers, when you meet those who disbelieve in a battle field, never turn your back to them” (8.15). “And whosoever is found to do so would incur wrath of Allah. His abode will be the Hell, indeed an evil destination” (8.16). 

Jihad is beneficial for the Muslims in two ways---first, if they win a victory and remain alive will enjoy the booty earned by doing jihad and, secondly, if they die, they will become martyrs (shahid) and Allah will receive them in paradise even before their death and provide them with profuse enjoyments. Allah commanded to reserve one fifth of war booty as the ‘holy khum’ for the Prophet during his life time and to divide the rest equally amongst the mujahidin. So He says, “Every soul should be paid in full what it (jihad) has earned. And no one shall be dealt unjustly” (3.161) . Allah says, “ Invade in the name of Allah and kill them who disbelieve in Allah. … Collect the booty and do good as Allah loves the good doers”. It may be mentioned here that, according to the Koran, kafir women are also war booty and Allah permits every Muslim to commit sexual assault on them (Koran : 33.50) and He commands to massacre all the male kafir prisoners of war (ibid : 8.71).

It has been said eariler that martyrs will be Allah’s respected guests in paradise and in this regard He says, “Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive with their Lord and they have provisions” (3.169). “Allah will bestow on a martyr a greater reward” (4.74). this martydom in jihad is so beneficial for Muslims that a mujahid will say “I would love to be martyred in Allah’s cause and then get resurrected to be a martyr, and then resurrected to be martyred, and then get resurrected to be martyred” (Bukhari : 4.54) . Regarding the benefits of maartyrdom, the Prophet said that (1) the soul of the martyrs live in bodies of green birds dwelling in paradise and fly where they like, (2) all their sins and foul deeds are forgiven, (3) a martyr will be able to intercede with Allah on the day of Last Judgement for seventy of his relatives and friends, (4) he will come secure on the day of Last Judgement from great terror, (5) he will not feel the agony and the distress of death, (6) he will not be horrified by the great gathering on the Day odf Resurrection and he will feel pain of killing kafirs except that of a pinch.

It is needless to say that this doctrine of martyroom is inspiring hundreds of Palestinian, Arabian and Pakistani jihadas to explode themselves as suicide bombers and it is the doctrine which inspired the hijackers who crashed the airplanes on September 11. It has been said earlier that Allah forbids Muslim women to enter the paradise. The only by-lane open to a Muslim woman for entering the paradise is by becoming a martyr in jihad and that is the reason for which more and more Palestinian girls are coming today to offer themselves as suicide bombers.

It should be mentioned here that, so long the Prophet lived in Mecca, fighting was forbidden for the Muslims. But after his migration (hijrat) to Medina, Allah at first gave them permission to fight and subsequently made fighting obligatory for every abled Muslim (2.190 ; 22. 39). So Allah said, “Hence when you meet them who disbelieve, smite them on their necks till when you have killed or wounded many of them” (47.4). 

It is important to note here that Allah is capable enough to punish the non-believers whenever He likes. But He wants to punish them with the help of the mujahidin to test their allegiance to Allah. So He says, “ but if had it not been Allah’s will, he certainly could have punished them. But to test you, some with others. But those who were killed in the way of Allah, He will never let their deeds to go waste” (47.4). So each and every Muslim should thank Allah for providing them with such a unique opportunity to express their allegiance to Him by killing non-Muslims, and should say, “Praise be to Allah, who has ordained ‘Al-jihad’ (to fight in Allah’s cause), with the heart, with the hand and with the tongue, with the reward of a place in the gardens of paradise”.

All the Muslim religious scholars unanimously agree that jihad is the highest virtue in Islam, and it is superior, to prayer (namaj), fasting (roja) and even pilgrimmage to Mecca (hajj). It includes all kinds of worships, both hidden and open. It includes great love for Allah and it shows one’s sincerity to Him and one’s trust in Him. In fact, jihad is a very wide gate and there is no deed whose reward and blessing is as great as that of it. And hence, it is the best thing a Muslim volunteer for. Jihad shows one’s patience and devotion to Islam and hence it is the best form of worship in Islam.

Here, the reader should not miss the point that the ultimate aim of Islam is to turn the entire world into an empire of Islam, or in other words, into an empire of Arabia, so that, “ Allah’s religion reigns supreme” (8.39) , and jihad is its military component by which that goal is to be achieved. That is the reason why Allah puts highest merit in it and incites His followers to participate in jihad with the allurement of booty and sex with kafir women in this world and all possible sensual pleasure and comfort of paradise in the next. So the Koran says, “ Allah promises to such of you who believe and do good work (jihad), that He will cause them to succeed the non-believers in the earth. …He will establish for them their religion. …And will change their fear into security” (24.55) , and “My servants the righteous shall inherit the earth” (21.105) as “They are the best”. (3.110). 

Jihad in India : 

As soon as the barbarian Muslim invaders set their foot in India, the brutality of jihad began to take place with horrible acts of cruelty, mass massacre and bloodshed. A few examples will be sufficient for the reader to understand the horridness of those acts. In 1194 AD, Mohammad Ghori launched a military campaign against Raja Jaichand of Benaras. On their way to Benaras, they occupied the fortress at Kill and to describe the Incident, Hassan Nizami in his Taj-ul masir writes, “By the edge of the sword they (more than 50,000 Hindus) were despatched to the fire of Hell. Three bastions were raised, as high as heaven, with their (slain) heads and their carcasses became the food of the beasts of prey. …They destroyed nearly one thousand temples and raised mosques on their foundations”. [1] 

In 1196 AD., Kutubuddin Aibak invaded the fort at Gwalior. To describe the incident, Minhaz-us-Siraj in his Tabakat-I-Nasiri writes, “In compliance with the divine (i.e. Koranic) injunction of holy war (jihad), they drew out their blood-thirsty swords before the enemies of religion (i.e. Hindus)”. [2] To describe the same incident, Hassan Nizami in his Taj-ul-masir writes, “ The army of Islam was completely victorious and one lacks Hindus were swiftly dispatched to the hell of fire. … He (Kutubuddin) destroyed the pillars and foundations of idol temples and built their stead mosques, colleges and precepts of Islam”. [3] 

In 1197, Kutubuddin invaded the fort at Naharwala in Gujrat. On the way a battle was fought with the king Karan Singh. Describing the incident, Minhaj-us-Siraj in his Tabakat-I-Nasiri writes, “Nearly fifty thousand infidels (Hindus) were dispatched to the hell by the sword and from the heaps of the slain, hills and the plain became one level”. [4] Regarding the capture of the Kalinjar Fort by Kutubuddin in 1202, Minhaz writes, “… fifty thousand men came under the collar of slavery and the plain became as black as pitch with the blood of Hindus”. [5]

After capturing the fort of Chitor, emperor Akbar ordered general massacre and Vincent Smith, to describe the incident, writes, “The eight thousand Rajput soldiers who formed the regular garrison, having been jealously helped, during the siege, by forty thoussand peasants, the emperor ordered general massacre, which resulted in the death of 30,000”. [6] Abul Fazl in his Ain-I-Akbari wrote that on that day 40,000 Hindus were killed. But it was an impossible task to count the deadbodies and hence to ascertain the exact number of victims. So the emperor commanded his soldiers to collect the scared threads of the dead Hindus. When the sacred threadswere accumulated they weighed 74 and 1/2 maunds (nearly 2.8 metric tons). So it becomes evident that more than 200,000 Hindus were massacred on that day.

In 1360 AD., Firoz Shah Tughlaq invaded Orissa and desecrated the temple of Lord Jagannath and threw the idol in the Bay of Bengal. On his return journey, when he was passing through Jajnagar, it was brought to his knowledge that nearly 120,000 Hindus had taken shelter at an offshore island. Firoz Shah then went to that island with his men and butchered those 120,000 Hindus on a single day.

Ulugh Khan (later on Sultan Ghiasuddin Balban), when he was serving sultan Nassiruddin (brother of Sultana Rizia) as a commander, went to the Gahrwal and promised his men that he would reward them with one rupee for bringing the head of a slain Hindu and two rupees for bringing a Hindu alive. Like hungry dogs his army set out for the hunt of kafir Hindus. The massacre went on for thre long weeks and several hundreds of thousands of Hindus were slain. Uluge Khan then built high-rise bastions with the heads of the slain Hindus.

When Maharana Sangram Singh was defeated in the battle of Khanau,Babar ordered general massacre, and his chief commander Mohammadi and other commanders massacred 1,00,000 Rajput prisoners of war and another 1,00,000 civilian Hindus. Such killings of Hindus wet on unabated during the entire period of Muslim rule that lasted for about 700 years.
Regarding these killings of Hindus, Swami Vivekananda writes, “When the Muslims first came to India, there were, according to their historical records, 60 crores (600 million) Hindus in India. This calculation suffers from under estimation than exaggeration; for lots of people perished slowly through the persecution of the Muslims. Therefore, it is obvious that the number of Hindus was even more than 60 crores---in no account less than that. But today the same Hindus have dwindled into 20 crores (in 1897-98)”. [7] So, according to the estimate of Vivekananda, the barbaric Muslim invaders wiped out 40 crore Hindus during their period of rule. Not only that, we have to add the number of Hindus who were born within that period.

When the Muslim invaders came to India, our Hindu rulers took into account their military might alone. To fight this new enemy they followed the same strategy their ancestors used to follow---the eternal rules and traditions handed down to them from the days of Mahabharata, and they failed to discover the element of jihad, the kafir killing motives of theses barbaric new invaders. Being guided by their age old civilized tradition that the prisoners of war were to be set free and not to be harmed, Hindu kings after winning a victory over the Muslim army, used to set the soldiers free. But on the contrary, victorious Muslim rulers, being guided by their kafir killing doctrine of jihad, used to massacre the entire regiment of Hindu prisoners of war.

It was unthinkable for our Hindu kings to cause slightest harm to innocent civilians even during a war. So they became astonished to see killings of civilians, innocent farmers, burning of their standing crops in fields by the Muslims and most importantly, dishonoring and harming the women and children. There are umpteen instances where their civilized heritage was responsible for their defeats. For example, being guided by the civilized Hindu tradition, Prithviraj Chauhan set Mohammad Ghori, a prisoner of war, free. But this civilized behavior later on brought his defeat and death. Allah versus God Almighty:

Besides the three decrees of Islam, as mentioned above, a few other aspects of the creed deserve discussion. Hindus have composed the song “Ishwara Allah Tere Naam”, as if there is no difference between the Almighty God and Allah. But those Hindus do not know that, Allah does not have the merit to be called Ishwara, (God Almighty) and hence the Koran is not a creation of Almighty God. Had Allah been the Ishwara of this universe, he would have treated every human being alike, as the Hindu God lord Krishna says, “In my eye, every human being is equal---no one is my favourite and no one is detestable to Me”. (Bhagavad-gita : 9.29).

But in the eye of Allah, all human beings are not equal. He is kind (Rahamanir-Rahim) to the Muslims alone and to the non-Muslim kafirs, he is an extremely cruel despot, an inhuman brute killer. So it becomes evident that such a terrible Allah, who is extremely biased and partial to His children, cannot be the God of the entire creation. So Swami Dayananda Saraswati in his Satyartha Prakash writes, “ If the God of Quran had been the protector of all creatures and dispenser of forgiveness and mercy to all, He would not have commanded the Muslims to kill the people of other religions”. He also says that due to this reason “The Quran does not appear to have been made by God”. (Ch. XIV).

In this regard, Swami Vivekananda in his Practical Vedanta writes, “God who is partial to His children called men and cruel to His children called brute beasts (kafirs) is worse than a demon. I would rather die a hundred times than worship such a God. My whole life would be a fight with such a God”. So it appears that, Allah is a God only for the Muslims and not for the entire humanity. In this regard, the word Allah deserves a closer look. It has been derived from two Arabic words, ‘al’ stands for English ‘the’ and ‘ilah’ stands for a local God in Arabia. And hence the word Allah literally does not signify the Almighty God, the ruler of the entire creation, but it stands for a local god of Arabia. On the other hand, from the behavioral pattern of Allah, as reflected in the Koran, it becomes evident that Allah is simply a mafia don or the leader of a criminal gang, who is trying to gain control over the entire world, to establish himself as the God, by way of bloodshed and terror.

Namaz, a Regular Military Exercise : 

There are many non-Muslim kafirs, including the Hindus, who admire the Muslims for their regular prayers, five times a day in mosques. They consider this prayer (namaz) by the Muslims as their sincere, humble and devotional submission to God. In this context, it should be mentioned here that the ultimate spiritual attainment for the Muslims is their entry into Allah’s paradise and it has been pointed out earlier that for the sheer merit of taking the oath through the ‘LA Ilaha Illallah’ kalema, i.e. for following the true religion of Mohammad, each and every Muslim, even the most wretched and fallen one, would be allowed to enter Allah’s paradise. Then why the Muslims throughout the entire world pray for five times a day and observe fasting (roja) for an entire month? To find an answer,we have to delve into the matter a bit.

Hindus believe that one should pray to God in an isolated solitary place, far away from crowd and noise. But Islamic theology says that a Muslim earns little merit by praying in isolation at home. On the contrary, if he prays in a local mosque, he earns a merit ten times as much and if he prays in a Jam-e-masjid, the merit of a namaz increases by 100,000 times if it is done at the holiest mosque at Mecca (Masjid-ul-haram).

So it becomes evident that the ultimate purpose of namaz is not an humble submission to Allah, but to gather people as much as possible with the aim of forming a regiment. The view gains ground when one observes the method by which a prayer is conducted in a mosque. First of all every Muslim has to stand in perfect rows and ranks and they should stand up and sit down at the same time according to the command of the Imam (who conducts namaz). All these gestures show that this prayer is nothing but a military exercise. At the same time, namaz aims to enhance intimacy amongst the Muslims to strengthen their regimentation. That is the reason why during the life time of the Prophet, whenever the Muslims launched an attack on the kafirs of Arabia, they used to do it just after the completion of a prayer (namaz). Usually, such raids used to commence just after the completion of the early morning (fazar) prayer. That tradition of the Prophet (Holy Sunnah) is still being followed by the entire Muslim community even today. Whenever they organise a communal riot against the kafirs, they begin it just after the completion of a namaz, usually the mid-day (johar) namaz on Friday (Jumma). It may be recalled here that the communal riot, popularly known as the ‘Great Calcutta Killing’ that took place in Friday, 16th August, 1946, and the Muslims started massacring the Hindus just after the mid-day prayer. 

So, it does not become difficult to understand that the importance of prayer does not lie for entering Allah’s paradise after death, but its importance, as a regular military exercise, lies in carrying out jihad. In this context, a few other aspects of namaz deserves special attention. The namaz begins when the namazis arrive at the mosque, stand in perfect rows and ranks and the outset they have to recite the First Chapter (Sura Fateha) from the Koran and thereafter they have to recite three more verse from the book. It is important to note that the Imams, who conduct the namaz, usually choose these verses from among the terrible and violent verse of the Koran, containing the message of jihad bearing kafir-killing commands of Allah. One can easily guess the effect of reciting these cruel kafir-killing commands of Allah for five times a day and how much cruel a man would be in the matter of killing and torturing the kafirs and how much hatred his mind would gather towards the kafirs.

This is then followed by the religious address (khutba) by the Imams. Most of the non-Muslim kafirs are ignorant of the contents such a religious address. So a portion of the khutba which the Imams deliver on the day of Id-ul-fitr, the holiest day of Islam, is quoted below the convenience of the reader. “…Oh Allah, make your religion and your faithful followers always victorious and bring defeat for the unruly, ill-behaved and disobedient kafirs. Oh Allah, the servant who is obedient to you, whether he is a son of a king, or slave of a slave father, or the lord of two oceans, if he is a servant of Mecca and Medina or a warrior in the cause of Allah, if he is a Muslim king, Oh Allah, protect his kingdom, make him and his Muslim subjects prosperous. O Allah, bring slavery for the kafirs, ruin their states and bring disunity among their unity”.

According to Islamic rites, a boy is to be taught how to pray when he is seven. So one can easily imagine if a man is given such lessons of killing kafirs and shedding their blood five times a day from his childhood through namaz, how much communal, inhuman and cruel he would be against the non-Muslim kafirs.

In addition to that, there is another teaching-killing animals on the day of sacrificial ceremony, Bakr-Id (on the 10th day of the parting month Jilhajj of the Arabic calendar). While namaz provides psychological training, the sacrifice of animals provides practical training for shedding the blood of the kafirs. According to the phychologists, if a man is taught such lessons day after day, year after year, he loses his thinking power and acts according to said teachings instantly, which they call the ‘motor action’. That is the reason why a Muslim can kill a kafir so easily without any mental repercussion and repentance.

Moreover, it should be pointed out here that Islam was originated in Arabia, where pastoral culture still prevails. Hence in Arabic, killing of animals is a daily routine work and that is the reason why the people of Arabia are generally cruel and oppressive from their childhood and do not hesitate to shed blood for trifle matters. The aim of Islam is to instill that inhuman cruelty in every Muslim, or to inculcate that pastoral cruelty and indifference to bloodshed in the mind of each and every Muslim as it is beneficial for carrying out jihad. That is the reason why even a timid Hindu farmer, after being converted to Islam, turns instantly into a cruel killer.

It is interesting to note that like namaz, the merit of fasting (roja) also lies in carrying out jihad. It has been told earlier that Islam was originated in Arabia where water is scarce. During the life time of the Prophet, it happened several times that Muslims conducted a raid in a distant locality and the jihads could not get a drop of water to drink, not to speak of food to eat. To tackle such situations the Prophet made the ritual of fasting mandatory for every abled Muslim, which during the pre-Islamic days was confined only to a few pious people. It is also a part of military training known as ‘endurance training’. 

Two Faces of Koran : 

It is an usual practice of the Muslims to befool the Hindus by various means. They say that Islam means peace, kafir means an atheist, jihad means a war between good and evil forces and so on. They also deceive the kafirs in another ingenious way. There are some verses of Koran which are not cruel but tolerant and innocent in spirit, such as “Allah does not love the oppressors” (3.140), “Allah has prepared painful punishments for the oppressors” (14.22), “Allah does not love them who creates indiscipline” (5.64), “ Allah does not like jealousy and aggressiveness” (57.23), “Allah loves patience and forgiveness” (42.43), “Your religion (is dear) to you and my religion (is dear) to me” (109.6), “ The Prophet has no other duty but to propagate the message of Allah” (5.99) and so on and so forth. When these verses are uttered before the Hindus, many are fooled and admit that the Koran has tolerant, human and innocent verses too. In this context, it is very important to mention that the Muslim make frequent use of the verse “Your religion to you and my religion to me”, as quoted above.

The Koran contains over 6 thousands verses (ayats) divided into 114 chapters (suras). All these verses of the Koran can broadly be divided into two categories---Makki verses and Madani verses. The verses of the Koran which were revealed to Mohammad when he was staying at Mecca, are called Makki verses. And the verses which were revealed after his migration to Medina, are called Madani verses. Before his migration (hijrat) to Medina, the Prophet was a humble servant of Allah and a good husband of his only wife Khadija, without having any economic, political or military power. And Allah also, to cope with the situation, revealed tolerant and innocent verses alone.

But after his migration to Medina the Prophet became the Chief administrator and, at the same time, the chief of army and judiciary of Medina. Or in other words, he became the sole and supreme dictator of Medina. After acquiring so much of power, the idea of spreading Islam by sword came to his mind and invented the doctrine of jihad. It may be recalled that so long the Prophet was in Mecca, Allah forbade war for the Muslims. But after hijrat, Allah could read the mind of the Prophet and gave the Muslim the permission to fight and subsequently made fighting obligatory for every abled Muslim. From that time onwards, Allah began to reveal the terrible and violent verses of jihad, the verses of bloodshed, and commanded the Muslims to wipe out the kafirs by launching jihad and establish an empire of Islam throughout the Peninsula of Arabia.

That is the reason why the Muslims, whenever talk about Islam in a civilized forum, they, to hide the bloody sword of Islam, always utter the Makki verses of the Koran. It should be pointed out here that, after the September, 11 attacks, many television channels broadcast interviews with Muslim reporters, intellectuals and religious leaders and the print-media also published similar interviews. In all such cases, to befool the kafirs, Muslim journalists, clerics and political leaders quoted Makki verses alone from the Koran, especially the verse "Your religion to you and my religion to me."

In a country where the Muslims are still a minority, they always make use of the Makki verses, but as soon as they gain majority or become strong in military power, they at once throw away these Makki verses in the junkyard and adopt the Madani verses for launching a jihad. In our country, when the Muslims come to Hindu populated areas, they never utter a Madani verse. But the same Muslims in their Muslim dominated residential areas use to propagate Madani verses from the mosques, with the help of loud-speakers, to scare the minority Hindus of that locality. Thus the Muslims make use of the Makki verses of the Koran to keep their bloody weapons concealed, and in a favourable situation they instantly switch over to the Madani verses and brandish their unseathed swords.

Mandir versus Masjid: 

Most of the Hindus, when they undertake a religious discussion, usually spell mandir (temple) and masjid (mosque) in the same breath in such a manner as if there is no difference between a mandir and a masjid. Broad minded Hindus generally think that mandirs are abodes of the Hindu God and in a likewise manner, masjids are abodes of the Muslims' Allah, and as, according to their belief, there is no difference between Allah and the Hindu God, both are abodes of the same God, and hence there is no difference between a mandir and a masjid. But a closer look reveals that there is a gulf of difference between a mandir and a masjid. A common difference has nowadays become very prominent. Many Islamic terrorists in Kashmir and elsewhere take shelter in masjids as hiding places. But the Hindus have neither a terrorist gang and nor any necessity of hinding in a temple.

It has been told earlier that what the Hindus consider to be a Dharma, Islam is not a creed of that type. In fact, Islam is a political institution that aims to establish an Islamic empire throughout the world and the masjids are playing the role of the branch offices of that political party called Islam. It has been said earlier that Islam wants to conquer the entire world by means of jihad and the masjids are the places where jihadis or mujahidin prepare blueprints for jihad. In addition to that, masjids function as armouries or godowns of weapons to be used in kafir-killing raids.

During the days of Mohammad, these weapons included swords, daggers, scimitars, spears, shields and ao on. But nowadays, there has been a vast improvement in this weaponry and a modern jihad involves AK-47 rifles, machine-guns, rocket launchers, grenades, dangerous explosives like RDX and so on. According to intelligence reports, masjids along the Bangladesh and Pakistan borders, as well as the Indo-Nepal border, have, at present, been loaded with such modern weapons. Even in Kolkata, the police reports say that there are 14 main masjids where the automatic weapons and explosives, as mentioned above, have been dumped in huge quantities. But there are no information in record that the Hindus have ever used their temples for such military purposes.

It has been said earlier that, when Mohammad migrated to Medina in 620 A.D., he became the chief administrator, chief army commander and chief of judiciary in Medina. He used to discharge all the above-mentioned duties at the masjid at Medina. Thus the masjid at Medina was used as the chief administrative office, chief military headquarters and highest court. There is no record that Hindus have ever used any temple for all these political purposes. The Prophet lived 10 years in Medina, after his migration. Within these 10 years the Prophet organized 82 raids (jihads) and the blueprints of all these raids were prepared in the masjid of Medina.

Mohammad loved absolute power and could not tolerate any criticism. There were many eminent people in Medina, mainly poets, who earned displeasure of the Prophet by criticizing his activities. The Prophet was afraid that their murder in open day light may lead to a revolt by the kafirs of Medina. So he decided to assassinate them in the darkness of night and, in fact, he engaged assassins to murder the poetess Asma, poet Adu Afak and another poet Kaab-bin-Asraf. These poets served the purpose of journalists of today and used to write poems criticizing the activities of the Muslims and the Prophet.

It is important to note here that the blueprints of all these murders were prepared in the masjid of Medina. Moreover, the Prophet used to see his assassins off from the masjid of Medina and greeted them at the same masjid when they returned after committing the crime. It is also important to note that the Muslims, still today, are using their masjids for all such criminal activities by following the Holy Sunna (Tradition) of the Prophet. But there is no record that a Hindu has ever used any temple for all such mean purposes.

It has been said earlier that the Muslims began the Great Calcutta Killing from the masjids of Kolkata after completing the mid-day prayer on Friday, the most holy prayer on the holy day. In Islam, the Prophet is the supreme guide and every Muslim has to follow him without any question. The Prophet used to lick his fingers after taking meals and every muslim has to lick his fingers in a likewise manner. The Prophet disliked dogs and hence no Muslim is permitted to have a dog as a pet. The Prophet asked his followers to shave moustaches and keep beards so that they could be easily identified and distinguished from the kafirs of Medina and the Muslims throughout the world are blindly following the custom. Allah has said, “always follow the Prophet”. So the deeds the Prophet used to do in the masjid of Medina are also to be followed, and hence the Muslims around the world are committing all the deeds, the Prophet used to commit, in their masjids.

So the Imams of masjids are pronouncing fatwas, preparing plans in their masjids, how to attack the kafirs and kill them, how to rape kafir women, how to occupy kafirs’ land and plunder their wealth and other riches. Not only that, there are umpteen instances in Bangladesh and Pakistan where Imams of masjids, brought false allegations against innocent housewives for not complying with their dirty proposals, accused them of committing adultery and pronounced fatwas to kill them by pelting stones (rajam). But there is no such instance in record where a Hindu temple-priest has ever committed such heinous crimes, not to speak of doing it within the temple complex.

So, it becomes evident that there is a gulf of difference between a mandir and a masjid. During the time of the Prophet, the masjid of Medina was also uded for another unique purpose. After a raid or jihad, the war booty were used to be dumped in the masjid and divided among the mujahidin. It has been said earlier that the Prophet used to receive 1/5th of the booty as the holy khum. As said earlier. Islam consider captured kafir women as war booty and it was Prophet’s discretion to choose the most beautiful and charming woman for him. But the Hindus cannot even think of committing such foul deeds within a temple. They use their temples for offering devotion and puja for spiritual upliftment alone and not for criminal and foul activities.

Conclusion : 

From the afore-said discussions it becomes clear that, what the Hindus believe to be a Dharma, Islam is not at all a Dharma like that. On the contrary, Islam is an antihuman political institution based on a savage, barbaric and murderous creed that inspires criminalism. And in fact, Islam is an asylum of criminals and its divine motivations are also criminal. More importantly, Islam is the most dreaded enemy, not only of the Hindus and Hinduism, but also of the entire non-Muslim population around the world and their civilization and culture. So the wicked people, who are trying to propagate the view that Islam is a peace-loving faith and Koran does not inspire violence, are definitely committing an unpardonable crime against the entire humanity.

There is not an iota of doubt that, if the Muslims gain political supremacy in India, they will instantly pull down all temples and other places of worship, or convert them into mosques, burn each and every book that does not agree with Koranic beliefs, humanity will evaporate from this country and it will be turned into a killing-field of all the non-Muslim kafirs. So, it is absolutely necessary for the Hindus to understand the fundamental aspects of Islam, particularly its aggressive and kafir-killing elements, and then, and then only, they will be able to build up an effective defence against Islam and save their Dharma and culture.

At the same time, the entire non-Muslim population of the world should understand that the present upsurge of Islamic extremism is not only a threat to the Hindus or Americans alone, but, in fact, it poses a threat to the entire civilized world. And hence the war launched by America against Islamic terrorism is not only a war of America alone and, in fact, it is war of the entire civilized world against the uncivilized brute killers, or it is a war of humanity against the followers of an inhuman creed. Above all, it is a war between good and evil and if the evil wins a victory, it will be catastrophic for the entire human civilization. Hence every sensible government and every individual who believe in humanity, should extend his moral and material support in favour of the good force to strike a mortal blow on that in-human creed and to wipe out all potential bin-Ladens from the face of the earth.

Finally, the author takes the liberty of concluding this essay with the opinions of two of the most eminent authorities on Islam. Sir Jadunath Sarkar in his History of Aurangzib (Orient Longman [1972), III, 168) writes, “The murder of infidels (kafir-kushi, i.e. non-Muslims) is counted a merit in a Muslim. It is not necessary that he should tame his own passions or mortify his flesh ; it is not necessary for him to grow a rich growth of spirituality. He has only to slay a certain (non-Muslim) class of his fellow beings or plunder their lands and wealth, and that act in itself raises his soul to (Islam) whose followers are taught to regard robbery and murder as a religious duty, is incompatible with the progress of mankind or with the peace of the world”.

Sir William Muir in his “The Life of Mohomet’ (Voice of India, New Delhi (1992), 522) writes, “The sword of Mohammad, and the Kor’an are the most stubborn enemies of Civilization, Liberty, and Truth which the world has yet known”.

References : 

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Other Source Books : 

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“… Mohammedans are the crudest in this respect, and the most sectarian. Their watchword is : “There is one God (Allah), and Mohammed is His Prophet”. Everything beyond that not is bad, but must be destroyed forthwith ; at a moment’s notice, every man and woman who does not exactly believe in that must be killed ; everything that does not belong to this worship must be immediately broken ; every book that teaches anything else must be burnt. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, for five hundred years blood ran all over the world. That is Mohammedanism.” 
…Swami Vivekanand

“A country like India, which has once been under the Muslim rule, must be conquered back to Islam”. 
…Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

“There is not an inch of the soil of India which our forefathers did not once purchase with their blood. We cannot be false to the blood of our fathers. India, the whole of it is therefore our heritage and it must be reconquered for Islam”. 
…F. M. Khan Durrani.

“Neither the Quran nor Mohammed advocated humanism or even Co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims, and that Islam… was conceived and devised as the religion to end all religions”. 
…M.R.A. Baig.

“The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only”. 
…Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

“Holy war (jihad) means the conquest of all non-Muslim territories. Such a war may well be declared after the formation of an Islamic government worth of that name. …It will then be the duty of every ablebodied adult male (Moslem) to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Koranic law in power from one end of the earth to the other”. 
…Ayatollah Khomeini.

“We have no recourse other than to overthrow all governments that do not rest on pure Islamic principles, and are thus corrupt and corrupting, than to tear town the traitorous, rotten and tyrannical administrative system that serve them. That is not only our duty in Iran, but it is also the duty of all Moslems in the world, in all Muslim countries to carry the Islamic political revolution to its final victory”. 
…Ayatollah Khomeini.

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Re: Three Decrees of Islam 
(Score: 1) 
by proudkafir ( on Dec 18, 2007 - 02:38 AM
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This is a disturbing and hard hitting truth.My instant reaction will be to abuse a momeen scusum onsight.But a little bit of thinking will make me understand the whole picture.Islam has spilt lot of blood on this land called india. It is important to take a look at the whole history in a proper perspective. Did any one prevent the population of that time to fight against the intruders ? Simple answer is nop. Some fault lies with the submissive population in that period.Now slowly but surely the Hindus are waking up.This will cause problems to muslims who themselves are nothing but most cowardly hindus who prefered taking allah's name than fight his sword. No wonder the current muslims in India are so backward and stupid. Islam is, was and will be an evil ideology.The danger to the liberal world by these brabarians inside and outside kafir land should be made clear to all the kafirs.It is essential that kafirs first read the holy qrap and recognise for what its worth. To be used as toilet tissue and nothing more.But also be aware of the danger this evil thought poses to the free world through its brain dead zombies called momeensccums.  

Re: Three Decrees of Islam 
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by shreedelo ( on Dec 18, 2007 - 09:46 AM
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My grand father 6x with his 6 kids one of them my great frand father 5x were priests. In mathura. When aurangzeb was slaughtering hindus my family tired to protect the temple, they were priest . My grandfather 5x was not killed but injured. He ecaped from the temple complex and ran to Gujarat. He told our family there of the murders. My grand father 2x came to Uganda. yes i am not happy that our temples and our people were murdered. they say 80 million HINDUS were murdered. Any zakir naik said he is hindu as his fore fathers were hindus, but he is a chicken to convert.  

Jihadi's taken over indian website !! word faithfreedom banned in website 
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by R Nambiar ( on Dec 18, 2007 - 01:22 PM
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I have found that any reference to is immedatly deleted from website..Looks like some body from Rediff datacenter doing this. It is shoking .meanwhile lots of paki spammers pour hate messages in rediff discussions..I think followers of Jerk Naik taken over rediff website

All ,pread this fact..let us expose double standards of rediff team..remember this is happening in secular India  

Re: Three Decrees of Islam
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by Marie on Dec 18, 2007 - 02:37 PM
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Anybody that says Islam is a religion of peace needs to get their head out of the sand and look around. It is appalling of the ignorance the secular intellectualits show in regards to Islam. These truly believe that all religions are the same and therefore there is no violence in Islam. 
Pl Visit Dr Brahmachari's personal website: