Date: 24 Dec 2007


"All notorious Fascists have been European and Sonia's roots, religion, and loyalties are Mafia-Fascist. She herself is a good example of a Fascist Dictator, fake names, costumes, and non-existent Cambridge degrees, Bofors and Cousin Qs. A coal scuttle calling the Hindu kettle black. A foot-in-mouth-ka-saudaagar." 
This sharp and truthful insight from the brilliant pen of Vijayan should make the entire nation pause.
How come many politico's in the country, particularly those in Congress and Commies, suffer such fascism and indulge in chamcha-giri?
A family which lacks the grace to congratulate the winner is a fascist family. How come the UPA supremos, Antonia and Raoul have not called Modi to congratulate him for his stunning victory for hindutva? 

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