Date: 24 Dec 2007


December 24,2007
Shri Rajnath Singh, President                                             
Bharatiya Janata Party
Central Office
11, Ashoka Road 
New Delhi 110 001, India
Dear President Singh:
           We would like to congratulate you, Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP for a much deserved election victory in Gujarat. Realizing that this electoral triumph was scored despite the Sonia-Singh alliance, its collaborators, communalists, communists and the dissidents having turned the state in to a “virtual battle ground” with the aid of anti-nationals and big money-bags, speaks volumes about the dynamic leadership of Shri Modi.
            Despite the firm rejection of the “tyranny of the minority rule” at the polls cleverly promoted by the BJP opponents under the cover of the so-called secularism, we must express our intense shock, dismay, disappointment and deep concern about the treacherous, destructive and disruptive role played by the party dissidents headed by a former chief minister. This behavior clearly signifies a flagrant violation of the party discipline and outright betrayal of the agenda of the majority in Gujarat and beyond. In our considered opinion that nothing short of “expulsion from the party” will meet the ends of justice. Prompt disciplinary action from the Party will additionally administer an appropriate warning of the consequences to the persons who choose to flout the party rules of discipline in future. 
            The difference of opinion on policy, program and ideology between the members of a political party is quite understandable but turning such disagreements publicly into a political vendetta against your own party, in this case a highly respected and duly elected popular leader, is extremely detrimental to the political fortune of the party itself and the broad goals of the constituency it represents. We believe that the party High Command should have taken a decisive action against the violation of its disciplinary process by these selfish individuals when the dissidence emerged three years ago. Tolerating the “dividers & fragmentists” for whatever reason does not bode well for a political entity that strives to rule the second most populous nation in the world. As concerned Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) we find such divisive behavior absolutely unacceptable and highly offensive.
            Blinded by his lust for power the leader of these dissidents has made some outrageous accusations against Shri Narendra Modi in the past but nothing as disgraceful as his latest pack of wild allegations indirectly blaming Shri Modi for the infamous Gujarat riots. He does not hesitate to claim being the founding father of the BJP yet he did not leave any stone unturned to work against both nationalism and Hindutva. In fact he never missed an opportunity of working against the principles and ideals of the BJP. According to media reports, he campaigned against the BJP and did not care to vote in the elections!  He has repeatedly taken the interests of the pseudo-secularist alliance headed by the Sonia – Singh clique more seriously than that of the people of Gujarat and the rule of law. Frankly, these are the behavioral traits of a traitor and a renegade. The anti-party, anti-Hindu and anti-national activities orchestrated by him during the past three years, particularly his hate-Modi campaign during the just ended elections, has earned him sound grounds for outright disqualification from the BJP membership. Obviously he seems to have lost the capacity to imagine how much damage his questionable activities have inflicted upon Gujarat and the entire country?  Any person ready to say or do anything in order to get power is inherently dangerous and undependable therefore, an avoidable risk for any organization. At this critical juncture in the history of India when the BJP is poised for becoming the ruling party in the near future it must not allow the weakness of attitude to become a weakness of character.  
             We strongly urge that expulsion of the party dissidents including their leader be given utmost priority if the organization intends to regain the credibility and respectability that it enjoyed but was tarnished due to the unethical activities by these power hungry individuals.  Such a stern action is bound to have a salutary impact universally. Pragmatism demands that during periods of crisis leadership must take a principled stand against the disrupters, violators and opportunists for strengthening the rank and file by assuring the general public that the BJP is not like the corrupt Congress that engages in political horse-trading. Shri Modi has generated a new hope, enthusiasm and confidence in India. He is recognized as an instrument of change, peace and progress. Therefore, for its own interest and the general interest of political transformation in India the party must strengthen his hands by penalizing the unethical, anti-Hindu and anti-India dissidents who willfully played into the hands of the Congress led political mafia. In this process they even sacrificed the general principles of BJP and Hindu Unity. 
            The lack of strong and appropriate action by the High Command at this turning point will deprive the party of an invaluable opportunity to regain its popularity or prevent the erosion of its political fortunes.  We, the proponents of Hindu Unity, unanimously support the expulsion from the organization of all these scurvy knaves and conscienceless political turncoats.
            We are looking forward to a strong and unwavering action by the BJP. In the meantime once again congratulations for an unprecedented victory in Gujarat and wishing you a happy and politically an eventful new year.
Yours sincerely,
Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra
Institute of Hindu Ideology