RELENTLESS JEHAD at home and abroad

Date: 29 Dec 2007


                                JIHAD IN A DAR-UL-ISLAM
The assassination of Smt Benazir Bhutto, though shocking, it reflects that jihad is to be continued even in a dar-ul-Islam.
Marx's Capital and Communist Manifesto teaches how to fight and wipe out capitalism. They do not provide any clue how a socialist state, or more pointedly the dictatorship of the proletariat would run. In a similar manner, Islamic theology tells, how a dar-ul-harb is to be converted into a dar-ul-Islam, but it does not say, how a dar-ul-Islam would run and whether jihad would continue in a dar-ul-Islan. The children of Allah in a dar-ul-Islam today are seems to a bit confused over the matter.  
More importantly, cruelty and bloodshed once unleashed is difficult to rein in. So the children of Allah are discovering new enemies among their co-religionists in a dar-ul-Islam, like Pakistan, and continuing jihad against them. No one should wonder as it is the obvious outcome of a doctrine of hate and bloodshed.
In this context, it should be mentioned that according to a hadis, the Prophet made three requests to Allah. Firstly, so that his Umma may not be drowned in flood waters. Secondly, his Umma may not starve to death in a famine. And thirdly, his Umma not die in infighting. Allah assured the Prophet to keep his first and the second request. But regarding the third, Allah is said to have remained silent.
According to another hadis, just before the Qiamah (Last Judgment), a mountain of gold would come up from under the Forat River (Euphrates) and the entire Muslim community would die in infighting to get hold of that treasure.    
 Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari.