Date: 29 Dec 2007


Eradication of Islam...
Author: Patrick Risk on Saturday, December 22, 2007 - 01:25 AM Printable page   Email to a friend 
The authorís goal of exterminating all religions does not concur with FFIís objective. His desire for eliminating Islam, however, should be appreciated. - FFI Editors

By: Patrick Risk
freelance writer/usa

Like most Americans, I knew nothing of Islam before the events of 9-11-01. This infamous date will go down in history as the beginning of the end of Islam. The inconceivable atrocities of 9/11 were a horrific display of religious ignorance. All who perished that day died at the hand of Islam. It's not a religion! It's an affront to the intellect of the civilized world. Eradication is a very strong word. Usually reserved for something vile, wicked or worthless. Islam qualifies on all three counts. The ideology of Islam must be eradicated. It's not the people, it's the Prophet!

Islamic reform isn't a viable option. The Koran, like all the so called holy books, is a concoction of mindless babble. "True Islam" is an oxymoron, all Islam is radical Islam. The radical Muslim is the brain dead goon who wants to cut your head off in front of the camera. The moderate Muslim is the guy behind the camera. They both share equal delight in the squeal of the innocent. They're both equally guilty of committing murder in the name of God.

God, it distresses me to inform you, is the problem. If there was a God, there would only be one and there would be no doubters. All of humanity would be working together. It would be a perfect world. I don't see that happening and we have to get organized as a human race. Maybe that would be the first step to finding something we could all call God. We, the human race, need to get on the same page. That page will not be found in any book. It can't be your God against my God, it's no God. The new religion is no religion! You must lower the shield of faith to discover the truth. Faith is the equivalent of blinders and ear plugs. Faith is the end of debate. Faith is a road block to progress. Faith is your mind playing games with the future of civilization. Faith is the partition in your mind that won't allow reason to pass, it's a mental illness. 

No supreme being, no heaven, no hell. It's unimaginable for the faithful. It's reality to the analytical freethinkers of history and today. If the faithful only understood that they're infected with the disease of religion. I'm here to tell you there's a cure. All you have to do is set faith aside, just long enough to do a little research. With just the minimal amount of effort you will be exposed to the truth. All religions are based on a false premise, there is no God. All religion and all Gods were born of the imagination of man. So the reality of the situation is, what began with imagination can be dismissed in good conscience. The key to your journey to mental health is research. You must do your own research and not trust the words of others. Trusting the words of others is how the pool of the faithful got to be so deep. You're floating around is a sea of ignorance and I'm offering you a lifeline. Before you rush to seek comfort in any book you call holy, understand you're holding a work of fiction in your hands. Not a reliable source of reference for those who seek the truth. 

Many kind-of-believers, have a half hearted approach to giving up the lie of religion. They can understand why a loving God wouldn't have created anything so horrendous as hell. It's just not cool...No problem letting that concept go. Heaven is different though, that does sound like something God would do. What do I have to lose? I'll believe just enough to get into heaven. You know, just in case there is such a place...Well, what you have to lose is credibility.Our complacent attitude has got us into this mess.

I'm for religious tolerance for any deserving doctrine. However, there needs to be a universal standard for what qualifies a doctrine to be considered a religion. Here's a world wide opinion I can offer without any reservation...Islam is not going to meet the standard to be classified as a religion. Muslims are not going to be welcome anywhere! The new policy for Islam will be...ZERO TOLERANCE! Of all the popular religions of today, I find Islam to be the least deserving of respect or special treatment. Anyone who refers to Islam as the religion of peace hasn't done the research. It's a doctrine of hate and murder. There will never be peace with Islam. It's the greatest threat to civilization in our world today. 

By this time, I'm certain you're wondering, what's the plan? Eradication of a global infestation of hate is rather a lofty goal. Is this just wishful thinking, like a prayer? No, it's not wishful thinking. No amount of wish is going to make this problem go away. Prayer is not action, it's a selfish waste of time. Once again, it pains me to remind you, no one is listening. My plan is to spread the word of this dangerous and destructive ideology known as Islam. It's my answer to: What can one man do? 

This is my appeal to the intellectuals of our time to show their true numbers. Minds unencumbered by delusion, working together for the mutual benefit of all mankind. The "plan" comes from all of the people of the world. A result of collective human intellect. Caretakers of the human race must be heard as they have never been heard before. This is not the end of time, it's the end of religion.

Islam must fall from within. The ideology of Islam is what must be eradicated. The followers of Islam are victims of indoctrination. As in all religions, it's perpetuation of a myth that keeps the lies alive. That's the root of the problem. We have to stop lying to the children. For the sake of humanity we have to stop lying to ourselves. 

Evolution has brought mankind to this pivotal point in time. It's never been more important than now to realize that the promise of Paradise is a lie. Nobody is going to Heaven. There is nothing after life but death. Islam has taken the world out of tune. It has brought the lies of all religions to the forefront. It's going to be the first domino to fall. 

Peace! Everlasting peace, to all that have it in their hearts. You won't be disappointed when you die, you just won't be. Harmony on earth can only be achieved when the world is in tune. Islam is the worst off key sour note of history. Like the bully that it is, it stands in the path to global harmony.