Date: 30 Dec 2007



There is a joke about the process of appointing the President of India and how the uncrowned Empress of India, a worthless import by Bofors Chor from Italy, influences the outcome.

Over the years it has transpired that the President has acted as the lid, or cover, on all the Hindu bashing that is going on under his very nose, in nearby Kashmir or in distant lands. For example, when Hindus are killed somewhere, the President of India delivers a pious speech on patriotism and Gandhian morality. 

When the throne of Hindu King in Nepal faces extinction the man (now the woman)  is in the least bothered. Death or Diminishing of Hindus is of NO concern to the President of India who is as much a champion of Muslim rights as Jawaharlal Nehru was at Partition. The latter, as we recall, gave the Indian Muslims one third of India while keeping the Hindus gasping for breath in pseudo-secular collar.

Here is how they choose the President of India according to a friend. 

The Selection Board is all seated with Sonia Khan in the chair with the decisive veto. All the members are secular with the exception of the Muslims and the Chairwoman who will eye the candidates closely for any trace of Hindutva in them.

Comes in the first aspirant. The interview begins.

Q. What is your religion?

A.  I am a Hindu.

FROWN. Don't bother to answer any more questions. Good bye.”

While he was leaving, “Rashtramata” Sonia looked at him through the left eye of her Pope and the right eye of Aurangzeb. EXIT.

Comes in the second candidate who assures them that he is strictly Secular and cares two hoots for Hindu religion or any other religion.

Q. That is fine. What is the religion of your spouse?

Sadly, she is a Hindu.

Sorry, you are unsuccessful. Please leave.

Comes in Candidate No. 3 who assures them that his wife, too, is secular.

Heads together, they confer. He has a wife who is urbanite, not rustic and illiterate like the wife of Giani Zail Singh. Narayanan had a wife but being Catholic she accompanied Soniaji to church. But this one will be a serious rival for the position of First Lady of India and take away the limelight from our own Rashtramata. Verdict: UNDESIRABLE.

Now comes in Candidate No. 4 who says, “I am a Muslim.”

There is relief all round but does he have a wife who might be Parsi like Mrs. Mohammed Ali Jinnah or a Hindu like so many Mrs.Khans in Bollywood these days?

“I have NO wife. I am a bachelor who spends his time in Sonia bhagti.”.

“We are pleased to offer you the post, Shri Abdul Kalam ji. It’s vital to have a Muslim in this post as a living proof of our Secular credentials to placate the entire world who dreads any sign of Hindu revival in Hindustan, and it is also our historic honour to have a President with an Arabic name. It sounds foreign and superior to our own inferior “desi” (native) names. When can you start?”

Shri Abdul Kalam had great time in office, eating banquets, welcoming foreign dignitaries, giving well prepared speeches while ignoring the plight of Hindus from Kashmir to Malaysia. He never moved his Bhawan to Srinagar to reassure the fleeing Hindus.

The present incumbent is a little known female who has been as invisible in public as a woman in mosque. By circumstantial evidence she must be a secret convert to Christianity since she has not lifted her little finger to preserve the dignity and life of the HINDU King of Nepal with whom the nation’s sentiments are closely tied and who happens to be the ONLY Hindu King on earth. Nobody would expect this “meek hen” to go to Ayodhya for puja, or declare with gaurav, “I AM A HINDU.” Of course, the whole of Hindustan can see on televisioin the President of America and the Queen of United Kingdom entering church without any fear, shame or embarrassment.

The political system in Bharat, from top to bottom, is rotten and extremely anti Hindu.

The entire nation knows that at this time Shri Narendra Modi of Gujerat has emerged as the MAN OF CENTURY in Bharat and most suitable for either the highest constitutional or the highest executive office in India. But instead of acknowledging this fact the ruling establishment is already scheming to remove him from office, even put him behind bars or just "eliminate" him.

Hindus should now unite and stand up to WIPE OUT the anti national Congress and their bogus pseudo-secular ideology that has put a useless Italian on top of all the Indians and is determined to keep Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the most powerful symbol of our nation's spiritual glory and manhood, in ruins for ever.

Dec 30, 2007. News Flash: Former Maoist rebels in Nepal rejoin the government after parliament votes to abolish the monarchy.

Alas, there is NO Hindu Head in Hindustan to comprehend the sinister strategic or long term implications of this event, or to find out as to who is backing the Maoist rebels with cash, arms and motivation to destroy the figurehead throne of Nepal because the King is Hindu. 

Islam in East Bengal is acceptable and in Islamabad it draws no adverse comment from any quarter but a HINDU anywhere is like provocative red rag to the bull.